The story follows a 15 year-old girl with her friend/roomate finding an unconcious 13 year-old boy on a gravel road. They nurse him to health and he leaves without so much as a name or thank you. The boy is quick to show his power to control the element of Iron on the periodic table and that he is on a quest to seek out the being who controls gold

The Strange EncounterEdit

It was a dark night at around 7:10 PM when friends Heikaru and Tomoteki were walking on a gravel road to get to their school's first party. They were talking and laughing about events and boys they liked, every once in a while mentioning someone they hated. Suddenly Tomoteki fell down. She got up and mumbled," Ha. That didn't hurt. Wow! Look at this!" Heikaru said," It's a person!" Tomoteki said," Yeah, why're they just lying here?" Heikaru said," Dunno. Get off them!" The two took the person to Tomoteki's manison. "I still can't beleive your family is so rich." Tomoteki said," What do we do with them?" Heikaru said," I don't know. He's breathing so he's alive. I guess just put him to bed and let him heal?" Tomoteki said," Fine. Get her legs, I've got her arms." They put her upstairs to Tomoteki's bed and Heikaru said when they got downstairs," Why'd you call him a girl?" Tomoteki said," Because she is one. She looks like a girl right?" Heikaru giggled," You're always wrong about these things. He's a boy." Tomoteki said," No, look at her face." They went upstairs but nobody was there. The open window blew in a cold breeze and Heikaru said," Well we missed the party. I'm going to bed." Tomoteki looked out the window and mumbled," Darn. I wanted to have another friend... Huh?" She saw out the window a person standing there looking at her. He looked like the person they saw before, silver hair, black gloves going to his elbows, black muscle-shirt, ripped black jeans, and shoes that were plainly black and white. He looked at her with curiosity, confusion, sorrow, awe, and happiness. It looked kind of like a puppy-dog face. He turned around and walked into the woods. Tomoteki said," I wanna see him again..." She went to bed.

The Second Meet/ Secrets RevealedEdit

Tomoteki and Heiraku went to school the next day. Tomoteki said," You think we'll meet that weird girl from last night?" Heikaru said," No. He was a boy and we will not see him again because he is probably a hermit." Tomoteki said," But then why'd he leave if we gave him a bed?" Heikaru didn't answer so Tomoteki didn't talk. They got to their school break area lounge and sat down. Tomoteki said," Hey, Furowa and Joseritabu aren't here." Heikaru said," Yeah, wait. No. They're right there." Heikaru pointed to the two standing around a booth in front of the boy they saw last night! The two ran up to see what was happening," Hey kid, how old are you? 12?" The boy didn't look at them and said," 13, leave." The taller one, Joseritabu, said," Shut up. You leave, you don't belong here. This is a highschool!" The boy stood up and left, suddenly the table fell and the two howled in pain. The boy said," I skipped some grades." The girls stood up looking irritated. Heikaru ran up to the boy and asked," Who are you?" The boy looked at her and said," My name is Taisen. Bye." He walked into a classroom that Heiraku recognized as her class. She walked in and asked," Taisen, who are you?!" Taisen was sitting at a desk, spacing out in front of a window. The class started. Taisen showed great skill in showing academic abilities. After school Heikaru didn't see Taisen and met up with Tomoteki. They walked home but stopped in front of a fork in the road. Tomoteki said," Did you see that? The boy from before, Taisen you said?" Heiraku ran towards the movement she saw. She stopped again in front of him. Taisen shoved Heikaru to the ground and flattened himself to the ground also. He said," Shh, stay down." Taisen ran at someone. Heiraku stood up and shouted," Why?!" Suddenly she saw something on Taisen's face glow, a scar? She hadn't noticed before but it went right through his eye. Taisen shouted," DOWN!" Suddenly a spike slammed down at Taisen who dodged. it. Heiraku said," What?!" Taisen shouted," SHUT UP!" Heiraku saw the other person. He wore an overcoat and hat. Taisen said," I am a Tomi, we control different elements from the periodic table, mine is iron, this guy's is aluminum. The man laughed," Aluminum is abundant in the Earth, you can't escape my attacks!" Several spikes shot up from the ground and Taisen jumped up away from them. Taisen shouted," But it's weak and easily moldable. TREMBLE!" A giant scythe appeared made of tempered steel and Taisen easily cut through the spikes. Taisen ran up the open path and slashed off the right arm of the man. The man shouted in pain and the spikes rose to the air. They all crouped together and condensed into a sword. The man, with his only arm, grasped the sword and charged Taisen. Taisen shouted," Tremble!" Taisen slashed right through the man, killing him. Taisen's scar dissappeared as did his scythe. Taisen looked at the scared Heiraku and sighed," Good, you're alive." Taisen fell, unconcious.

