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A person gets up, holding his head.

  • ???????: What the hell?

He looks around, seeing only darkness. He walks through, a red-like liquid spattering across the darkness.

  • ???????: What is this?

A figure appears in front of the person.

  • ???????: Who are you?
  • ????: Who are you...?
  • Lazarus: Lazarus Monroe. You?
  • ????: That's not important.

Lazarus simply shrugs and continues talking to him.

  • Lazarus: What is this place?
  • ????: It is the Void. The place where all souls who tried to cheat death are sent.
  • Lazarus: Excuse me. What?
  • ????: You seem to be alive. This means you will be here soon.

The man turns around and walks away.

  • Lazarus: Who are you?
  • Alex: Alex Browning.

Lazarus is hit in the head by Emily.

  • Emily: Wake up!
  • Lazarus: That hurt, you know.
  • Emily: That's the point.

A guy and girl in the back suddenly wake up.

  • ???: We there yet?
  • ?????: Ash. It's obvious that we are-

A stadium appears as lights are coming from it.

  • Ash: And that's just great.
  • Emily: Hey, Megan. Is Zach awake?
  • Megan: Nope. He's still in fetal position on the pillow.

Lazarus pulls out an iPod and earphones. He starts to hear a static around him, everyone arguing with each other to seemingly wast time.

  • Lazarus: Hey, Ash. Get Curry and Myla on conference call.
  • Ash: Why?

A black limo pasts by the car, Lazarus looking at it.

  • Lazarus: Do I even need to explain?
  • Ash: Damn it, Lucas.

Ash pulls out a laptop and starts typing on it. A brief, but load beep is heard.

  • Ash: God damn it.

Lazarus takes out the earphones, and looks to Ash.

  • Lazarus: What is it?
  • Ash: There's going to be a another power burst tonight...
  • Lazarus: Ah-

Ash throws a pillow at Zach, waking him.

  • Zach: What the hell, man?
  • Ash: Enjoy all the time here. The burst is set to happen during the game. Of all of the god forsaken times, why does it need to be this one?
  • Lazarus: Tough luck?
  • Ash: Shut up. I want to punch your head off now.

Lazarus starts snickering.

  • Ash: Shut up, Lazlo.

Emily starts laughing.

  • Lazarus: Why is Lazlo funny to you?
  • Emily: What? Am I suppose to laugh at "punch your head off"?
  • Lazarus: Is it imple-

The car stops in the parking lot. Everyone get out, Ash bringing the laptop.

  • Ash: I'm getting them.

Meanwhile, at a local theater, a girl is talking to someone on the phone.

  • ????: I just don't get why you like this kind of stuff-

The phone rings during her conversation.

  • ????: Sorry, I need to talk to someone. Bye.

The line changes.

  • ????: What, Ash?
  • Ash: We're at the Dark Leaf Stadium. Where are you?
  • ????: Some theater place.
  • Ash: Zach wants to talk to you.
  • ????: I thought I got rid of him...
  • Ash: Sorry, sis. Here you go, Zach.
  • Zach: Hey, Myla.
  • Myla: Hi. I thought you were in another state like I suggested?
  • Zach: If I was gone, then Ash would be beat on Lucas for days. I'm here to take the bordem and crush it.
  • Myla: Good for you. Now put on someone I don't hate.

Zach covers the mic and looks down for a second. He closes the laptop, and gives it to Ash.

  • Zach: Hey, Lazarus. Do you know Curry's number?
  • Lazarus: Of course.

He takes out a phone and calls Curry. Meanwhile, a person play an online game as his phone rings.

  • Curry: Okay noobs. Here's your plan, you die, I win. It's fair.

The phone keeps ringing, until he runs to it.

  • Curry: Who the hell is this? I'm in my greatness, so don't annoy me.
  • Lazarus: It's me. Why didn't you come?
  • Curry: Because I am basking in my greatness.
  • Lazarus: Your "Greatness" might kill you.
  • Curry: No, it will kill the idiots and noobs that say overwise.
  • Lazarus: Well, good for you.

Curry hangs up and continues playing.

  • Lazarus: We-
  • Ash: Are you going to guard the rental or come see the game?

Lazarus and Zach catch up with the three, with tickets in hand.

  • Lazarus: Forgot that I was holding these.
  • Ash: Give me that!

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