Forever Dark
Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 19
Run time 20-25 minutes

Forever Dark is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro who also created the anime Dokuganryu-hime, Red Eyes, and Monster Parade.

The story takes place in a post-apocolyptic sci-fi Earth in year 2017 with an event in history that changed the world. The story is about a super ex-soldier who tries to survive and protect many people from strange monsters called Fallen. A game version of the anime was created and called Forever Dark: Fallen Survival.


In 1992, a secret North Korean research facility began an operation called Project BOAS (Bio Organic Assault Soldiers) to take over Asia but failed to succeed in 1995. In 1999, North Korea revealed the information of the Project BOAS outbreak to the world due to the failiure to stop it and put its neighbors in panic. In 2003, Asia was overrun by the monsters of Project BOAS and they were renamed Fallen because of the amount of lives they've claimed. In 2005, the United Nations created a plan to defeat the Fallen and decrease their numbers but only lost more soldiers to them. In 2012, the Fallen were spread out through the world and the amount humans in the world were decreased 42% and the Fallen were steadily increasing by 3% each year since 2004. In 2015, a young girl named Stella Clovers was chosen to be a test subject for Project SS (Super Soldier) and it was a success with one side effect, they could not recreate the material they used to create Project SS, making Stella the only super soldier in the AFA (Anti-Fallen Army). In 2017, Stella left the AFA to help survivors gather together and increase the chances of human survival.



Stella CloversEdit

The main protagonist. A 16 year-old girl who was turned into a super soldier and join AFA at age 14 against her will. During her time in the AFA, she had learned to speak French, German, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese to be able to communicate with survivors who didn't speak English. She left the AFA to be able to save and gather more lives together and raise the chances of survival. She has a fear of cats for an unexplained reason but ironically, she is loved by cats. Her nationality was never revealed. She is voiced by Saki Fujita.

Jun AtariEdit

An 18 year-old photographer who was saved by Stella during her exploration of Japan. It is shown that he likes animals and tokusatsu super heroes, but it isn't shown very much. He is inexperienced with a gun so he often uses pole-like weapons or swords, and it is shown that he is a skilled swordsman due to his fighting against the fallen. He is voiced by Suguru Inoue.

Jason HongEdit

A 28 year-old former Chinese martial arts movie star based on Bruce Lee who lost his job due to the outbreak of the Fallen. When he first encountered Stella, he was shown fighting a few Fallen in a abandoned restaurant in China. He likes to take his anger out on the Fallen when he his angry since he doesn't want to injure anyone who could be of any help for human survival. He is voiced by Nobutoshi Canna.

Bryan BelmontEdit

A 37 year-old African chef from Canada who travelled to India to open a restaurant before the outbreak reveal happened. He has very little experience with fighting but has good accuracy and steadiness, which makes him a good gunner. Since he is a chef, he was put in charge of the food supplies by Stella after he joins her party. He was saved by Stella when he was wandering around in India and was attacked by a big group of the Fallen. Despite looking strong and big, he is a coward who only managed to use a weapon because of survival chances. He is voiced by Takaya Kuroda.

Sheryl PierreEdit

A 26 year-old French fashion designer who's plane crashed in Nepal when she was heading to Shanghai, China to find a better chance of survival. She hates the type of people who tells her what to do but was forced to follow one to be able to live. She was saved by Stella when they were in a mountain village in Nepal when she was attacked by a group of bandits. Since she was a nurse before she was a fashion designer, she was put in charge of treating the wounded, but this did not mean that she didn't have to help in a fight, so she was given light firearms. She is voiced by Yuhko Kaida.

Alan SchtauffenEdit

A 56 year-old German commander in the AFA. He is a war veteran who fought in Iraq alongside the United States in the 1990s before Project BOAS was created. Even though he is an old man, he has the body of a body builder and the military skills of a trained professional mercenary. He disapproves of Stella's ways of battle but it was because of her that he is still alive. He is voiced by Kenichi Ogata.

Alice BrooksEdit

A 7 year-old girl who was found by Stella when she was searching for water for the group in China. She has no memory of what had happened to her mother and father and was only in China because her parents were also people searching for survivors. Before she was discovered by Stella, she was wandering around for 2 days without a destination but had never encountered a Fallen until she started traveling with Stella and the others. She is voiced by Nana Mizuki.


Monsters that were created by a failed operation called Project BOAS, they are able to create more of their kind by eating any kind of flesh and splitting their own bodies in half when the other one is grown out.


A monster that lurks in darkness and hates light. It looks like a big 6 legged spider with flesh-like skin and 7 glowing green eyes that turn red in light and black when dead.


A monster that can be easily killed with one hit and is the most common of all the other Fallen but it is the only one that could spit poison. It looks like a raptor head with 6 insect legs and flesh-like skin, it also has 4 glowing red eyes that turn black when killed. It is the size of a human child.

Head HunterEdit

A monster that looks like a crab-like pholcidae that kills something and then uses its head as a shield but then devours it after it starts to fall to pieces. It is the only Fallen to cannabalize others of its kind when hungry.


A monster that resembles a human with 3 clawed hands and feet and faces with one green eye and one big mouth. It is always active and never stops moving because when it stops, it'll rot and die.


The only Fallen that grows bigger for every dead body it devours. It looks like a bigger and more muscular version of the Walker but it has spikes coming out of its arms. It only comes out at dawn and night because it hates light.



Stella Clovers