Welcome, this is the first Roleplay of many about my RP Full Moon. If you would like to join, create a Skype account to communicate with me, create an OC which I will judge to see if it is suitable, read the three pages I made and then tell me in the comments when you want to join. Key for the RP:

  • Italics for a different way of communication (telepathy, phone call ect) or any change in dialogue
  • Bold and Italics is for narration or actions of the Characters

This Roleplay is about the everlasting fight between Vampires and Werewolves. It sets when Ethan Walker, the main character, is the Co-Leader/Second in Command of the Full Moon Wolves and the vampire Clans are growing in power. The government has already introduced the Werewolf Hunting Forces (or Anti-Wolf Force) and Vampire Hunting Forces as a international military specially trained to combat the nocturnal beasts. Citizens have their phone numbers saved and can call them at the sight of one forcing the creatures to live in tents in forest areas (like the main character's pack) or in their own villages or towns (like most vampires). Now let's start:

Ethan Walker is at his tent wearing black jeans and the spare clothing armband. His best friend Jackie Pierce, a fellow brown wolf, is hanging out in the same tent. The Full Moon Wolves live in tents in the forest area in a huge meadow like place. There are at least 50 Werewolves in this pack of mostly all colours. Ethan is a brown wolf but has genes of a white wolf because his ancestors were White Wolves giving him advantages of both

Jackie: Hey, why's Kyle such a dickhead recently?

Ethan: He's just stressed.

Jackie: Over what? He never tells us anything.

Ethan: He tells me things.

Jackie: That's worse. It means he doesn't trust us.

Ethan: He trusts us. He's really stressed because the Brotherhood is sending threats.

Jackie: Threats?

Ethan: Just last week they sent us the head of Chris.

Jackie: CHRIS?!? The fuck?!? He's not even in our pack. Plus he's 15!

Ethan: Exactly. Kyle is finding out how to respond.

Jackie: We should respond the way all wolf packs do; with war.

Ethan: That's what they want us to start. Kyle wants it too.

Jackie: Then we should go and tear the shit out of them. They'll regret ever touching a wolf.

Ethan: If we go, we'll get decimated. This is the fucking Brotherhood we're talking about, not some second tier Twilight sparklies.

Jackie: Then we get help. From the NightFall Lycans.

Ethan: No. We shouldn't be involved anymore than we already are with them. They eat humans. Give Wolves a bad name. People volunteer to hunt us because of people like them. The deal is we protect each other if attacked by Vampires or humans. Not help start a war.

Jackie: Man. You're right. But try telling Kyle that.

Ethan: I'm worried for Kyle. I hope he won't make a stupid decision and get us all killed. He's stressed out. At least he got himself a girl. Someone to calm him down.

Jackie: She's that blonde chick right?

Ethan: Yeah. Ethan senses a wolf in trouble. Most likely Kyle. A few seconds after, every wolf in the pack feels it

Jackie: Shit you feel that?

Ethan: Yeah. I'm gonna go check on Kyle. Jackie is about to follow out the tent but Ethan stops him Alone. Stay here Jackie. Ethan goes to the biggest tent there, Kyle's tent. Where Kyle, his girlfriend and a few other Wolves are at

Ethan: Kyle. What's wrong?

Kyle: Kyle walks to Ethan and talks while guiding him in the direction away from the other important wolves into the corner of the tent Listen Eth. Recently I've been receiving threats from the Brotherhood, you know though. Well, just an hour ago they sent the body of Drake.

Ethan: WHAT?!? He gets stared at by the others then he whispers What?!? They kidnapped him a week ago and they just sent his body?!?

Kyle: I know. They killed one of our own. They will pay a lot for that.

Ethan: No. We can't go starting a war. We would risk half our pack dying.

Kyle: No, we are the Full Moon Wolves. We have master control. We can win thi-

Ethan: Master control? Well it seems like you are outta control because you can't keep back that hatred for the blood suckers. You need to start thinking of the pack for once.

Kyle: Thinking of the pack? If you would've been to the meetings you'll know that's all I care about. If we sit on our asses all day, ignoring the threats from a nearby clan of powerful blood suckers they'll come here and tear us apart. I'm not stupid. I've made tactics with red wolves. I've planned for this. If they come and we're unprepared, THAT will end the pack.