The Secret AdmirerEdit

It was at midnight when Taisen woke up. Tais sat up and looked around the empty room. He jumped up and realized how tattered and dirty his clothing was. He sighed and opened a dresser. He was irritated to find almost every article of clothing was pink or light blue. Taisen just walked out of the room without closing the dresser or putting the clothes back into it. Taisen wandered about the corridors and staircases until he found the porch outside. He wouldn't leave through the window again, he'd like to learn his surroundings in case he awoke in there again in more demanding terms. Taisen put his hand of the doorknob and heard a voice from behind say tiredly," What are you doing?" Taisen turned around and said," Leaving. I wish not to be a burden. The same goes vice-versa. Good-bye." He turned the knob but she slapped his hand away. He quickly put his hand to the spike on his necklace, melting off it and reforming it. He held it to the woman's throat. He said," How dare you. Step back or you will be killed without mercy." She stepped back and said," You can't leave. You aren't a burden. Why are you here?" Taisen said," I am here to find the Yomi of Gold and stop him from taking the Uranium Core. Even if I am not a burden to you, you are a burden to me and my work. I said good-bye." Taisen opened the door and the persistent red-haired woman shut it and blocked the door. She said," We could help you. We know this town inside and out." Taisen pondered this and she added," Besides you won't kill me. You fought that man to protect us." Taisen kicked her stomach and she fell to the ground. Taisen said," I was happy you were alive only because you were not involved in my affairs. Now you are, so you are my problem. My enemy. But you have a good point in what you say. I accept." Taisen left to the room he awoke in. His memory allowed him to retrace his steps and find it easily.

At school they went to their lockers before school. The three's lockers were beside each other. Heikaru said," You must have it easy Taisen. You're strong, smart, and everyone fell in love with you the first day of school. Other than me and Tomoteki." Taisen snapped," Tomoteki and I! Never use a proper noun after a posetional statement." He opened his locker and mumbled," And your words are incorre-" many letters fell out of his locker. He sighed heavily and sifted through them within seconds. He threw most of them away," They are letters about teams, no. Letters for clubs, no," he sighed and got ready to rip the last one left. Heikaru said," What is it?" She took it and said," A love letter? Odd. They prbably don't know your personality!" Taisen said," You can laugh about it, I'm ripping it anyway." Tomoteki said," You can't! That's comeone's feelings." Taisen said," You are difficult to talk to! Fine, I won't rip it, but I won't acknowledge any part of it. Feelings are weakness, and so is confessing on a note. Coward." Heikaru said," It still takes courage to write it. C'mon, it can't hurt anything." Taisen said," It will only distract me. Wait! What's that?" Taisen slammed his locker shut and bolted outside. He stopped and saw a girl standing in front of the water fountain. Heikaru said," The note says to meet her at the water fountain when you get the letter. So, now." Taisen said," No... now it makes sense. Damn. How should I approach this situation? I can't walk up because they might be stronger than me. What if I surprize attack? No, they might sense me if I hold their element. Gah! This is a nightmare!" Taisen was being dragged over to her by Tomoteki and Heikaru and Taisen said words of dissagreement. They weren't listening about how this girl wasn't a secret admirer, she was a Yomi! Taisen broke out of the girls' hold and ran at the girl. She looked up astonished and Taisen stopped. The presence of a Yomi dissappeared. He was too stunned to move when the girl mumbled," Oh, sorry to bother you but could you help me out?" She pulled him by the fountain with the obvious strength of a Yomi, but she wasn't one. They whispered and Tomoteki and Heikaru talked about Taisen's uncomfortableness. Finally the talking ended and they went to class.

Taisen's new enemy! Yomi of Copper!Edit

Taisen went home first and made dinner. Tomoteki was mumbling," So good... mmm... delicious..." While Heikaru mumbled," I could've done better... too soft... it's okay..." The girl was there and Tomoteki asked," So are you going out now or something?" Taisen looked quickly at the girl and turned back, saying," No. Her name's Suikoho. She's new to the school and needs for me to find her cat. That's it, you must have misread the letter." Heikaru kept silent. Taisen said," Finished. Not my best work, but whatever. you seemed to think it tasted good. Bye." He left the house without another word. Outside he walked to the school. he stood holding on to the railing looking into the forest. He looked up to see a cat up a tree staring at him. Taisen said," You're iron content made it easy to find you. Stupid cat." He made a throwing knife from the railing and cut off a tree limb with it. The cat fell into Taisen's arms. He dropped it and said," Sorry. Go to your owner. Don't make me take you." The cat just stared at him and jumped into his arms again. Taisen said," So you don't like walking. Great." He walked home. One his way someone stopped him. They laughed," Hello Yomi of Iron. Say hello to the Yomi of Copper! MAMA!" A giant copper doll 10 feet tall appeared. It stuck out its arms and copper ribbons shot out of them, wrapping up Taisen. Taisen shouted a curse and the Yomi laughed," Mama is my doll made of copper. Fun fact: Copper is one of the most conductive metals!" She took out a glove and touched her index finger to the doll and Taisen was electricuted. Taisen fell to the ground, unconcious. The three girls ran out and screamed. Tomoteki ran to Taisen's aid, Heikaru ran at the Yomi with a wooden sword, and Suikoho stood there. Tomoteki said," He's really hurt." Heikaru hit the girl's head. The doll instantly responded by wrapping up Heikaru and slamming her to the ground. Suikoho ran over to Taisen but the Yomi stood up and said," How dare you harm me? Dokuma the Copper Princess! DIE!" Mama knocked Tomoteki away with a copper ribbon and impaled Taisen's unconcious body. Taisen was wrapped around entirely like a mummy and held in the air. Suddenly the ribbon exploded, or more, an explosion happened spliting the ribbon in two. Taisen fell, unwraveling, and Suikoho caught him. She set him down and Taisen groaned," So it is you. I hope you're on my side." Suikoho said," I am the Yomi of Hydrogen!" She snapped her finger and another explosion happened, knocked Mama away. Dokuma said," What?! I've never seen Hydrogen used this way before!" Suikoho said," Hydrogen in its pure state is highly flamable and explosive. My glove is made of an ignition material. When I snap I make a spark which the Hydrogen in the air carries instantly to any point I want to and exploded by gathering all at once." She snapped again, knocking the doll and the Yomi around. Finally Dokuma shouted," Mama! Exit!" The doll grabbed up Dokuma and they flew away into the night. Suddenly Suikoho collapsed and panted," What the?"

