Chapter OneEdit

Introduction of Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks, Red makes her bloody escape through the Everafter Maximum Security Asylum for The Fantastically Traumatized, a mental institution. Humpty Dumpty is the founder and Dr. Crooked as it's head doctor and the Puss in Boots as Humpy's Bodyguard. she is ultimately stopped by him. she is taken to cell #7 were how she became traumatized is revealed. meanwhile Goldilocks prepares for her first appointment with Dr. Crooked, Pinocchio the Asylum's head janitor give her a gift at the end of the prologue.

Chapter TwoEdit

Introduction of Hansel and Gretel, Red encounters cannibalistic twin siblings born German decent who began eating one of the asylum's nurses. Red must find a way to defeat the cannibalistic twins before she becomes their desert.

Chapter ThreeEdit

Introduction of Miss Muffet, Red encounters a possessed girl with a giant spider on her back. Red must defeat the large creepy crawly and his brainwashed owner.

Chapter FourEdit

Introduction of Jack, Goldilocks has recurring nightmares of her encounter with the Three Bears. meanwhile a legendary giant slayer pays an unwelcome visit to the asylum.

Chapter FiveEdit

Introduction of Rosie and Posie, Red encounters bizarre twin sisters who are dying to be her new friend, permanently.

Chapter SixEdit

The Big Bad Wolf orders a number of strikes against the asylum's inmates which leads to Red having a second battle with her traumatizing rival.

Chapter SevenEdit

Jack is tormented by Shyotu, an evil Japanese giant who wants to use his Harp Sword and powers to rule Japan. Jack with the help of Red and the rest of the inmates must defeat an enemy in Japan who knows all of Jack's weaknesses. It is later revealed that Jack is the reincarnation of Shinobi, a legendary samurai prince who imprisoned Shyotu.

Chapter EightEdit

Introduction of Tom thumb, Rosie and Posie go outside to play their favorite game named before them, only to have a rematch with Hansel and Gretel. meanwhile Red encounters a boy with monster-like boots. They went to a rocky start but as the story progresses, the two fell in love. the Big Bad Wolf later discovers Red's weakness.

Chapter NineEdit

The Big Bad Wolf breaks into the asylum and is later confronted by Jack. and a bloody fight ensures them leading the big bad wolf to defeat him after the battle, he is disgusted to see the Japanese race still roaming Grimmoire.

Chapter TenEdit

In the final episode and introduction of Jack Sprat, Red fight of her enemy one last time only to find out the he had took her saw. Red must end this nightmare once and for all without her weapon.

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