(ドゥフトモン Duftmon)
English Name Leopardmon
Japanese Name Duftmon
Level Mega
Attribute Data
Type Holy Knight
Family Nature Spirits
Move One Extinction Wave
Move Two Black Aura Blast
Digivolves From Unknown
Digivolves Into Unknown

Duftmon is a bronze knight ultimate digimon.


Duftmon is a Royal Knight who resides in Schloss Chessmon (Chessmon Castle) and rules over great parts of the digital world from there.

Digimon Elements

  • Let to think that Duftmon is the one responsible for plunging the world into darkness, the chosen children approach him, resulting in Queen Chessmon's challange.
  • Dying, Duftmon sends the chosen children to the roots of Yggdrasil, telling them that the real darkness is to be found there.


  • Evolution Stage: Ultimate
  • Attribute: Data
  • Type: Holy Knight
  • Element: Ice


  • Extinction
  • Earnest Resistance



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