The TruthEdit

Taisen awoke on a bed and turned to his side. He saw Suikoho unconcious in the bed beside him. He said," Suikoho. I thought you were... a Yomi. I was right, but not completely. You aren't fully Yomi, but the other you is." He looked up and said," I think we should be a team. We seem to be fighting together." His thoughts drifted to the Yomi of Copper. That girl, and she prbably wasn't even dead. He wondered if he could manage killing her himself. Only one way to find out, but not yet. He should wait until his odds are better. Taisen sat up and clutched his stomach. He was bandaged up. He got up and went downstairs. Heikaru said," you shouldn't be moving around. But now that you're here and are too weak to fight it..." She walked over and handcuffed him to the chair. Taisen said," This has iron in it you know?" She answered," Yes, but you are too weak to use your powers." Taisen said," How do you know?" He easily broke out of the handcuffs with his control over iron. Heikaru said," Wow. Thought that would work, then this?" She put a heavy book on Taisen's lap. Taisen sighed," I can break out of handcuffs but not a book?" Heikaru said," It's around a5:00 AM on a saturday morning. It's just you and me. No Tomoteki to save you from telling me the truth. Tell me everything there is about Yomis and I'll make breakfast." Taisen said," A Yomi is a being who controls an element from the periodic table. We are created, not born. All Yomis are created after birth. They are chosen by a marker who passes on the burden of being in the Yomi tradition. A marker is a being who is not a Yomi, but more the teammate of the Yomi. They give pwoer to the Yomi and, if they can, fight along side them. I control Iron. There are levels of Yomi power. I am a 2. That means that I can create iron in small amounts and seperate iron into peices. All Yomi have the power to control things with their element. Yomi can also power up when they are near or around their element. The only reason I survived was because that cat had an unusually high iron content, coupled with the high iron content you had." Heikaru said," Why are you here? Why do Yomi fight?" Taisen said," We only fight for our causes we beleive in. There are two sides, both revolve around the Uranium Core. The first group is set to find and use the Uranium Core for world domination. The other is the one I'm in. It is much smaller and its goal is to find and protect the Uranium Core so that the world will stay at peace. Both sides have practacally a faith in what they beleive. My group is called Uranium Defenders. The group seeking use of the Uranium Core is called Uranium Seekers. The Uranium Defenders beleive the world should be left to its own fate, and is not to be shaped in any single person's image. The Uranium Seekers believe the world is imperfect and should be left to be shaped and controled by those capably of the feat. And they beleive only Yomi in the Uranium Seekers are worthy." Heikaru took away the book and went into the kitchen. Taisen said," Please make food with a lot of iron."

The Groups DivergeEdit

The days that followed were simple. Nothing happened. No enemies attacked, no school events, nothing. But, this time of boredom was short lived.

Taisen, Tomoteki, Heikaru, and Suikoho were outside the mansion and Taisen said," We need to divide into two groups to continue our search. I want to broach some ideas. First off, the Uranium Defenders have officially appointed all of you as my lackeys, excluding you Suikoho. Alright, Tomoteki and I will go off and search some stuff, looking for clues as to where the Uranium Core is. The Uranium Defenders have a lead that they want us to check out. Heikaru and Suikoho will stay here and keep base running. This will happen over school break so we won't miss school." Suikoho said," What if I can't activate my other side? Then I won't be a usefull teammate to Heikaru." Taisen answered." You seem to transform just when we need you, and never before or after. Your transformation will come always when neccisary." Heikaru said," But that still leaves me to get attacked and nearly killed almost every time an attack comes." Taisen said," Yes but you will recover. Any other questions?" No one asked and Taisen got his things ready. At noon, after lunch, the group met again. Tomoteki and Taisen had backpacks on and Taisen also sported several bags. He carried four on each arm. Taisen said," We will come back in one week. If we don't manage to come back, we've died or are captured... or both." Taisen started leaving and Tomoteki said goodbyes. Tomoteki caught up to Taisen quickly and Heikaru and Suikoho went inside.

