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Dream Revolution x VSXRF
Release Date: January 11, 2014
Running Time: 110 Mins. (1 Hour, 50 Minutes.)
Country: Japan



Language: Spanish



Writer(s): Sonikku Aensland
Director(s): Sonikku Aensland
Storyboards: Pauly-kun
Storyboard Artist(s): Pauly-kun
Storyboard Director(s): SonikkuAensland
Music: Unconfirmed

Dream Revolution x VSXRF is an Original Crossover Movie between Dream Revolution and VSXRF series (Also some faces of other Franchises such as The Adventures of Vanessa will appear. It centers on the Heroes traveling to the Mirror Timeline.





Dream RevolutionEdit

  • Alexa Maxwell/Violet Phoenix (Dream Revolution 2 Ver.): A Legendary Fire Wielder Warrior.
    • Jean Landers: Her Mirror Timeline self.
  • Dynamo/Alexander Phoenix (Dream Revolution Final Ver.): A Current Lightning Knight.
    • Thanatos: His Mirror Timeline Self.
  • Blade (Dream Revolution 2 Ver.): An Young amnesiac man with Cybernetic Parts.
    • Cecil Klauser: His Mirror Timeline self.
  • Alison Evans (Dream Revolution Final Ver.): A cunning girl with Demonic Powers.
    • Marin Hayes: Her Mirror Timeline self.
  • Hermione Graham (Dream Revolution Ver.): A Heir of a Family of Pirates.
  • Cyrille Adams (Dream Revolution Final Ver.): A Girl who's a Helper Scientist.
  • Angel Kennedy (Dream Revolution Over Ver.): A young man with Angelic Powers.
  • Cassandra Van Helsing (Dream Revolution Over Ver.): A Female Hitman and Wears Men's Clothing.
  • Yuri Maxwell (Dream Revolution Ver.): A Ice Wielder and Alexa's Brother.
  • Jermaine Belmont (Dream Revolution 2 Ver.): Alexa's and Yuri's Friend.


  • Valeria Lindbergh (VSXRF Ver.): A Fighter who views the world as an entirely Challenging one.
    • Her Mirror timeline self with the Same Name.
  • Claude Lindbergh (VSXRF2 Ver.): Valeria's Older Brother, he's more serious than her sister.
    • His Mirror timeline self with the Same Name.
  • Ran Howard (VSXRF3 Ver.): A Crimson Fire Wielder, she's also Valeria's Rival.
  • Elisa Delgado (VSXRF Ver.): An Agent and also Valeria's Friend.
  • Nagi Hisame (VSXRF Ver.): A Karateka and also Valeria's Friend.
  • Mina Lindbergh (VSXRF3 Ver.): Valeria and Claude's Cousin, she's assisted by her Bodyguard, Mr. Big.
    • Her Mirror timeline self with the Same Name.
  • Haizea Velano (VSXRF2 Ver.): She's a Woman with Magical Powers, also Claude's lover.
  • Charlie Vernon (VSXRF2 Ver.): A Geek and expert on mechanics, Raven Crest's Communicator.
  • Allen Lindbergh [Humanoid Clone]* (VSXRF3 Ver.): Valeria and Claude's Dad, more protective of his sons than before.
    • His Human Mirror timeline self with the Same Name.
  • Balder Bryant (Neo Freedom X II Ver.)*: Valeria's Adoptive Son, trying to Find more answers about his Mother. 


  • Vanessa Luxaloss (The Adventures of Vanessa 2 Ver.): A Sorceress, and Current Ruler of Aslada.
  • Keith Laurent (Re: Vengeance - Part IV Ver.): He was Claire Edwards' Butler and Full Blooded Demon.
  • Elaine LeBlanc (Ura In-Verse All-Stars Ver.): A Genius Scientist who has an IQ of 300.
  • Ari "Ren" Noir (Ura In-Verse All-Stars Ver.): He's also a Scientist and Elaine's assistant and boyfriend.
  • Francis Armstrong (Dreamers of the Road II Ver.): A descendant for blood of Ninjas and student incognito, and manages an Office.
  • Arsene and Alain Rotbury (Dreamers of the Road II Ver.): Two Arcadia Members who represent the Fire and the Ice respectively

Movie CharactersEdit

  • Eugene "Gene" Flynn/Altair: The Main Male Protagonist of the Movie, he's an Impulsive Red-haired Bounty Hunter from an unknown Race, apparently, despite looking human he has two details that make him not quite human. He has elf Pointed ears and has Black and White Wings, Also is said to be much older. Rumored to be a member of the "Twelve Supreme Renegades"
    • Age: Looks 25, Actually 170+
    • Height: 184cm (5' 8.5")
    • Weight: 70kg (154lbs)
  • Kamilla Fontana: The Female Protagonist of the Movie, she's a cheerful blonde girl who has dreams to Travel Through time and doing massive things, she met Gene Flynn during strange circumstances, but the two ended to being allies, she despite her looks, likes older men. She controls the Fontana Striker, a Huge Mecha.
    • Age: 18
    • Height: 159cm (5' 2.8)
    • Weight: 45.4kg (100lbs)


  • Queen Savannah Galeno: The Movie's Main Antagonist, she's a Sorceress and Ruthless Queen from an Unknown Country. She doesn't forgive Gene's Actions and sends her servants to attack, to create the master Plan to revive her Husband, the Demon King Uroboros.
  • Alois Garmin: The most Devoted servant to Queen Savannah, he does all the physical attacking, and also, he's a devoted swordsman and tactitian, despite his seemingly evil persona, he's Polite and Intelligent.
  • Peter Gonzalez: He's the Physically brute member of Savannah's Group, he has a big build, he's very tall and often Scary, and doesn't talk too much, with Dr. Raine usually doing all the talking for him.
  • Dr. Barnaby Raine: He's the head scientist of the Villains team, he's devoted to the profession, and also seeks eternal war (one of the Queen's ideals) because he wants to test his marvelous Creations with human emotions. He controls the Vizcanti.
  • Thalassa "Tao" Lamar: She's the Leader of a Water faction and only Joins the Villains because her family obligated her and her alliance with the Queen, but she doesn't do anything bad or Evil intents, she's the least evil of Savannah's Group.
  • David Simmons/Orpheus: He's a Member of Queen Savannah's Main Faction, he has lost his Girlfriend in the past and covers this as a Idol Singer, his popularity is big, but he is on the side of Evil because of his sadness only.

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