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FEAST vs. Cipher: A Battle for Time! is a direct-to-video movie made by In-Verse. It's a promotional OVA for The FEAST Saga: Fight it Out! Console Version. It will come in December 2015. It features some sort of original Storyline, while it features heavy action mecha scenes, it also features fantasy, a component not explored in the games. However, it is confirmed that is non-canon. Also a Manga will come with english language, and it will be voiced in english only because the Console port of Fight it Out! will be not localized in Japan.



  • Sienna Travers and Type-V Ragnarök
  • Nathan Travers and Golem Trident Arch
  • Blake Snider and Type-Chaos Ragnarök
  • Rose Belladonna and The Ruby
  • Zelda Grayson and The Beryl
  • Shawn Grayson and Combat Glass X
  • Ciel "Jazz" Snyder and Quartz
  • Eliza Sampson and Type-Cosmos Ragnarök
  • Mildred Albain and Rendez-Vous R-Type.
  • Gavin Albain and Alto Striker Level 3.
  • Wilhelm Krone and Amadeus Last End X
  • Aurelius Krüger and Emperor's Trance Omega
  • Rock D. Snider and Super Sky Rider
  • Tristan "Hiro" Cruz and Chariot Beast Arch
  • Roger Masters and Verde Bomb Ultra
  • Elizabeth Amador and Verde Pump: Do-Re-Mi.
  • Martha Snider-Hayes
  • Nia Albain
  • Luke White
  • Ophelia White
  • Freed Lenoir

Neutral PartyEdit

  • Anita Falcon
  • Shade Prism
  • Reflect/Alice von Stroheim's Clone
  • Cornelius Falcon
  • Mark Holly

Cipher/Dark MillenniumEdit

  • Isaac "Ike" Taylor-Schneider and Rouge Warrior
  • Helena Armstrong Vega and Hollow Amber
  • Leonardo Gaius Falcon and Blur Destructor
  • Professor Maxima Firestone
  • Doctor Nastassja/Madam Blade


  • Mondo Kitsch
  • Genesis
  • Ballerina
  • Anthem

Fictitious Voice ListEdit


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