Flags of War
Created by Akira Jotaro (aka Justice0)
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro

Luo Guanzhong (original novel)

Director(s) Akira Jotaro
No. of episodes 30
Run time 22-23 minutes

Flags of War is an anime that was written, directed, and created by Akira Jotaro who also created the anime Shikisoku Zekuu, Musou Yami, and Book of the Warrior.

The story is set in a re-imagined version of the Three Kingdoms era of China and the book Romance of the Three Kingdoms, starting from the events after the Yellow Turban Rebellion where Toutaku has taken control over the imperial council and the Guandong Coalition was formed to defeat him and ending at the Battle of Xia Pi with the death of Ryofu. The story is about an assassin under the alias, Chouun who's skills help create the dream of Shu Han.


For a long time now, a young woman named Shiryuu was wandering the land looking for a job and has not gotten any jobs from any lords in her entire life, until now. A minister named Ouin had hired Shiryuu to be his adopted daughter under the alias, Chousen, and seduce Ryofu to get close enough to kill him. Once her job began, Ouin had revealed his "daughter" to find her "ideal man" in a crowd of Toutaku's greatest generals and chose Ryofu as instructed by Ouin. As time passes, Shiryuu disappears from the palace and recieves another job, this time, as a man named Chouken, a lowly ranked officer who serves under Kayu of Toutaku's strongest army but also the fake foster son of Jorin, whom had been killed by enemy spies in earlier events. During a battle when Shiryuu was in Kayu's army, she was believed to be routed by an enemy officer, but she was actually alive and just faking her death to continue the second part of her second job, being a spy for Enshou's coalition army and recieving orders from Kakuka. While in service of the Guandong Army as a spy, she was left behind at the burning of Luoyang and met with Ryuubi, Kanu, and Chouhi and saved their lives along with many citizens, and taking in an interest for her skills, Ryuubi wanted her in his army but did not know her name so he had seen some of her actions as hints: her grace like a butterfly of the battlefield and her spear pointing to the cloudy skies, thus, the three brothers assume her name is Chouun*, a man with elegance on the battlefield. As the story continues, Shiryuu is forced to play three roles; the first is the role of a decieving lover, the second is the role of a spy in an army full of lords, and the third role is the role of a hero to the people.

(*Translation Note: "Chou" means "butterfly" in Japanese but could also mean "super"; "Un" does not have a meaning in Japanese but is "Yun" in Chinese, which means "cloud")


Main ProtagonistEdit


A wandering young woman just looking to make a life out of odd jobs. She is very skilled in fighting and is stronger than a general in strength, she is also a very convincing actress who is willing to do almost anything to get a job done. She goes by the names Chousen (Diaochan), Chouken (Zhao Quan), and Chouun (Zhao Yun) for her jobs; Chousen given by Ouin, Chouken by Kakuka, and Chouun by Ryuubi. Her real personality was only seen in the beginning before getting her jobs and when she is alone. She considers herself very unfortunate for having to play so many male roles in her jobs since she is a woman. She is Zhao Yun Zilong. She is voiced by Mitsuki Saiga.

Main AntagonistsEdit


A politician and warlord who took the emperor's throne and forced him to give him the imperial seal, thus, making him a tyrant. He claims to be taking over the capital in the name of peace and justice and stopping the chaos but he is actually just doing it out of his personal greed and his ambition to become the emperor of China. He is a charismatic and perverted man in his late middle-ages with many mistresses but no blood-related children of his own; he is the foster father of Ryofu. He is Dong Zhuo Zhongying. He is voiced by Kōji Ishii.


An unrivalled intelligent and very powerful military general who also owns a horse also believed to be unrivalled throughout the land. He is an easily angered man who fears nothing but the feeling of failiure. He often lets his emotions control himself, making many people believe that he is just an insanely strong brute who is only skilled in fighting in war. He was easily decieved by Shiryuu and deeply fell in love with her even though she has no feelings at all for him; he saw through Shiryuu's disguise as Chouun at the second time they had fought each other and was very surprised to see that the only man that he has ever fought that was stronger than him was a woman he loved. He is Lu Bu Fengxian. He is voiced by Hiroki Takahashi.