Yomi of Copper VS Yomi of Iron! New level of power!Edit

Taisen and Tomoteki were having a conversation," No you can't call me Tai." But you could call me Toteck?" " That makes no sense at all." "I guess you're right. But Tai makes sense." "Fine. You can call me Tai." Okay... Tai." Taisen sighed. They walked along a path Taisen made several days in advance through the woods. Suddenly Taisen stopped and Tomoteki followed suit. The Yoi of Copper, Dokuma, was blocking their path. Dokuma laughed," So we meet again Yomi of Iron. You seem extra irritated today. Also, you seem weak. Beat down." Taisen said," Move to the side or I'll make you. Dokuma, Yomi of Copper, you are nothing but a sniveling brat. Copper Princess? Tsch! You're as much a Princess as that tree is blue. You can't even take on a level 2 Hydrogen Yomi." Dokuma said irritated," Don't make me mad idiot! I can easily take you out. I did it before and now you're weaker! You couldn't even beat that Yomi!" Taisen said," I could beat you now! Don't bluff, you're just as damaged as me! And I could easily beat the Hydrogen Yomi! I was caught off guard against you!" Dokuma shouted," Shut up! I'm not nearly as hurt as you! If you're so powerful attack me! I nearly killed you with one attack!" Taisen charged Dokuma and said," Your doll attacked me! You did nothing!" Taisen dodged a kick by Dokuma and Taisen kneed her face, sending her flying. Taisen threw his gear at Tomoteki and said," Hold those for me." He faced Dokuma just when Mama threw a punch to his face, knocking him to the ground. Taisen said," Once again, you rely on your doll!" Dokuma said," I don't rely on her! I control her! It is using my powers to good use!" Taisen made an iron halberd appear in his hands. Taisen said," This time I'll kill you!" Taisen slashed off Mama's lef tarm but Mama used her claws to slash into Taisen's left arm also. Taisen fell to the ground, the halberd dissappearing, and clutched his bleeding arm. His fist coated in iron, he punched Dokuma's face, shouting," I"LL GIVE YOU HELL!" They both fell to the ground and went into a fist fight on the ground. Taisen was surprized at Dokuma's strength. She was fast and powerful, but still Taisen took the edge. Taisen threw her at a tree and punched her face but she ducked and elbowed his stomach. Taisen was wrapped up by Mama and said," Darn it! Not again!" Dokuma wi"ped the blood from her mouth and cackled," Mama's got you! And you were on guard!" Taisen said," You seem to really enjoy that factor!" She touched her electric glove to Mama's shoulder and Taisen screamed in pain as he was electrocuted. He shouted," Tomoteki! Run!" Tomoteki pulled out a knife and ran at Dokuma. She shotued and Dokuma dodged easily. Tomoteki tripped and the knife stabbed her stomach. She skidded on the ground and Taisen stopped screaming. He looked down and then found his voice," I WILL HAVE YOUR HEAD!!!" Tomoteki pulled out a small bag filled with her blood and threw it, open, at Taisen. The iron hit his wounded shoulder and it healed. He broke out of Mama's hold and his car glowed a bright scarlet. It grew past his left aye and made a cross-shape going over the bridge of his nose. He shouted," Good... good." His voice was like a second voice talking with him. It was like him but older, deeper, darker, more mature, cold. He ran to Tomoteki and put his hand on her forehead. Blue light went out of his palm, into her head. Suddenly her wounds healed. Taise stood, all his damage cleared. He ripped out the bandages and laughed," I am now... a 3." He appeared behind Mama and punched a hole through here. A scythe made of tempered iron appeared and he slashed Mama in half, the blade passed right through his arm. Mama fell to the ground, broken and he faced Dokuma. She fell to the ground with hate in her eyes. Taisen said," You're as much dead as that tree is about to be red." Suddenly his scar shrank and stopped glowing. He fell to the ground, unconcious. Dokuma was going to kill him, but then thought," No. He won the battle. I will kill him only if he is able to defend himself." She used her powers to fix Mama and Mama carried her damaged body away.

Erementaru Senshi Special: Levels!Edit

Tomoteki woke up Taisen. He mumbled sleepily," What... happened. Did I win? And... Why am I so weak?" Tomoteki said," Dokuma. You won. And I guess you used a lot of power?" Taisen said," I acheived level 3. I must master it and defeat that witch concious." Tomoteki asked," What's a level?" Taisen explained," Don't tell Heikaru this... I didn't tell her all that I'm about to tell you. A Yomi has powers as you know. Every Yomi is able to control their element, and everything with their element. A Yomi is powered up around their element and cannot control a living organism's elements, unless you are of the special breeds... like me as I can use the iron in blood. A level 1 Yomi is able to control smaller amounts of their element and master their element a bit more. They can also create their element or move their element around like I did at school with the table. A level 2 can create more of their element and have better control over their powers. A level 3 has a form that gives them more power but unless controlled, will weaken the Yomi heavily. 3's can also create their element twice as much mass as their body weight and change the state of matter the element is in. This state chaning does nothing to the element's heat, it just makes it a diffirent state. Level 4's can make their elements expand, harden, soften, shrink, heat up, cool down, and increase or decrease their element's properties. Level 5's are rare and their powers are only legends. Some say they can create their element in huge sizes, like airplane made of iron huge. The Titanic was said to be sunk by a Yomi using their level 5 power. Level 6's have never been reached but they have full elemental control. The problem is that the higher the levels, the more off the chemical reactions are for elements. Should a level 1 Oxygen Yomi fight me now my iron won't be as rusted." Tomoteki said," Okay. You don't seem to be able to walk. So... just sit here?" She sat down beside Taisen. Taisen said," That's not a good idea. I've recently become a level 3." Tomoteki asked," So?" Taisen answered," When a Yomi becomes level 3, they need external sources of energy to sustain their power. That's why I got this." He showed Tomoteki his hand. there was a spiral-like scar on both his hands. In the center of the spiral was an eye-like image that had red pupils. Taisen said," All I need to do is touch a living being and I'll absorb its energy. But I'll have a need, no, a craving to do so. You shouldn't stay too close." Tomoteki said," Nah, I'm good. I don't really care."

