Frantic Fashion Victims is the sixth episode of Baka-Chan.


The Ratz Girls and their new friend Rhoda - a girl with dwarfism, and a serious Napoleon complex- get their hands on alien jewels, which give them super powers. Mad with power, they seek to take over the world. Marcelline receives feelings of affection from a boy named Mervins, and clearly, doesn't return them as she finds him irritating and somewhat creepy. He then tries to gain sympathy and make her feel guilty, which doesn't work on her, but works on a few people around her (Timmy and a teacher). Marcie's excuses not to date him prove unsuccessful. Ultimately, he ends up stalking her and continues trying to trick her into dating him, despite Marcie already knowing what he's up to. Twitdragon uses one of the jewels from the defeated mean girls to charge Marcie up with electricity, so when Mervins makes any physical contact with her, he will get electrocuted, which Twitdragon and Juno enjoy. Eventually Marcie tells him she has a boyfriend, causing him to be devastated, but he backs off.


  • Mervins: [To Kammy] I wanna be your boyfriend. [repeated line for the beginning of the episode]

  • Marcie: Sorry, but, I already have a boyfriend from my old school. And we've been back together for a while.
  • Mervins: YOU CHEATED ON ME!!! [Marcie ignores him]
  • Marcie: So Juno, what did you get for lunch today?
  • Mervins: YOU CHEATED ON ME!!! [Marcie still doesn't respond]

  • Mervins: [trying to gain sympathy from others] I guess this means no girls will ever like me.

  • Mervins: Why don't you want to date me?.... Maybe.... it's 'cause I'm ugly? [repeated line]

  • Mervins: [To Marcie, repeated line] Are you my girlfriend?

  • Mervins: I WANT A GIRLFRIEND!!!

  • Rhoda: Hey, Marcie. It's your boyfriend!

  • Twitty: [referring to Mervins] He seriously doesn't respect that thing called "personal space". What that butterball needs to learn his lesson is a forecfield to electricity jolt him! [Imitates electric currents with her hands]


  • Like Johnny B. Gewd, due to themes of sexual harrasment, the plot was toned down for the Right Stuf Dub.
  • Mervins is seen again in the next episode, but Marcie actually became friends with him and stood up for him when he was being teased about his weight.
  • This was the second time Twitdragon was a hero for Marcie.
  • This episode often gets re-aired on Right Stuf Network on Valentine's Day, due to one scene taking place on the day.


Frantic Fashion Victims (Transcript)

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