Fate/grace advent
Created by Type-Moon
Writer(s) Akira Jotaro
Director(s) Akira Jotaro

Yuji Yamaguchi

No. of episodes 24
Run time 23-24 minutes

Fate/grace advent is an anime that was written and directed by Akira Jotaro as a collaberation between Aozora and Type-Moon as a new Fate/ anime project.

The story takes place in Fuyuki City and Homurahara High School from the original Fate/stay night except in an alternate reality with similar characters. The story is about a boy in high school who has trouble remembering anything from when he was 9 years-old and younger due to an unfortunate accident but is now forced to be part of the Holy Grail War.


For seven years now, Kenji Shinra has lived a normal life with no memories of anything before his unfortunate accident; being hit by a truck head-on and surviving. Due to his desire to make people happy, he has pretended that he had remembered some parts of his memories to fool them into thinking he doesn't have amnesia; the only people who knows the truth about his memories are his parents and the trusted doctor who treated him. After his parents had to leave the city because of work, Kenji had decided to stay back to try to recover his memories but a month later, he witnesses a fight and is accidentally stabbed by the man in red with white hair after being mistaken to be the Master of the man in blue. The next morning, Kenji wakes up and notices that he has a scar on his chest but still continues to go to school; at school, he notices that the new transfer student, Rin Akina, was the girl he saw the night before and tried to stay away from contact with him. Later that day after school, the man in red had appeared next to the school but had disappeared after seeing him; when night came, Kenji went back to the school yard and noticed a battle on top of the roof, it was the two men fighting again along with Rin standing behind the man in red. As the two continued their fight, Rin stood in back, watching while Kenji was running towards the roof; once Kenji got to the roof, he was about to be hit by an incoming spear of light until a different light appeared infront of him and had protected him from the spear by deflecting it. The light that protected Kenji had then disappeared and a woman in violet and golden armor appeared, calling herself "Saber" and then fought against the man in blue until he was wounded and ran away. After the man in blue had ran away, Rin had told the man in red, Archer, to stop the attack as Kenji then fainted a few seconds later. The next morning, Kenji had woken up and the scar he had was gone and he thought the entire thing was a dream, until he saw Saber in his kitchen and Rin and Archer in his living room; as the story continues, Rin and Archer becomes a temperary team with Kenji and Kenji learns more about the Holy Grail War and Saber.


Main ProtagonistsEdit

Kenji ShinraEdit

A 16 year-old boy with amnesia and a mysterious power that allows him to foretell events of the future in a flash. He enjoys to help and support people, making them happy, and also hates criminals and killing. Due to his amnesia, he remembers nothing from his past when he was 9 years-old and younger but pretends to remember to keep his friends happy. He has a hobby of fortune telling and repairing, and his only decent in cooking skills. He is voiced by Satoshi Hino.


The Servant of Kenji and a woman who is very loyal to her Master, willing to obey any order he tells her to do. She is very curious of the modern world because she was never summoned before Kenji summoned her; because of her curiousity, she is often led to do strange jobs whenever she is outside and away from Kenji. Though she acts serious, she her curious personality often makes her have hard trouble keeping her serious expression; she is also a firm believer of justice and heroics; she is filled with a warrior's pride and is very straightfoward. Her true identity is a warrior who was a hero that had saved her kingdom from destruction but was not recorded into history because of her king taking the credit; her true name is Calista. Her weapon is named Gladio Dei (meaning: "Sword of God"); a longsword with no hilt and a cyan colored blade that has the writing "Iustitia in Dignus" (meaning: "Justice for the Worthy") carved on the blade. Her Noble Phantasm is called Iudicium Iustitia (meaning: "Judgment of Justice"); a slash of light that freezes everything it touches, even the air, in absolute zero temperature. She is voiced by Kanae Itou.

Main AntagonistsEdit

Father Rikuo JunjimaEdit

Similar to Kirei Kotomine, he is a priest who is part of the Holy Grail War and is also the true antagonist who is the Master of Archer (Gilgamesh) and Lancer. He is a master of deception and planning strategies, and also a man who craves destruction. He plans on winning the Holy Grail War to continue the war until the end of time. Not much else is known about him. He is voiced by Unshō Ishizuka.

Archer (Gilgamesh)Edit

An enigmatic Servant who appears to be familiar with Fuyuki City. He is extremely arrogant and selfish, and claims that everything in the world is his possession and that he is the one and only king. He cannot acknowledge the authority of anyone, even from the gods, but obeys Rikuo to be able to stay in alive. He views everyone as inferior and does not care for their feelings at all. After he saw enough of the modern world, he decided to cleanse it from humans since they have become weak and unworthy of his rule. His weapon is named Ea, the Sword of Rapture and the most powerful of the Servant weapons. His Noble Phantasm is called Gate of Babylon; the ability to create an uncountable amount of weapons and shoot them like an unlimited amount of bullets. His true identity is Gilgamesh. He is voiced by Tomokazu Seki.