Taisen's Recovery. Uranium Core!Edit

After several minutes, Taisen stood. He said," Stay here." Taisen quickly ran off into the forest so that Tomoteki couldn't see him anymore. Taisen stopped and made sure nobody could see him. He exhaled and said," Damn. I need to get a grip. I almost killed her. Anymore time sitting there and I might've absorbed all her energy, killing her. She needs to stop being so ignorant. Then again, she's better than Heikaru." Taisen stood up and saw a glint of light in his peripheral vision. He turned and saw a small, egg-like object underneath some bushes. Taisen ran up to it with lighnting speed and grabbed the object. It was just as he remembered. The size of an Ostrich Egg, the weight of a brick, the look of gold, the beautiful patterns, the shine of it. Taisen was holding the Uranium Core! Taisen said," Amazing." He felt its power flowing into him. He felt rejuvenated. Taisen ran back to Tomoteki but she wasn't there. Taisen said," I told her to stay. Tomoteki! Tomoteki?" Suddenly Dokuma jumped down from a tree, holding an unconcious Tomoteki. Another person landed beside here. Dokuma said," Hello again. This here is the Yomi of Aluminum. You know him." The man said," Name's Arumitsu." He dropped the cloak. His face was rugged and he was burly. Scars littered his entire body except his arms which only had small scratches. Arumitsu said," I got new limbs. You jerk. Also, I'm now a level 4." Taisen took a defensive stance. He said," So what? I can still take you both on!" A Kunai Dagger appeared in each of Taisen's hands and he charged at Arumitsu. Arumitsu dodged and kicked Taisen into the air. Mama appeared out of the ground and slammed Taisen to the ground. Dokuma cackled," Not so powerful now are you!" Taisen snapped," Much easier to fight me now that you have a friend!" Dokuma kicked Taisen, making his roll onto his back. She stood over him and said," Shut up and maybe you'll live." She activated her electric glove and grabbed Taisen's throat. Taisen shouted in pain and kicked Dokuma off him. He stumbled up but was knocked off his feet by Arumitsu. Arumitsu howled in pain when Taisen stabbed his shoulder with one Kunai. Arumitsu pulled out the Kunai and crushed it in his hand. Mama wrapped up Taisen and Dokuma was just about to touch Mama with the electric glove when it happened.

Taisen's scar elongated like it did the night before. It glowed a bright scarlet. His power flowed so extremely the copper ribbons shattered off of him, forcing Mama's electric current not to get to him. Taisen landed on the ground, his power flowing into the Kunai. The Kunai grew into a large, double-edged sword. Taisen shouted." Tremble!" Taisen appeared before Mama and stabbed right through her, also impaling Dokuma. Taisen said as they both fell to the ground," Fitting that you shall fall with your doll." Taisen stabbed the sword into the ground so Dokuma would die there, Mama pinning her down. He said," The tool you used to kill with shall be the reason you die. Its weight will hold you down and you cannot push it off with you power. You are too weak and your core is impaled. You know good and well if you core of power is impaled you cannot control properly." Arumitsu said," Good luck killing me." Several spikes shot out of the ground, surrounding Taisen. They all shot at Taisen who dodged. He created a spear out of Iron and landed on the ground. He stabbed at Arumitsu who dodged and kicked Taisen's side. Taisen jumped up and swung the spear down, knocking Arumitsu to the ground. Arumitsu shouted and he punched Taisen's face. Taisen wondered how the punch connected as he was so far away. Taisen looked and realized Arumitsu's arm (from the elbow up) was fake and detached from his body. The punched shot Taisen into the sky where Taisen impaled the arm with the spear. Taisen fell and landed in a tree, hiding from Arumitsu. He saw Arumitsu grab Tomoteki and start to leave when Taisen threw the spear. The spear impaled Arumitsu's right leg and Tomoteki's left hand. Taisen jumped from the tree and kicked Arumitsu's face. Arumitsu wailed in pain as he was kicked and as his leg was being dislocated (the spear pulled it out of place). Taisen pulled out the spear and bandaged up Tomoteki's hand. As they left Arumitsu shot his other arm at Taisen. Taisen punched the arm, shattering it.


