No Time Man is the Fifth and Final Episode of Cillian Darcy:the Game 

Plot SynposisEdit

The Episode Begins After Part 1 of the Cliffhanger, Cillian's Talking to Kino He's Going after Her, Kino Tells Him to Come to her Apartment to have a talk. After Cillian Is Looking at the Elevator and Open it, Eddy and Edd Discovers Kalin Has 12  Hours Left to Live, so They Must Choose Either they Cut His arm or Leave it, So then, While Up on the Roof, Cillian's Coming up the Plan by using the Bell Tower, Edd using the Bell Tower and Escape with the Boys.

So then On their Journey Back to their Hang Out, Cillian Discover that Saki Nanao Yae Ed and Kotori Are Trapped in the Shed and Shocked that the Boat is Destroyed By Kino and She Kidnapped Aya And Rin, and They Decided to go After Her and Arrest her. So Saki Told Cillian About his Plan, His Plan is get to The Countryside with Ed Edd n Eddy and Offers Her to Come Along and She Accepts the Offer, While Kalin and the Eds are Arguing after Cillian's Rejecting to Cut off His Arm and Reveals His True Color as his Cruel Abusive Brother and Forced Him to give Him the Passport but Eddy Stand Up for Him.

The Angry Mob of Disciplinary Commettie Arrived and Gonna Grab Him so then Kalin Bossing Cillian For Telling them To Shoot Them so He Finally Killed Him. While in the Attic, The Heroes Even Saki Are Talking about their Past Including the Spiker Situation, Saki Ask Him who's Spiker, Eddy ask him that She and Sponge are His Cruel Aunts. Eddy Saw the Wood is Break and Decide to Open the Tunnel to Another Room while Saki and Cillian Can Talk. So then He Decide to Talk To Her about His Past before Episode 1, He Got Arrested by Kino. So then Eddy almost Done so Nanao Yae And Kotori go on Ahead without them.

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