Felix the Cat the Movie Anime Style Remake

Directed by

Kunihiko Yuyama

Produced by

Written by


Music by

Editing by


Distributed by

Viz Media

Release date(s)

Felix the Cat the Movie Anime Style Remake is an anime remake of the original movie. In this version, a few changes will be made from the original, as well as feature The Twisted Tales portrayal of Felix. It is also announced that it would premiere on The Viz in the summer of 2013, along with the Tokyo Mew Mew Movie for Caturday. As of April 10, 2013 , a manga was also said to be released in the summer. Due to delays, it won't be released until an unknown later date.


As confirmed so far.



  • Felix - Motoko Kumai
  • Professor -
  • Grumper -
  • Poindexter/Pearl/Additional - Urara Takano
  • Princess Oriana - Kaori Asoh
  • Duke of Zill -
  • Wack Lizardi -

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