Ethan: We don't know how powerful they are. What if they are teamed up with other clans? What if they have millions of vampires? We don't know all the important facts and you wanna go fight.

Kyle: I'm going to find that out soon enough. I've sent for a couple of Blonde wolves to scout the Clan. They'll leave at midnight. They'll be back at 2:00 to tell me what they've found. Then I'll go with those guys Points at the Brown and Black wolves in the middle of the tent talking to go plan this whole thing out. We'll also go hunting to prep us all for the fight. Obviously we won't all be sent at once.

Ethan: What about me? I'm second in command here, and I'm not doing anything to help?

Kyle: You are. You are staying here to lead while I'm gone. During those 4 hours. Keep everyone's moral high. Respond to my howls. They'll be low freq so listen carefully. At 2:00, I'll be gone. I'll return at 7-8:00-ish.

Ethan: Okay. I'm gonna go back to my tent until 2:00.

Kyle: Alright. Kyle goes to talk to the blonde wolves about their scouting plan while Ethan goes to rest for three hours until 2:00 am. He awakes then runs to Kyle and his mini group at the very end of the meadow away from the tents

Ethan: Kyle!

Kyle: Stops walking then tells the rest to carry on without him Oh hey Eth. So I'm going now. Stay here and do as I said. But girl Jill was with the other blonde wolves. When she returned, she was scared for her life. They saw hundreds of vampires. Hundreds. She's scared that we'll lose. Please, go keep her company until I return. They look at Jill's shadow through the tents from a hundred meters away Please. I trust you. He puts his hand on Ethan's shoulder

Ethan: Yeah, sure. I'll talk to her. Go, hunt for us Kyle.

Kyle: Yeah. See ya. Kyle runs then transforms into a 7ft tall black werewolf and jumps 20ft high into the woods out of sight

Ethan: *I hope he doesn't cock this up.* Ethan heads to the tent where Jill is inside, sitting on the floor with her head in her palms

Ethan peaks in as she sits up

Ethan: Hey.

Jill: Hi...

Ethan sits opposite her as she looks at the ground depressed

Ethan: How you feeling?

Jill: I don't know...the Brotherhood...I saw their base...they live in a castle. Like kings. There are hundreds of will we beat them? There are, what? 50, 52 of us? That's not enough to take out a quarter of them!

Ethan: That's why we're not gonna fight them.

Jill: I wanna fight them. Kyle says we are. But I don't want us to lose. A small group of 50 can't beat a trained group of ancient vamps...especially since not everyone in our pack is sent to war. So that's leaves like 30 wolves against 500 vamps?!?

Ethan: Once Kyle sees it for himself, he'll come to his senses and back the fuck down.

Jill: I don't know about that, Kyle seems pretty hooked on wiping them off the map.

Ethan: If he comes back telling us his plan to kill them...I won't help.

Jill: Me neither. I'll leave the pack if I have to. When I saw them, I froze. I didn't want to be there any longer. I felt like my death was a few inches away. So I ran away. Back here before the others. I felt like they were chasing me. Like a vamp was following me back here. I did make a pretty loud noise while running.

Ethan: If one was following you the other would've seen him a lightyear away. Don't worry. I'll talk to Kyle when he returns. Suddenly he hears a low frequency noise and freezes. He rushes outside and decodes the howl from Kyle

Ethan: *He wants to start this soon?! Prep everyone by the time he gets back?!? What's wrong with him?!?*

Ethan sends a low frequency howl back to Kyle

Ethan: What's wrong with you?!? We will lose!

Kyle: We won't, I'll discuss when we return. I'll be home sooner than I said.

Ethan: This is suicide Kyle, you will have to have a brilliant plan for me to agree.

Kyle: I do, just watch.

Ethan: *Man that asshole will get us all killed.* He heads back into the tent

Jill: What happened.

Ethan: Oh uh Kyle was just asking me how things were going.

Jill: Oh.

Ethan: You should go to sleep, be ready for when Kyle comes. See what he has to say.

Jill: No, I can't sleep till I know for sure.

Ethan: Alright. Ethan rests but not in deep sleep

An hour later, a vampire is sneaking past the camp. He followed the scent of Jill and traced it back here. He climbs a tree and cloaks himself. He senses Jill's heartbeat from the tent and pulls out a revolver with a silver bullet in it. He aims at Jill's shadow through the tent and fires the gun. The gunshot wakes up every wolf in the camp. Ethan opens his eyes and sees Jill with her eyes wide open. She looks down at her chest and sees blood dripping from her heart area. She holds over the hole with her hands. Kyle all the way from the Brotherhood's hideout freezes and feels a pain in his heart.

