Ethan Walker
Ethan's appearance in human form

Full name

Ethan William Walker



Wolf Type

Brown with White genes




England, Unspecified


Full Moon Wolves


Full Moon Wolves, NightFall Lycans


Crying Wolf, Lone Wolf


Sub-Alpha of Full Moon Wolves, eventually Alpha


Ethan's ancestrors were White Wolves, the rarest and most powerful type of wolf. As time passed and White Wolves became less common and assumed to be extinct, Ethan's ancestry faded away from it's constant White Wolf generations and turned into brown wolves. Ethan was born to two non-werewolves. And although this will obviously make him a non-wolf, his father was born to a white wolf ancestor and a non-wolf making him, unluckily, a non-wolf like his mother. However he still passed on the white wolf gene to Ethan. So Ethan was lucky enough to have been born with the combined ability of a white wolf but the appearance and advantages of a brown one. His family were unaware of the possibility of Ethan being a wolf and were shock during his first transformation. When Ethan was 16, he first transformed on the next full moon albeit to his surprise. He was home and felt pain in his muscles. He looked outside and stared at the full moon as his eyes strained and his breathing turned to grunting. His muscles began to expand into a muscular form as he grew hair all over his skin. He eventually took the shape of a Werewolf and grew feral. He ran out his room and uncontrollably brutally murdered his whole family. He stormed out the house and into the woods. Only then he had realised what he had done and reverted back to human form. He had to go in hiding and lived in the woods. He eventually met Kyle Renner who helped him learn to control his transformation and retain his mind in wolf form. Together they formed the Full Moon Wolves and it grew fast. 8 years had passed and the pack had grown to 53 members but disagreements between Kyle and Ethan could tear the pack apart.


As seen in the picture above, Ethan has brown spikey hair with brown eyes. This obviously makes his fur light brown too. In wolf form, he is very muscular and stands at 7 feet tall. In human form he isn't as muscular and has slightly toned muscles. He weighs 300 pounds in wolf form and 170 pounds in human form. He has minor facial hair and is considered very young looking and handsome. He isn't very intimidating even in wolf form. However he should not be underestimated. He wears a yellow-green plain t-shirt and blue jeans with simple black trainers. He wears cheap clothing as it tends to rip in wolf form. He wears a spare trousers arm band on his right arm so he's not naked after transformation but generally removes his shirt before transforming.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Werewolf, Ethan has all the perks that put him above humans.


  • Superhuman Strength: Ethan can effortlessly smash concrete, bend metal and break down walls in wolf form and throw men around like rag dolls in human form. His strength is enough to stop vampires during their dashes that would normally barge cars out the way.
  • Sharp Claws/Teeth: Ethan's claws and teeth can cut through flesh like paper or metal like cardboard. He can grow his nails sharper in human form for a quick, abiet inferior, weapon.
  • Echolocation: Due to having White Wolf genes, Ethan can use echolocation to spot enemies out of sight similar to Marvel's Daredevil.
  • Thermal Vision: Ethan, due to White Wolf genes, can sense people by their body heat. He can see them through solid walls however, most vampires that aren't human like are heatless and cold-blooded therefore are immune to the thermal sight.
  • Hightened Senses: Ethan can hear frequencies that humans can't, see up to a mile away, taste a fingerprint to know who it belongs to, smell people and objects from miles away, feel on a subatomic level and hear conversations from miles away.
  • Superhuman Agility: Ethan can jump over 15 feet high even when not in wolf form.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Ethan can react to the speed of vampires, see bullets moving in slow motion, catch projectiles, dodge unseen attack and counter moves instinctively.
  • Superhuman Speed: As a wolf, Ethan can accelerate to speeds equal to a vampire, maybe faster. However it takes a good run up and he can't turn or halt as quickly.
  • Instant Fighting Skill: As a Brown Wolf, Ethan automatically gains good combat skill and can perform takedowns on beings as big as Demon Borns. He can attack fast or with power.
  • Disease Immunity: Werewolves are immune to nearly all fatal diseases and poisons and can survive eating raw meat.
  • Animal Communication: Being a humanoid wolf, Ethan can communicate to wolves and dogs and even call wolves in for help. He can talk to other wolves using barks and howls that only animals and Werewolves understand.

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