An old man and a minister for Toutaku who hates everything about Ryofu. He was forced to work under Toutaku after he took over the imperial palace and had planned many strategies to kill Toutaku and Ryofu but none so far has ever succeded. He is a man who cares deeply for his family, so he wishes to kill Toutaku and Ryofu in silence in order to keep his family safe. He is the foster father of Chousen, who is Shiryuu in disguise. He is Wang Yun Zishi. He is voiced by Shinpachi Tsuji.


The strategist of the famous warlord, Sousou. He is a young and brilliant man who uses his intellect to predict coming events. He and Shiryuu are the only people who knows about his plan to spy on the Guandong Army as a defected soldier but plans on killing Shiryuu after Toutaku's death to avoid her telling anyone else about his plans. He is Guo Jia Fengxiao. He is voiced by Masaya Onosaka.


A young and inexperienced but famous advisor from the region of Wei who works under no lord. He is a laid back and carefree genius who only cares about getting a good rest. He secretly helped Ouin in his plans to eliminate Ryofu by sending in highly skilled assassins to support Shiryuu. He is Sima Yi Zhongda. He is voiced by Masakazu Morita.


A man who dreams of a world without chaos and sadness; he is related to the emperor but was born as a farmer. He and his two oath brothers swore to bring an end to the wars and bring upon a new age of peace. He and his brothers did not know Shiryuu's real name, so they had assumed her name was Chouun based on hints and had not known she was a woman either. He and his two brothers were the first warriors to ever defeat Ryofu. He is Liu Bei Xuande. He is voiced by Daisuke Ono.


The younger brother of Ryuubi and older brother of Chohi. He was a low ranked officer who killed the famous Kayu and recieved the nickname, "War God" by Enshou. He is a serious and loyal man who would do anything for Ryuubi and would also do anything to return a favor. He is Guan Yu Yunchang. He is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa.


The youngest brother of the thre oath brothers. He is a hot-headed and very powerful man, stong enough to knock down a hundred men with just a scream. He had fought against Ryofu to a standstill in Hu Lao Pass but could not get any further than just at a draw without the help of his brothers. He is Zhang Fei Yide. He is voiced by Kazuya Nakai.


A noble man who created the Guandong Coalition Army to defeat Toutaku but had betrayed the coalition to save his reputation and army from being routed by Kayu and Ryofu at Hu Lao Pass. He is an intelligent and elegant man who care for nothing more than to rule the world as a "savior" to the people, thus, he had planned out very far ahead to make sure he rules China after the deaths of Toutaku, Kousonsan, Sonken, and Sousou. He is Yuan Shao Benchu. He is voiced by Akira Ishida.


A famous and fierce unrivalled general from Toutaku's army. He was the strongest warrior in Toutaku's army before Ryofu joined his army. He was later killed by Kannu in one slash. He is Hua Xiong. He is voiced by Gackt.


Ryuubi's friend from their younger years. He is an honorable warlord who sometimes becomes overconfident because of his greed for power but had overcame his greed when he was confronted by Enshou's army and saved by his dying soldiers and Ryuubi's army. He later formed a permenant alliance with Ryuubi after Enshou's death. He is Gongsun Zan Bogui. He is voiced by Show Hiyami.


Enshou's biggest threat other than Toutaku. He is Enshou's childhood rival who had always excelled in everything they've done together until they became warlords, where Enshou had obtained the higher advantage. After the death of Toutaku, he made his personal army attack Enshou and defeated him, he then formed an alliance with Ryuubi to defeat Ryofu's army. He is Cao Cao Mengde. He is voiced by Hiroshi Tsuchida.