Kyle: Guys, you feel that?

Wolf #1: No.

Wolf #2: I feel like I got poked in the chest.

Kyle: A wolf's in trouble...oh shit...Jill.

Wolf #1: What?

Kyle: Jill's hurt. I'm going back.

Wolf #2: No you can't leave now!

Kyle: She's in trouble! He runs on his way to the campsite followed by the other wolves. Back to the tent, Ethan gets up and looks at Jill, he sees a hole in the tent wall aiming at her heart

Ethan: Jill! Holy crap! he grabs her and lays her down as other confused wolves come to check

Jill: Eth...Kyle...w...

Ethan: Holy shit...fuck!

Random Wolf: What happened

Ethan: Jill's been shot, I'm guessing silver.

Random Wolf: Who did it?!

Ethan: I don't know! It came from outside somewhere. Jill! Listen to me, you're gonna be fine! Just hang in there.

Jill: My...h...She breathes her last breath before closing her eyes and dying

Ethan: Shit! Jill!

Ethan walks out the tent angrily and looks around, he sees the vampire in the trees smiling before jumping a few meters off the tree and turning invisible and escaping

Ethan: Argh crap! *Kyle's gonna be pissed. That vampire was from the Brotherhood.*

Kyle runs in human form here at incredible speeds then stops as he speed walks past Ethan

Kyle: What happened?

Kyle nudges everyone away from the tent's entrance and walks in. He sees Jill and holds her

Kyle: did this? his eyes water

Ethan walks to the entrance

Ethan: A vampire.

Kyle: From where?

Ethan: Uh well-

Kyle: WHERE?!? Turns to Ethan in anger

Ethan: The Brotherhood. But Kyle Says as Kyle gets up and pushes him out the way of the exit Don't do anything stupid. Kyle screams as he turns into wolf form, he's a huge bear sized muscular black furred wolf with sharp teeth. He growls at everyone alerting them to follow him to war. All the wolves listen and turn into their wolf forms and follow Kyle as he runs on all fours towards the Brotherhood base. Ethan turns into his brown wolf form but doesn't look as pissed as everyone else. He runs beside Kyle while talking in wolf growls/barks

Ethan: Kyle! Don't do this! We'll all die!


Ethan: *This is bad...*

At the Brotherhood's castleEdit

The huge group of 50 wolves approach the 10 foot wall around the huge Brotherhood castle. Kyle smashes through as the others run through the gap or jump over the wall. Kyle is the first to begin fighting the random vampires who wear ancient or out of style clothing. The vampires are surprised and begin fighting back. About 20 vamps are on the courtyard fighting the wolves. As most of them get decimated, some more vampires run out the castle gates


Kyle: Everyone! He growls in wolf language ATTACK THE CASTLE!! BRING IT DOWN!!! Some wolves climb up the castle walls but the oncoming vamps runs up and drag them off. Kyle jumps from wall to wall till he jumps onto the castle and cracks a hole in the top on the second floor and slaughters some vamps before they notice. A few wolves follow through. More vamps come out the doors and using martial arts to hand to hand bring down some wolves, succeeding then ripping their heads off

Ethan lifts up a decorative cannon and tosses it at the castle walls wedging it in the side. One strong vampire runs out the doors and drags two wolves from fighting vampires by their fur and brutally beats their skulls in. Ethans runs past and swings his claws and cutting it's head off in one clean swipe

Ethan: As he watches over the battle field massacre What has Kyle done? Senses a vamp behind him and jumps backwards over it then punches it's head and breaks it's neck. The battle is brutal as wolves are dying fast as more vamps keep coming. A Demon Born flies out the previously made crack and makes a sonic echo hurting all the wolves and stopping them fighting leaving the vampires open to attack them. Ethan runs fast on all fours then jumps high into the air and grabs onto the flying Demon Born by the leg and climbs it. He directs it into the ground and scratches it rapidity then grabs it's head and slams it on the ground but is interrupted by a vampire launching at him and engaging in a roll as both of them punch each other. Two more jump him and beat Ethan senseless until he bleeds heavily. That's when one gets dragged from behind and choke slammed by a wolf and then pulls one by the shirt and throws it out of sight behind the castle then bites the last one's head off. He then kills the choke slammed one by ripping it's heart out. The wolf was Jackie, Ethan's best friend

Ethan: Arg...gets up and recovers Thanks Jackie...blurgh...

