End of Live or Retitled Episode 23 is the Third Episode of Cillian Darcy: The Final Game and The Final Episode of the Second World Part.


Episode 3 picks up from where Episode 2 left off. After hiding or killing from The Others, Cillian's Saved by Glen  and realizes that he is Dying. One of the Members of Little Busters Appeared and Helped him, Cillian Reliases that She is the Younger Twin Sister of The Head of the Disciplinary Commette who Appeared and Shock that He's Dying. So Then She Asks Him how He Got to America and He Asked Her.

20 years ago He Was Born Miserablly and Awful by His Parents, His Mother Loves Him As His Favorite Child and His Dad Hates Him and Abused Him Until 4 Years Later, His Brother Kalin Died from a Car Crash until His Death is Fake. His Mom is Being Murder by His Own Dad and then He Get Revenge on Him by Killing Him and a Year Later He Lorcan and Lilly Discovers a Baby Girl was Born whom He Starting to Protect her. While Sis

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