This is a made-up anime and realistic story/world created by me, PyroHunter16. Please read this page and an additional page before making a character to join this with. Also, PLEASE get in contact with me before creating a spin-off to this series.

Back-story Edit

Elemental Shift is a made-up story about a world where everyone, entitled Shifters, has elemental power. With these powers, people created schools to teach the next generation of Shifters, all while discovering and harnessing elemental combos and sub-elements. Technology has also developed in conjunction with these powers, and life in this universe is shaped around controlling these powers for everyone's sake.

This Universe is much similar to ours, actually. Religions such as Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and all the others in our world exist in this world. Gods of different elements are often worshiped by those with the same power, but not all the time; an example would be a Fire Shifter praying to a fire god.

Vehicles in this world are powered by elemental energy, and most buildings run off of a specialized energy system where Shifters would willingly volunteer to power a building; yes, this is a job that people can get paid for. Shifter Academies, the schools that were set up, do not hire people to power buildings. Instead, they use a special energy system where a Shifter must discharge elemental energy to keep the system running. This discharge is often done at monthly intervals by fully-trained Adult Shifters who know what they're doing.

Current Story Edit

This series focuses on six students attending the one of the most prestigious Shifter Academy in the world. In this school, friends will be met, allies will be created, and enemies will be forged. Even love interests if they protagonists are lucky. All of this will be role-played by me, PyroHunter16, and my friends. Please, feel free to make a character with any of the elements. We will be willing to allow you to join the Role-Play once we have carefully debated and considered the inclusion to the RP. Good character making! :) Oh, and please create a Skype account for us to contact you with.

Role-play Chapters: Edit

Chapter 1: Welcome

Chapter 2: TBA

Chapter 3: TBA

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