Jackie: You owe me for saving your ass. Runs to help some wolves. Hundreds more vampires emerge from the gates and begin slaughtering the wolves effortlessly

Ethan: SHIT! *How will we ever win? Or survive this?!* The number of wolves decrease as the number of vamps increase. The Demon Born swoops up in the air then spins with it's wings around teleporting it behind a wolf and punching through it. Ethan gets pissed and runs really fast then lunges at it then as it flies, Ethan hangs on. It flies close to the castle and uses it's leg to pull Ethan's face into the roof and drags his face along it as the roof cracks. Ethan recovers and jumps on it's wing and scratches through it like paper then rips it off via his mouth. The Demon Born screams in pain then turns into a human form and roundhouse kicks Ethan. Ethan grabs it's face then pushes his head back breaking it's neck. It falls on the ground but his neck cracks back into place nearly instantly then it gets back up. Ethan kicks it off the roof and onto the ground stunning it. Ethan views it from above then takes some steps back and runs up towards the edge and jumps 20 feet above the castle then falls. Ethan lands claw first on the chest of the human form Demon Born then as it spits blood, Ethan rips out its heart and crushes it. The Demon Born turns to it's original form and chokes on it's own blood as it grows skinnier and it's face cracks up as it dies. Ethan gets off it and sees mostly dead bodies of wolves and some vampires. He sees Jackie in human hurt on the floor and runs to his aid

Ethan: turns to human form but is still wearing his flexible jeans Jackie! You alright?!

Jackie: Fuck no! Those blood suckers...There's too many!

Ethan: Some wolves are still alive...more vampires are coming...FUCK! How many are in that castle?!? A mini army walks out the castle *We're dead...*

Suddenly, a hail of anti-vampire bullets rains down on the Vampires' head, as three men dressed in Anti-Vampire Association armor jump off the top of a castle. One of them has spiky, red hair and is currently firing a pair of heavily customized pistols at lightning speed.

Red-haired AVA Member: Alright guys, help out the wolves!! Hold off the Vamps!! I need to talk with someone. The other two AVA members hold off the small army coming from the castle as the Spiky-haired member walks up to Ethan

AVA Member 2: Yes sir, Mr. Von Brandt! Come on Matt, let's go.

AVA Member 3: Alright Michael!

Red-haired AVA Member: Anyone here know the person in charge? Or the acting commander? Aims his left gun at a Vamp closing in, then firing it with lightning speed and killing the Vamp with REGULAR ammunition, because pumping them full of lead is a way of killing Vamps I need to speak with him or her.

Ethan: I'm not the Alpha, but I'm second in command. I assume Kyle, the Alpha wolf, is dead. He ran in and never came out. You guys are AVA right?

Red-haired AVA Member: Yeah, my companions and I are with the AVA. If you're the acting commander, I need to tell you something. Wait, hold on. Holsters his guns and teleports a great sword into his hand, killing a Vampire that got too close, then teleports the sword back to where it was before and teleports in front of Ethan Sorry about that. My name is Aiden Von Brandt. I'd like to call a truce between your wolf pack and the AVA's England Branch.

Ethan: No thank you. You really think I'm that stupid? Piss off. Take your boyfriends with you. The remaining wolves and Ethan leave back to their campsite

One of the vampires punches the head of a vampire hunter clean off. He's pale white and shouts at the remaining one and the red haired one to leave immediately.

Aiden: Shit, RETREAT!! Aiden and his other companion run after Ethan and his pack, following them while maintaining their distance Michael, I've got this. Head back to base and report the casualty. Matt was a brave soldier, he died in vain though. We'll need to have a memorial honoring his death.

Michael: Yes sir. Turns around and heads back to base

Aiden: *I need to convince this guy that our forces would be better off combined. We'd stand a better chance against the blood suckers that way.*

Back at the campsite, all the remaining wolves, including Jackie and Ethan, are mourning the death of their pack-mates while tending their own wounds. There are 18 wolves left

Ethan: Oh Kyle, why did it have to end like this?

