The Earth Defenders are the Kaiju chosen by the Grand Cosmic Fairy to defend the Earth from the coming threat. Each Earth Defender is partnered with a human, that human is given the ability to understand Earth Defending Kaiju. The United Nations Defense provides security of Monster Island, the Island where the Earth Defending Kaiju are brought to the live (most of the Kaiju do not have a home or their homes are destroyed by the Invaders or Mutant Horde) hey also have H.E.A.T. keep monitor of the Kaiju. The human partners live at the HEAT HQ, according to Ash they also like to call it a 2nd home.Also there are other defenders on other planets but most have been slain or captured,but 2 alien defenders with their alien partners have fled to Earth to assist the Earth Defenders. The legend of the Earth Defenders describe the Earth Defenders as "Incarnations of Divine Wrath"

Earth Defending KaijuEdit

Godzilla and co by raptorrex07-d3dpsfm

Jet Jeaguar Anguirus Tyron Cyra Mothra Bioseed Kori Kuma Rodan and Godzilla

Partners(from order of Kaiju above)Edit

  • Ash
    G e d ash misty and molly by raptorrex07-d3f1xt6

    Ash Misty and Molly 10 years later

  • Misty
  • Gary
  • Molly Hale
  • Brock
  • Drew
  • May







Daisy(one of Misty's older sisters)



Baltan Xia

Metron Nex



  • Zone Fighter
  • Ultraman Zero
  • Glenfire
  • Mirror-Knight
  • Jean-Bot

also see: Godzilla Earth Defenders

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