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Created by Karurosu Diasu
Writer(s) Karurosu Diasu
Director(s) Karurosu Diasu
No. of episodes 25
Run time 25 minutes, 19 seconds

Final Destination The Animation is a anime adaptation of the Final Destination flim series, taking place two years after the forth movie.


During a trip to a statium, Lazarus, a student, recieves a premonition, and gets him, his girlfriend and friends out before the place explodes. After getting out and watching the explosion, he is given the sign of Death when a flyer with the picture of Flight 180 on it. He and everyone he saved are now forced to try and survive as Death is hunting them down.


  • Lazarus Monroe - A jack of all traits, the everyman.
  • Emily Lewis - The popluar girl and girlfriend of Lazarus.
  • Ash Cameo - ???
  • Megan Brown - ???
  • Zach Kennedy - ???
  • Kennth "Curry" Daniel - A heavy gamer, and a traitor.
  • Myla Szubert - A snob who wishs for more in life.
  • Ashlynn Cobalt - A prick who is stucking the resources of her boyfriend.
  • Lucas McKanly - The back stabbed inheritor of McKanly co.


  • Bright Lights, Big City by Takeshi Nakatsuka & Karen Aoki (Opening 1)
  • GET THIS PARTY STARTED -Trifecta- (Opening 2)
  • the almighty (Ending)


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