  • Rin Akina
The Fate/grace advent counterpart to Rin Tohsaka, having a similar personality and looks. A model student and idol of Kenji's school who is secretly a sorceress and Master in the Holy Grail War. She becomes a team with Kenji because she had felt responsiblity for almost killing Kenji twice; because of this, she begins to live with Kenji and Saber in Kenji's home bringing along her Servant, Archer. She is perceptive, resourceful and avidly competitive. She begins to develop feelings for him after living with him for so long. Her Servant is Archer. She is voiced by Kana Ueda.
  • Lilia von Ilizebett
The Fate/grace advent counterpart to Ilyasviel von Einzbern, having a similar role and personality but different looks. She is often referred to as Lili or Lily. She is a young German aristocrat competing in the Holy Grail War who is a very playful young girl who usually puts on a smile. After losing to Kenji, she began to live with Kenji because she had developed a huge crush on him and also because her mansion was destroyed during their fight. Her Servant is Berserker. She is voiced by Mai Kadowaki.
  • Sakura Yamato
The Fate/grace advent counterpart of Sakura Matou, having a similar role but different personality and appearance. The childhood friend of Kenji who had just returned to Fuyuki City because of the Holy Grail War. She is outgoing, easy to make friends, and eager to please, but she also possesses a great inner strength. She does not know about Kenji's amnesia even though she was there when he was hit. After losing to Fong and being saved from death by Kenji's Saber, she had found out about Saber, Rin, and Lili living with Kenji in his home and decides to live with him too. Her Servant is Rider. She is voiced by Noriko Shitaya.
  • Fong Shilong
A Chinese man who came to Fuyuki City to fight in the Holy Grail War. He is a calm and cold-blooded man who cares for nothing but victory. He is a master of martial arts and had broken Kenji's arm before he had lost their fight and died. His Servant is Assassin. He is voiced by Hiroki Takahashi.
  • Hiteki Hongo
An old Japanese man who was a young World War II veteran who survived the war, and now he is part of the Holy Grail War to reclaim his honor. He is a strict and easily angered old man who learned magic to fight in the Holy Grail War and had almost killed Kenji with his sword before he had died. His Servant is Caster. He is voiced by Atsushi Ono.


  • Archer
The Servant of Rin Akina. He is well adept in bare-handed fighting, armed combat, magecraft and even performing housework. He possesses a personality that is thoroughly cynical, but at the same time devoted and even a little childish to the point that it makes him hard to hate. He doesn't lie, but he does keep secrets. He is also sarcastic, but it's how he gives advice. He doesn't believe that Kenji's lies of his keeping his memories is truly helping him make anyone happy, but rather giving himself more stress and worries. His true identity is unknown but he calls himself Emiya just to tell Rin a part about himself. He has the ability to create weapons and has mastered all of his weapons but he prefers to use dual wielded short swords, Kanshou and Bakuya. His Noble Phantasm is Unlimited Blade Works, which allows him to create an unlimited amount of weapons and by creating an Reality Marble. He is voiced by Junichi Suwabe.
  • Lancer
The second Servant of Rikuo and a left over from the previous war. He was referred to as the "man in blue" by Kenji before he had known about the Holy Grail War. He is a playful and very carefree man who is quick to work himself into a frenzy during a heated battle. He was the first of the Servants to be defeated in the series. His true identity is Cú Chulainn. His weapon is named Gáe Bolg, which is also the name of his Noble Phantasm, which is a chasing attack that requires Lancer to throw the spear. He is voiced by Nobutoshi Canna.
  • Berserker
The Servant of Lili. He is a man who blindy follows Lili's orders and believes that violence could solve many problems. He is a brute who is as big as the first floor of a building who mostly roars and rarely talks, but when he is talking, he usually speaks in short beast-like sentences. His true identity is Achilles. His weapon is named Xiphos; a heavy short sword made out of bronze with an axe-like blade at the tip of the sword. His Noble Phantasm is Godly Crush, which turns his skin to a stone-like substance and makes himself twice as strong. He is voiced by Tadahisa Saizen.
  • Rider
The Servant of Sakura. She is a quiet and beautiful woman who only speaks when told to or asked a question. She often remains emotionless and calm but she is actually very curious about technology. She was killed by Assassin during her Noble Phantasm. Her true identity is Keiji Maeda. Her weapon is named Tonda Hebi, which is a sasumata pike with a special snake skin-like pole and a split spiked blade; because of her skills in weaponry, she can also be classified as Lancer. Her Noble Phantasm is Matsukaze, which summons a blazing red horse for her to ride on as she charges at an opponent. She is voiced by Yu Asakawa.
  • Assassin
The Servant of Fong. She is a honorable, loyal, and swift warrior who can also be classified as Saber and Archer. Her true identity is Hua Mulan. Her weapon is named Wudao Jian, which is a skinny Chinese longsword that has the word "Duixian" (兑现 honor) written on the blade. Her Noble Phantasm is Yao Hudie (谣蝴蝶 Dance of the Butterflies), which creates a garden of light from the ground with spiritual butterflies coming out of the flowers, poisoning the opponent with each butterfly that touches him/her. She is voiced by Tanaka Atsuko.
  • Caster
The Servant of Hiteki. He is a mad man who often goes crazy and disobeys his Master's orders, because of this, he can also be classified as Berserker. His true identity is Victor Frankenstein. His weapon is a flintlock pistol named Mad Creation, which looks just like an ordinary flintlock pistol except it is black and shoots out bloody bullets. His Noble Phantasm is Madness Reborn, which turns himself into an electrical giant beast similar to Frankenstein's monster. He is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.