"With Blackest Blood, Hate in our Eyes, Born from evil insanity all hope dies, 'Mad Black and Blood Red our battle cries,' tremble before us, THE FIENDS SHALL RISE!"-''The Little Demon reciting the Fiendish Lantern Oath

The Fiendish Lantern Corps also known as The New Black Lantern Corps is an evil Corps lead by the Little Demon(From Soul Eater) and they become the 1st set villians in Retro Ace Reviews later the Horde of Hell becomes the new atagonists of Retro Ace and his new Retro Ace Corps

Source of PowerEdit

Little Demon combined the powers of The Red Lantern with The Black Lantern creating the Fiendish Lantern, he first started with a Black Power Ring that drew him out of soul and take on the likeness of Soul and he found a Black Power Battery and Red Power Battery and merged them together, the Black and Red represent Madness,Hatered,Blind Rage, and Carnage


Little Demon(Leader)

Satan Stein(A evil version of Dr.Stein created by the Fiendish Power Battery by extracting Stein's madness)

Rawhead Rex

Mr.Glasses The Brain Gremlin(Comic relief)

Skitter the Head Critter(Comic Relief)


Pyramid Head

The Fisherman(I Know What You Did Last Summer)


Audrey II


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