Ellen Vital is a roleplaying series within a universe that crosses the gap between futuristic and medieval settings. It's written by me, Ghostaree. This universe might bear similarity with the many other around this wiki, but actually nobody cares since this is our territory and we just can't have enough roleplay universes.

Have a nice day.

Background Edit

The story takes place in an alternate planet Earth commonly refereed to as Capricorn, this planet's inhabitants benefits greatly from the wisdom and magic left by its natives, the Fae. Although the Faerie race went extinct generations ago, some races, mostly the humans, still got Faerie heritage running through their veins, literally. These individuals are commonly known as Numina, and their abilities vary although always influenced by magic. The Numina are widely respected around Capricorn and most of them are in high places of power such as governments and business industries. Young Numina are usually trained in special schools to contain their powers and separate them from ordinary people to ensure the safety of both sides. Numen heritage could manifest in any race (except the Fomori), but mostly prominent in humans.

Culture and civilizations has grown with assistance of this magic, nearly every city one way of another benefit from Numina magic from architecture to simple entertainment, some people prefer to not get involved with the magical nature of these products, either out of superstition or fear. Technology is ever existent in this planet, some of it surpass that of our own, although residents prefer to use enchanted swords and bladed weapons over guns and firearms, for its elegance and versatility, but those who lack the skill to use these weapons will most likely favor the simplicity of firearms.

Recently the spirits of destruction known as the Fomori Banes awaken to "redeem" its planet. Indeed, humanity and the others were not the original inhabitants, the Fomori and the Faerie ruled over this planet and were in constant war with each other for generations and millenniums. It was only with the assistance of other races the Fae were able to defeat the Fomori and imprison them, as the physical part of the Fomori could be destroyed, but never the Bane. Unfortunately the only force that could oppose the tyranny of the Fomori were the Fae, but they are long gone.

Current Story Edit

A war is brewing....

Role-play Chapters: Edit Edit

Chapter 1: TBA

Chapter 2: TBA

Chapter 3: TBA

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