Taisen and Tomoteki walked for hours. Finally, Taisen said," We're here." Tomoteki ran up to her house with Taisen in tow. Heikaru appeared out of the doorframe and hugged Tomoteki greatly. Taisen denied the "hug request" from Suikoho. They went inside where Tomoteki told the story of their quest. Suikoho said," We didn't do much here. Nothing attacked us." Heikaru looked at her with astonishment," You don't remember. Someone tried to rob the house and you sent him away." Taisen said," You probably won't remember any of your affairs you do while in your Yomi form. I can understand though as your personalities are horrifically diffirent." Suikoho looked uncomfortable. Taisen said," So who's making dinner?" Heikaru said," I thought you would. You seem to make the food that everyone likes." Taisen said," Well... that's true. But you just admited to liking my cooking." Taisen left the room, but not before setting the Uranium Core on the table.

Taisen made food and they ate. Suikoho said," So what level am I supposed to be?" Taisen said," Well, from what I've seen you should be a level 3. Suikoho asked," And is that your level?" Taisen nodded and Suikoho seemed to relax. Heikaru asked," So what's this Uranium Core do?" Taisen said," It gives whoever is holding it incredible power... if they manage to unlock it. Also the Uranium Seekers won't be able to have it." Taisen explained the Uranium Seekers and Uranium Defenders. They heard a loud bang at the door.

Taisen went to get it and closed the door. Taisen said," I'll be out for a minute. Don't follow or I will... kill you myself." Taisen left.


Taisen walked for a long time, following the man who had saved him. The man who had helped him attain his power. The man who fought with him against the Yomi of Gold. Taisen stopped and said," So I must?" The man stopped to and, not looking back, said," Yes. You must kill them." Taisen said," But it is my fault, not theirs. I let them see the artifact. They shouldn't be the ones to die." The man turned around. Under his cloak there was a white mask that was a sad face," You choose to ignore?" Taisen sighed and looked up. He said," I know the consequenses. Yes. I ignore." The man swiped Taisen away, Taisen skidded on the ground. When Taisen stood the man was behind him, knocking him away again. Taisen created a steel dagger and held it up, pointing it at the man. The man said," Please, Taisen. Don't do that." Taisen said," Shut up Saigo! That's your problem ! You talk too much!" Saigo ran at Taisen and grasped the dagger. Taisen couldn't even see Saigo as he was too fast. By the time Taisen stood up to dodge Saigo was behind him and holding the dagger to Taisen's neck. "You or them, Taisen. You or them." Taisen smirked. The dagger dissappeared and Saigo shouted in pain. He stumbled back and looked at his stomach. The dagged blade was sticking out!

Tomoteki, Heikaru, and Suikoho all appeared in the forest pathway. They were stunned at what they saw. Saigo reached behind him and pulled out the dagger. Taisen shouted," Suikoho! To me!" Suikoho ran to Taisen's side. Taisen looked and smirked," You aren't Suikoho anymore. Are you?" She said," No. Call me Tanbu." Taisen said," Okay then, Tanbu. Let's kill!" They ran at Saigo as the dagger dissappeared. Taisen created a sword and Tanbu's hands were envoloped in a clear wind-like substance (pure hydrogen). Saigo laughed and rose up his hand. A huge wall of glass rose out of the ground. Tanbu smashed through it by punching it. Taisen shouted," NO!" The glass shards flew at Tanbu who was slashed with many small cuts. Taisen created a rod and spun it, making the glass into harmless flakes. Tanbu got off the ground and a glass hand rose out of the earth. Tanbu said," Won't work twice." She smashed it again and the glass shards flew at her. She made a dense wall of pure hydrogen that the glass couldn't penetrate. The glass instead surrounded the sphere and combined into one large, glass, hollow, egg. Tanbu ceased the barrier and the glass egg shrunk. Taisen smashed the egg with the rod, freeing Tanbu. Tanbu said," Thanks." Taisen grabbed her hand and helped her up. They looked at Saigo.

You again!Edit

Taisen and Tanbu ran at Saigo again. Taisen merged the rod and sword into a spear. Tanbu made the hydrogen around her dense and coat her, making her fly at Saigo. Taisen lunged at Saigo who dodged. Tanbu slammed into Saigo and they slammed into a tree. A glass sword shot out of the ground and made Tanbu jumped back. Saigo grasped the sword and ran at Tanbu. Tanbu grabbed the blade as Saigo slashed downwards. Tanbu crushed the blade in her hands as Taisen jumped into the air, above Saigo and Tanbu. Taisen came down, slashing a deep gash on Saigo's shoulder. Blood spurted out and Saigo released the sword. He stumbled back and smiled. He said," I am Yomi of Silicon. You can't defeat me. Silicon is everywhere in the Earth, you can't avoid it." The glass flakes that Taisen made rose up and flew to Saigo. They crystalized and covered the wound. Saigo said," All my wounds shall be handled by my silicon." Taisen said," Your element isn't yours. You simply borrow it from nature." Saigo laughed," Fool. With that on your mind it's no wonder why you're so weak." Taisen smirked," So how long have you been a Yomi?" Saigo said," Plenty long enough. I have centuries of experience." Heikaru and Tomoteki exchanged shocked glances. He looked only 30. Taisen said," When a Yomi is turned they can choose wether or not they age." Taisen looked back," I am actually 16." Tanbu rose her hand," 15." Saigo laughed," 370." Taisen smirked," So. You've been a Tomi for 350 years? And all that time you've been keeping your element with you? All around you, you constantly use your element?" Saigo nodded," It scares you doesn't it?" Taisen sighed," No. It's made you weak." A being fell from the trees and landed between Taisen and Tanbu.

