Fish Tales
Format Anime
Created by Noah Z. Jones
No. of episodes 40 (39 announced)
Starring See cast
First aired March 21, 2011
Last aired TBA

魚の物語 (Translation: Tales of the Fish), known as Fish Tales in english, is the anime remake of Disney's series "Fish Hooks". It is known to only air in Japan on the Right Stuf Network. It was asked by many fans if this will air in english, and Noah Z. Jones said:

We're sorry, but Fish Tales, the anime remake of my series "Fish Hooks" is made for Japan, and is known as a Japanese series to not be dubbed into english.


The Cast is currently unknown.

List of episodes with translation of titles changedEdit

For a normal list of episodes, see wikipedia:List of Fish Hooks episodes.

Normal title Japanese title Translation
Bea Stays in the Picture ベアトリスは、画像のまま Beatrice Stays in the Picture
Fish Sleepover Party パーティー Party
Doris Flores Gorgeous オスカーのフェイクガールフレンド Oscar's Fake Girlfriend
Underwater Boy 水中から来た少年 The Boy From Underwater
Happy Birthfish, Jocktopus ハッピーバースデー、タコ! Happy Birthday, Octopus!
Doggonit マーフィー犬 Murphy the Dog
Dances with Wolf Fish ルームメイトの分裂 Roomie Breakup
Milo Gets A Ninja ミロのベスト忍者 Milo's Best Ninja
We've Got Fish Spirit ライフを応援 Cheering for Life
Fish Talent Show 魚の才能 The Fish's Talents
Adventures in Fish-Sitting さんの唇のための魚、お座り Fish-Sitting for Ms. Lips
Merry Fishmas, Milo メリークリスマス、ミロ Merry Christmas, Milo
Milo on the Lam 自身がトラブルに接着 Gluing Himself to Trouble
Spoiler Alert スポイラーズ Spoilers

List currently in progress.