Adios... Amigos~

—Rei, the protagonist of Electronic Phantasm

Format OVA/Music Video
Created by Studio Torment
Writer(s) Studio Torment
Director(s) Studio Torment
No. of episodes Electronic✯Phantasm
Music "Are You Read To Blast Off!?" by Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas
"Rave-Up Tonight" by Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas
Run time 5;26
Rated Unrated
Animation Studio Studio Torment

Electronic✯Phantasm(エレクトロニックファンタズム, Erekutoronikku Fantazumu) is an animated music and short story video which was created and animated by studio torment. The video was created through a partnership with the studio and the and Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas, the story and contents of the animation spanning over two musical pieces written by the band. Specifically, Electronic Phantasm is a video which fits into the genres of action, horror, psychological, drama, angst, suspense, thriller, seinen, romance, and tragedy, all of which are visually encompassed and represented throughout the course of the video.



In the near future, Fulldive technology allows the user to enter ever proliferating world that is the internet. Websites, digital games, chatrooms, forums and more can all be tapped into and experienced in the same way people interact and socialize in the real world. However, this new freedom opens up an entirely new realm of potentiality for tragedy, one which a young intellectual genius with an enormous talent and dedication to computers finds himself quickly descending the path towards.


Electronic Phantasm tells the story of the life of main character, who has simply been labeled Rei-Kun. Rei is a social outcast who suffers from severe xenophobia and misathropy. Being rejected by society, rei develops an obsession with the internet and online hardware devices at a young age which eventually launches him into an uncontrollable down spiral into madness, mania, and illusions of grandeur, eventually transforming him into a literal monster. The video is a commentary and expression of how the ridiculous standards of modern society, as well as the freedom online anonymity is rotting away countless individuals across the world and consuming lives entirely.


Story TellingEdit

Video OverviewEdit

Electronic Phantasm is an intense, fast paced, colorful and unforgivingly full frontal video which tells the story of protagonist rei-kun, a half japanese, half spanish youth. The video itself features rei, specifically, his three avatars and their relationship to one another as well as the realms that thrive in, as they alternate between scenes which progress the story of Electronic Phantasm and singing/playing the music. The three avatars of the protagonist featured in the video are Rei, the real world, material version of the protagonist, Ley, the virtual world avatar and user representation of rei, and finally, R31, the sadistic and murderous monster born from the unification of the two persona's. In the video, Rei sings the clean vocals (high pitched), Ley sings the secondary vocals, and the bloodthirsty R31 does the scream vocals.

The Video itself also features many characteristics, themes, and scenes directly inspired by EDM culture and set pieces, such are the themes of the music in the background of the animation. Not only this, but themes and inspirations are drawn from online gaming and massive multiplayer online games, as well as general internet pop culture, over all giving the video an extremely colorful and intense cyber punk, grunge hybrid fusion theme which is most prevalent out of everything else in the video


Rei is a social outcast. An orphan who was abused severely, physically, mentally, and sexually by his caretakers, as well as the extended rejection from society he faced from a young age, rei developed an intense xenophobia and misanthropy, an innate hatred for the entirety of the human race with no exceptions. This also caused him to develop an enormous complex of rebellion from a young age. The only thing ray despised more than authority is society, the fashion, the music, the trends, the mob mentality, it disgusted ray and he rejected all of it. Because of this hatred and the way he inherently avoided all contact, coupled with his rebellion, rei was extremely hard to teach and to deal with, and because of it, his teachers labeled him a hopeless failure who would accomplish nothing in life.

However, rei was far from talentless. Among the skills, interestes, and hobbies rei amassed a great deal of proficiency within included writing and composing music. He was gifted in handling an electric guitar, bass guitar, drum set, and numerous key instruments. However, beyond everything else, and that which rei exhibited the greatest degree of talent within, was computers. Having been born into an era where the digital revolution had entered its peak, rei discovered fulldive technology at a young age, allowing him to enter the digital world of the revolutionized internet, a place where all online gaming, forums, chat rooms, and digital services had become one, an enormous community of endless possibility and enjoyment. Rei fell entirely in love with this world, because to him, the fulldive technology was more than just a tool for enjoyment and recreation, it was a world without borders, a world rei believed to be heaven.

This world was one where an individual could find common ground with others instantly, make friends immediately, a world where rei could act, behave, and enjoy himself with impunity, without the fear of constant rejection by society. And so, rei made it his lifes work to draw out and expand the virtual world to its full potential at a young age. He exhibited prodigy level talent unlike anything else in handling computers, and was observed as being an intellectual super genius in the realms of hardware. Modifying, constructing, programming, coding, all of it was something that rei excelled in enormously, to the point he couldn't be rivaled. Rei became known under his internet persona, Ley, a transliteration of his name, and became something of an internet celebrity due to his musical compositions of a unique EDM/post hardcore metal fusion style which had been mostly unheard of before his proliferation, thus, hundreds of thousands of fans from across the world began to adore Ley.

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General InformationEdit

Electronic Phantasm is a music video which extends over two songs written and composed through the partnership of studio torment and post hardcore/electro dance music fusion band, Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas. The two songs which compose the layout of the story are individually labeled "Are You Ready To Blast Off!?" and "Rave-Up Tonight", during which all the events and, characters, and overal contents of the antimation are displayed and fleshed out.

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  • I got the Idea to create this after watching the Me!Me!Me! videos. I've always wanted to tell the story of this character though I didn't known how to properly do it, though teddyloid's content inspired me heavily to distribute this fanon in the same setting as the characters and contents of Me!Me!Me! were.