Taisen and Tanbu were shocked and Taisen managed," D-Dokuma?!"

A new ally. The next battle.Edit

Dokum rose up and said," I've been thinking ever since I became a level 3. You are the only being ever able to give me a challenge. So, I've decided I can't let you die." She stuck out her hand. Taisen turned towards Saigo and said," Kill him and we'll talk." Dokum laughed and shouted," MAMA! Attack!" Mama swooped down but was cut in half by a spike of glass. Dokuma ran towards Mama and Taisen threw the spear he was holding. Saigo dodged and grabbed the spear. Taisen crushed his hand into a fist and spikes shot out of the spear. Saigo released the spear but his hand was mutilated. Glass covered it. Saigo looked up and laughed," See? And even better, I can change my hand at will." His fingers became claws. Saigo ran at Taisen who smirked. Taisen pushed Tanbu out of the way so she wouldn't stop Saigo. Saigo punched into Taisen's stomach. Taisen coughed up blood and smirked again. Taisen whispered into Saigo's ear," You just signed your death certificate. I know for a fact you just made everyone else you are fighting 10 times stronger." Taisen fell to the ground, clutching his bleeding stomach. Tanbu, Dokuma, Tomoteki, and Heikaru all screamed at once. Dokuma shouted," DIE!" She threw herself at Saigo, grasping his neck and shocking him. Tanbu set Saigo's clothes aflame and started punching his stomach with high-pressure hydrogen punches. Taisen slowly stood up and the battle ceased. Saigo was almost ashes. There was more of his blood on the ground than in him and he looked up.

Taisen said," I control iron. And everyone here has some form of conection to me. You have unleashed hell. I can willfully stop bleeding, much better than glass." He created a dagged and held it up," TREMBLE!" He stabbed it into Saigo, killing him.

Yomi of Gold. Copper, Hydrogen, Iron, unite!Edit

The group was recovering and Taisen said," About what I said earlier. About killing you, that wasn't me talking. I was being... I had to say that." A voice, cold and calm, called from the trees," No... you didn't." Taisen whipped around as fast as light. Taisen's scar had shined a brighter scarlet than ever before. It glowed almost enough to blind someone. The scar grew, touching each ear and from his forehead to his chin. The scar budded and made more, smaller scars. Taisen said," Yomi... of Gold?!" Taisen's eyes turned a burning red. His muscles became more deepened, toned. His energy and power were being concentrated. His strength rose to incredible lengths. His scar went down his neck. Heikaru saw it go down his arms. Taisen cocked his head back and his gloves ripped off, showing the scars better. They weren't lined, they were many symbols in a line, going down in a scar-like fashion.

Tanbu said," Ready to fight?" Taisen crouched down and a red aura shot out of him," No. I'm ready... TO KILL!" Taisen bolted at the Yomi of Gold. She stuck out her hand and grasped Taisen's throat. Taisen was lifted up and slammed to the ground. A crater appeared where he was slammed. Taisen coughed up a mouthful of blood. The Yomi of Gold laughed. Tanbu snapped her fingers. An explosion on the Yomi's back appeared. When the smoke cleared, the Yomi was laughing.

Taisen's power.Edit

Taisen kicked the Yomi's face, but it had no effect. The Yomi said," I will tell you my name, as is our custom to kill with knowledge of who you are. My name, is-" The next part blurred together. Taisen couldn't hear, his blood loss was making it hard to think straight. He looked up and saw everyone gasp and step back. One thing was missing though, someone was missing. Taisen looked up and mouthed the words," Where is Tomoteki?" The Yomi chuckled and pointed at her face. Taisen could see clearly now. Tomoteki, just like Suikoho, had a Yomi second-half. And that was the Yomi of Gold.

Taisen kicked Tomoteki off of him. Tomoteki stood and laughed," Now that you're awake." Taisen shouted as his power rose again. His scars grew and became bold lines that twisted and combined. His entire body was soone a blazing scarlet. Taisen screamed as his clothes ripped from the pressure of his sheer strength. Taisen floated to the ground again, glowing. Taisen looked down, and when he looked up, his eyes were glowing with different colors, like a changing rainbow. Taisen said," I... am... the... Yomi of Iron!" Taisen flew at Tomoteki and kicked her face, sending her back. Tomoteki punched Taisen's face, activating his scar. His power surged again as he elbowed her face. Taisen landed on the ground on his right hand, which held him up on a hand-stand.