Jackie: Fuck...more than half of us are dead, and we barely dented them...

Ethan: I hope they don't attack us now. They'll win with one Demon Born alone.

Jackie: think Kyle's dead?

Ethan: Maybe...I guess I'm the Alpha now...even if he is alive he will be demoted by me. Most likely banished.

Jackie: It wasn't his fault. They killed Jill.

Ethan: He could've planned this out instead of Sacrificing half the pack because of revenge.

Jackie: True. Good thing AVA came and saved our asses.

Ethan: I don't trust them. They work with wolf hunters. Speaking of AVA...He looks a mile out and sees the red haired AVA Member coming towards the camp Here they come.

The AVA member approaches them, alone.

AVA Member: I'm sorry for your losses. Seems as though your pack was pretty small, but now it's smaller. I really am sorry. These guys must've been family to you all. Takes out a pack of gum, picks a piece out, then chews it and throws the wrapper away, putting the pack back in his pocket I should introduce myself, if you didn't notice before. I'm Aiden Von Brandt. You are?

Ethan: Ethan Walker. New voice breaks when he said that Alpha of the Full Moon Wolves. Have you come here to finish us off Aiden? wipes a minor tear from his eye

Aiden: Quite the contrary. Just because AVA works with the Anti-Lycanthrope Legion, doesn't mean that AVA hunts werewolves all the time. Every so often, AVA and the ALL work together, but I honestly despise hunting werewolves. They're the closest thing to a friend or ally for me. Tonight, was a rare occasion. I normally work alone, and AVA lets me work alone so long as I abide by the rules. Anyway, I'll offer you another chance. If you want, your wolf pack and the AVA English Branch could combine forces. We'll grant you access to food, clothing, shelter, anything within our power. In return, we'll help you out with hunting vampires and provide you with access to our forces as well. Together, I believe that we could stop this evil Brotherhood, and possibly bring about an era of peace. So 'how bout it? Takes a look around the camp, noting the survivors of the attempted attack None of you here seem to be in any shape to fight, so I'll assume that you also need medical supplies. AVA has that as well.

Ethan: Looks at Jackie then back at Aiden and stands up Alright, we should work together to take down the Brotherhood. Nothing beats vampires like werewolves. The ones that survived are the best fighters. We are in a semi-alliance with the NightFall Lycans, the only problem is they eat humans. They're very good at fighting. We could convince them to help. They hate the Brotherhood as much as we do. So we can make a deal. But we may need some time to recover. And beware, the Brotherhood have Demon Borns and are probably filled with thousands of vamps. They've been around for centuries.

Aiden: Done deal. I might be able to get you guys medical treatment. Not sure if my superiors would approve, but it's worth a shot. I'll contact them in a moment. As for your partial alliance with the NightFall Lycans, I wouldn't need to worry. The ALL has given me anti-Lycanthrope equipment just in case, but I won't be needing it. I'll make sure you get the help you need. The AVA England Branch has thousands of soldiers with experience in Vamp killing. That oughta help. If you'll excuse me, I need to make a call. Walks to a spot that no one is at, then makes the call to AVA. He successfully persuades them to send a medical team, as well as supplies for the Full Moon pack Okay, medical team is on their way here. I'll be staying until the last of the supply requests I sent for you guys is unpacked and safely used. If you need me... Hands Ethan a business card with various contact info, and also a strong dose of his scent Use this card. I've marked my scent on it, considering that some of you guys might not have cell phones or internet connection. My safe house is also nearby, so just follow my scent and you'll find me no problem. It's nice to have friends huh? *I wouldn't know what it's like to have friends, much less meet a girl.*

Ethan: Got it. *His scent smells holy water and shit...makes sense though.* If we have any trouble just listen for an abnormally loud wolf howl. It's us. In the mean time while we get back on track, I'll finally go back to the city, sniff out some wolves and recruit them. You have no idea how many people don't know they're werewolves dispite already transforming once. takes in a scent Hm. I saved your scent in my memory, I now know EVERYWHERE you have been. It's a gift. You got a lot of ammo in a safe house. And you remind me of a vampire. Are you a vampire or something?!

Aiden: No. I'm nothing like those pale, emo bastards. I just have genetic alterations that give me the powers of a Human-Born Vamp. Couple that with my unique intellect and you've got a recipe for a vampire slaying badass.

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