An OAV which takes place in Europe where a fighting tournament is held by four hosting countries (Portugal, Poland, Ireland & Russia).


Jan ZapolyaEdit

A student from Budapest, Hungary and is the main portagonist of the series. He was sent to college in his young age and is trained by his teacher who knows the secret of Kannagi Arts. He enters the tournament in search for a worthy opponent.

Arthur Wellington VEdit

The CEO of Wellington Inc. and son of the late Charles Winston Wellington. He sponsors the tournament he competes in as he represents the United Kingdom. Holding the Book of Magna Carter, he was seeking the trophy prize.

Jean-Claude BonaparteEdit

A retired footballer from Paris, France. He enters the tournament to relive his old days and he destined to marry Joan D'Arc, a single woman.

Isabella Rosa CortezEdit

She was a Flamenco Dancer by day, Assassin by night. She hails from Madrid, Spain to kill Stalin and avenge her father who has been killed in last year's tournament.

Heinrich Franz HitlerEdit

A former marine from Berlin, Germany. He enters the tournament to defeat Stalin for his fallen friend, 'Charlie' Suterland.

Father VinciEdit

A Preist formally known as Raphael Vasari and he hails from Rome, Italy. He seeks of cleanse the continent from the sins of this world.

Lady OrangeEdit

Her full name is Maira van Toutenburg and she was a fashionista from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Having entered the tournament on her accord, she is off to claim the cash prize so she will buy new clothes.

Alex LeonidasEdit

A pro-wrestler from Athens, Greece. He fights for his dear friends and he is destined to become the strongest fighter.

Carlos ColomboEdit

A lifeguard who was a assassin who works for Stalin and he hails from Lisbon, Portugal. Equiped with a claw for close combat.

Ada SobieskiEdit

Hotel Receptionist who works as a killer from Warsaw, Poland. Fight with her katana and she serves Stalin.

Brian McGuinessEdit

A Shepard/Fighter from Dublin, Ireland. He works as Stalin's top soldier and he believes that only the strongest survive.

Pyotr StalinEdit

A general who dreams of the second Soviet Era. He hails from Moscow, Russia and uses Psycho Powers in combat. Serves as the main antagonist of the series.

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