Iron VS GoldEdit

Taisen jumped onto his feet and said," You can't win. I have become stronger than any Yomi ever dreamed of being." Tomoteki said," Don't get arrogant. I haven't started trying yet." Gold claws coated her hands and gauntlets covered her forearms. Greaves covered her shins. She ran at Taisen, sending him flying. Taisen skidded to a stop. Taisen punched at Tomoteki who ducked and double-hammered Taisen into the air. She jumped up and kicked his stomach, sending him hurtling at the ground. He slammed into the ground as Tomoteki kicked his face. Taisen was on the ground, in a crater, with Tomoteki's foot on his face. Tomoteki picked him up by his throat, and launched a golden blast at him, point-blank, in his stomach. When the smoke cleared, he was lifeless. His shirt, shoes, socks, and pant legs were shredded or gone. Taisen was dropped to the ground and Tomoteki walked to the others.

Tanbu clapped, all her power going to Tomoteki. A huge explosion, as though thousands of lighting bolts struck, hit Tomoteki. Tomoteki walked out of the flames unscathed. Tanbu fell to the ground, too tired to fight. Tomoteki kicked her face, sending her into a tree. Heikaru was dismissed with a thought. Dokuma was blasted by the golden beam. Taisen said," Tomoteki. I want you to know, I do this because I must. I know it's not your fault. But this is for the greater good."

The final attack. Super Cannon!Edit

Taisen stood up and said," You should know, Tomoteki. That you were the first person I ever liked as more than a friend." Taisen flew into the air, his body glowing scarlet. A huge flash erupted and covered the forest. Tanbu, Heikaru, and Dokuma stood up, healed. Taisen landed in front of them and said," Today. You will reside in hell." Dokuma said," How about we make a new attack?" Taisen said," Tanbu, merge with Suikoho. It will make you as strong as me. Dokuma, merge with Mama." Tanbu asked," How?" Taisen turned around," Like this." He put his hand on her head, a flash of light struck. Standing before him was Suikoho, who said," I- I can fight? I feel so much stronger than ever before." Taisen said," You're stronger than Tanbu ever was. And now, Tanbu isn't here, but inside of you." Dokuma walked up," Done. You were right. Now what?" Taisen grabbed Heikaru's arm and said," I'm sorry." She shouted in pain as Taisen absorbed her energy. Dokuma said," I've got an idea, the final blow. Until then?" Taisen said," Stall and weaken."

Taisen punched Tomoteki's face. Suikoho appeared behind her and kicked her to the left. Dokuma launched a barrage of electric-punches. Tomoteki grabbed her hands and said," Did you now gold is the most conductive metal?!" She activated her powers and shocked Dokuma. Taisen kicked her off Dokuma. Taisen asked," Ready?" Dokuma said," She's not weak enough." Suikoho shouted as she put Tomoteki under air pressure. An explosion appeared and Dokuma shouted," NOW!" Dokuma made copper ribbons that made a pipe, aimed at Tomoteki's near unconcious body. Dokuma said," Copper, the cannon shaft!" Taisen surrounded himself in stainless steel and shouted," Iron, the cannonball!" Suikoho put Taisen under pressure, shooting him at Tomoteki. Taisen slammed into Tomoteki.

The End.Edit

Taisen arose, holding the dead body of Tomoteki. He lay her on the ground as Heikaru ran up to mourn. Suikoho wrapped her arms around Taisen's neck. He didn't fight it, he was too drained of energy. Dokuma limped away, saying," Yeah, you're welcome." Taisen and Suikoho fell to their knees and Suikoho said," Why did the Yomi of Gold have to be Tomoteki?"

At Tomoteki's funeral, Heikaru said her words of goodbyes. Taisen didn't speak, he had already said what he needed. Suikoho was sitting beside Taisen, holding up fairly well. Dokuma was in the back, for she didn't know Tomoteki very well. After the service, the group went home.

Two months later...

Heikaru and Suikho were painting Dokuma's new room. Dokuma was going to join the Uranium Defenders and live with the group. Taisen was behind the door, his hands in his pockets. He was gripping a peice of paper very hard. He whispered to himself," Just say it. Come on, Taisen. Say it. Ask her." He walked into the room and said," So, uh, Suikoho. I heard you became a level 4. Is that right?" Suikoho nodded. Dokuma said," Anything you want to say, Yomi of Iron?" Taisen walked up to Heikaru and said," Here." He handed her a slip of paper and ran out the room. Heikaru looked at the paper and blushed. Before anyone would ask why, Heikaru left.


Taisen and Heikaru were holding hands, walking down the same path they first met. Taisen said," I just want you to know. I am happy I can stay with you for my last moments in this city." Heikaru asked," What do you mean?" Taisen sighed, then said," I was assigned to this city for the Uranium Core. Now I have it and must return to base. That man I killed was a Uranium Defender gone bad. He was the president. I was his vice-president, so when I return I will become the new president. I will return once my buisiness there is finished." Heikaru kissed his cheek," Then I'll wait." Taisen asked," Wait, you aren't mad?" Heikaru said," If you exit like a Yomi should, then no. I waited this long for you to ask me out, I can wait a bit longer." Taisen nodded. He put one foot on the railing and said," So. Exit like a Yomi should?" His markings grew again. His aura exploded with power. He created a steel scythe that had the markings on it. Taisen jumped off the cliff as a voiceover came up," My name is Taisen, and I... am the Yomi of Iron!"

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