Fighter's Road - VSRFX2
Format Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Created by Sonikku Aensland
Writer(s) Sonikku Aensland
Director(s) Sonikku Aensland
No. of episodes 8
Run time 35 Minutes.
Rated TV-14-V
First aired March 19, 2014
Last aired May 8, 2014

Fighter's Road - VSRFX2 is a OVA, and the Sequel of VSRFX. The story is set in 2012, three years after the End of the original, in this story, is introduced Ran Howard, who is Valeria's Best Friend and Official Rival. The first Episode will be alongside the Sixth OVA of the Original. Claude Lindbergh is the lead protagonist of this series.

The third Sequel: Awakening, is set to be Released in September 2015.


2011, two yeasr passed since P.P's fell. Claude Lindbergh, the older brother of protagonist Valeria was reading a book when suddenly, a Red moon was in the sky, causing him to watch it as his curiosity comes on, later he joins Valeria and meets Ran Howard, Soiree Valentine and Robert Judovits, two have elemental powers, and Arcadia, a evil cult, awakes from the grave.

The team now has a greater challenge apart from one simple exam. The Challenge is to psych themselves to find a Hidden Treasure in the Ruins of old Aslada because of curiosity and a legendary secret that must be discovered. But however the gang will find many surprises on the road, such as "The 4 Heavenly Kings" and The Fighter's Road. Whose Intentions surrounds Ran Howard, a Mysterious Girl with crimson pyrokinesis?, Is Robert Judovits an Ally? And a young man named Soirée Valentine, has a hidden treasure? and Many More questions will be answered through the Chapters.


Returning/Raven Crest GangEdit

  • Claude Lindbergh: Valeria's Older brother and second in command.
  • Valeria Lindbergh: A Female Fighter who's also a Gang Leader and Delinquent
  • Elisa Delgado: An Agent from the government & Valeria's Friend
  • Nagi Hisame: A Student and Fighter who's also Valeria's Friend
  • Haizea Velano: A Wealthy Girl who has apparently Alien Blood.
  • Charlie Vernon: A geek who's on charge of the communication.

New Characters Edit

  • Ran Howard: She's a mysterious girl with Fire Powers.
  • Soirée Valentine: An Idol Singer who's apparently an ESP
  • Robert Judovits: He's a Radio Announcer and also a Fighter.

Arcadia Edit

  • Caleb "Caius" Della Rovere: A dark wind master and priest leader of Arcadia. He's respectful in general.
  • Patricia Bernstein: A water master and member of Arcadia. She's a spoiled brat.
  • Jacky Van Der Pol: A Purple Lightning master and member of Arcadia, he's a perfectionist.
  • Zerim: A Strong Earth Master and member of Arcadia, He's sort of a dumb man.

Others Edit

  • Ryo Hisame: Nagi's Younger Brother.
  • Julia Valentine: Younger sister of Soirée and Arcadia's Objective.
  • Maria L. Alrich: An Idol who bears a strong resemblance to Valeria.
  • Chiaro Argiaren and Vitenka Itzala: A girl and a boy, they assisted Claude in Humanitarian Helping.
  • Ash Velano: Haizea's Younger Brother.
  • Ellen: Is a girl who has a mysterious Past and is connected with the Phantom Phoenix and Red Moon.
  • Vega: One of Valeria's look-a-like, she uses Valeria's old style. And the final boss.


  1. Esperanto - Ran - Meet You
  2. The Curse - Fighting for - Maniacal Frenzy
  3. Omnipotent Challenger - Join to Darkness - The Fire's Craziness
  4. Charting a Barrier - HELP ME! - Ran's
  5. Fired - 3x1 - Les Pairs
  6. Blaze the Ice - Dual - Brace Yourselves.
  7. Blood - Darkness - Final Blow
  8. Le finale - Friend - Respect
  • Special - Awakening Preview

 Trivia Edit

  • This is the title in where introduces Valeria's rival, Ran.
  • This title also has the distinction to be the first major sequel in switching protagonists.
  • Ran is the only character of Fighter's Road to return in other major installments.