Rita Araújo
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Rita Emeralda Araújo

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Human Shifter




Neutral, but more on good side


Earth, Lightning

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Rita Araújo is one of the main characters of Elemental Shift.

Personality Edit

Rita is a quiet, shy person that has trouble fitting into groups and interacting with other people. This is due to her past on living in Hawaii with no siblings and always being alone in the house. If she feels close enough to some people she will decide to try and interact with them or open up, as it's very hard for her. She's surprisingly sharp though and is instinctively a good strategist. She's tough when working on something and has a hard time giving up on things that she wants to accomplish. As she transferred over to the new school, she was instantly classified as a prodigy, being able to manipulate her elements at a young age. Other than that, she likes to work on her abilities, as well as listen to music, or read. She can be very compassionate at times, but in a bad mood she can be very disrespectful.


Rita is a short woman, that is 5'6 but a kind of athletic skinny figure. She has light brown skin and black hair. Her hair is always like what you see in the picture: curly and puffed out, but goes down her back and chest, like in the picture. Her eye colors are hazel which changed from brown earlier in her life. She weighs about 145 lbs or 64 kg. She wears normal clothing like t-shirts or hoodies and skinny jeans or sweatpants.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Earth Element: From her mother's ancestry, Rita obtained the Earth element. This allows her to generate, manipulate and shape earth and "Earthen" elements including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), dirt, soil, etc. She also has the special ability of seismic sense, which helps her earth powers immensely. Rita is very proficient in the sub-elements of Earth, even metal. She can shape the metal enormously for a different variety of attacks onto the opponent or use it defensively, like armor. Rita is also able to reduce or add the density of the earth to her needs.
  • Lightning Element: Not necessarily taken from her father or mother, but her grandparents on her father's side. This elemental powers allows Rita to create, shape and manipulate electricity, a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles which gives her control over electric fields, electric charges, electric currents, electronics, and electromagnetism. Although this is her recessive gene, she is able to do a multitude of things, like shoot it through the ground, use it as a minor swift boost, or paralysis someone long enough to land another blow. Rita likes to train more on her lightning to get better at it.

Abilities Edit

  • Skilled Combatant: Rita is very good at brawling, and with the mix of her abilities, it greatly enhances her range and power and sometimes even speed.
  • Enhanced Agility: Rita is very good with her agility, able to do acrobatic things that other shifters usually can't do. She gets a lot of stamina with this power as well, able to fight for a prolonged time. She's very flexible and swift with her motions, making her a dangerous enemy to encounter in battle.
  • Seismic Sense: Rita is able to pick up even the slightest vibrations through physical contact with the ground, enabling her to perceive her surroundings as precisely as normal sight. 

History Edit

Rita Emeralda Araújo, was born to a shifter mother, Emeralda Jugo and regular father, Charley Araújo. She was born in the Dominican Republic, on the the west, almost in Haiti. Her parents had decided that it was better to move away from the Dominican, and so they had moved to Hawaii, United States. Her parents bought a house that was in a private area and took some time to get to the private shifter school. The house was on a beach, which the family often visited and hung out for the day. Rita having a dominate power of Earth was very in tune with the beach, able to control earth and even sand at the age of 6 years old. As she began to control earth, she often went to the beach after school tor use her powers, which fascinated her, and her parents saw her as talented being able to lift multiple rocks from beach entrance. Rita's parents had no more children, as she was an only child, and this for her was good, due to always being alone and rarely interacting with kids at her school. Her mother often trained her with Earth when Rita wanted to, teaching her new techniques to be learned. 5 years later after she discovered her earth element, she found out and spontaneously unlocked her lightning element. This surprised her, as she was a bit good at Earth now. Rita had a hard time trying to control this element at first but then started getting better at it. Now as time passed and she was on her own, her parents accounced to be moving away from her childhood home and to New York for a better business opportunity. After the shock and disappointment, Rita finally went over to the new Academy, with tons of shifters, to learn to be a pro shifter, but her life will change when she arrives...

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