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DreamRevolution Final: New Game stylized as DreamRevolution FINAL: NEW GAME is a sequel of the Dream Revolution Saga series. Set in 2018, while the setting is a bit more lighter, it has still shady themes.

The two other side stories (Midnight Train and Battle of the Two Flames) will be released alongside the Encore OVA of the series.


The Alison Saga did not end in the second part, however because she has seven of the ten treasures inside her body. But her reasons are actually darker than three years ago, Alison stopped aging because of the curse of one of the treasures that she has, joins two mysterious characters. Meanwhile, Angel Kennedy try to stop and help Alison back to her senses before her change of attitude. Alexa (Real name Violet) joins her brother Dynamo (who's in fact Alexander) with other powers to stop Alison for their own reasons. Meanwhile Blade is very confused whether or Selene Adams is indeed Cyrille. The guardians were killed, but there are still members of Duodecim Cult Alive. Apparently Fayer is back!

Alexa, Dynamo and Blade, will try to stop Alison, Adrian and Tenebrae from change history recovering the treasures. Divine, a mysterious boy who apparently is half brother of Alison and Angel, searches to stop this situation before it comes more worse, there are two subjects, the Paradasca of Time, and Zero Zone Syndrome.

ENCORE+ Mini seriesEdit

2019, a young 20 years old scientist named Elaine LeBlanc, discovered one of the most important secrets. Unmasking the Myth of the Princess Udiya, for this, she asks her assistant and best friend Ari Noir steal without being found a sword called: Mellt Fulmine Mk-1, dating from 1721, the same year that killed Udiya and Nox. Moreover, Jermaine Belmont and Aileen Littner discover a "Giant Robot" or "Mecha", name unknown, which awakens in Aileen, curious vague memories about similar things when she was a child, as well as Blade and Alison when they became the leaders of their respective sides, but also the Sandalino, that flaming sword that cuts everything, is not at all stable and causing her owner, slowly dying inadvertently and according to Oracle, who will be her brother would end her life.

Midnight TrainEdit

A.D. 2018 Dynamo after the events of New Game has had a very quiet life, however, when reading the rumor that many fighters have disappeared for alleged genocide, he decides to investigate on his own with help from his allies, Hermione Graham Cassandra Van Helsing and Clover Paris. With some new characters named Lucina Browning, Donovan Neal and Thanatos.

Apparently Alexa Maxwell would be one of the next victims of such genocide.

Battle of the two FlamesEdit

A.D. 2018 Alexa has a curious encounter with Alison, now both are a team who have to deal with and defeat a Supreme Queen, how identity is still largely unknown. Now they will have a great and important mission is to save the kingdom of Vistania. They will work closely together to relate well and also know the concept of life.

Jean and Marin are two girls who live in a humble life full of adventures. Never have rules and have fun all the time, but after they are recruited by the Kingdom to save a princess.


The Major cast return, however with changes and also new allies and enemies.

Main charactersEdit

  • Alison Evans: The Main protagonist of this series. A girl with dark and demonic powers.
  • Alexa Maxwell/Violet Phoenix: The Main heroine of this series. A girl with fire powers.
  • Alexander "Dynamo" Phoenix: A protagonist and ally of the heroes.
  • Nathaniel Blade: A protagonist and ally of the heroes.
  • Cyrille Adams: An Ally of the heroes, Blade's love interest.
  • Angel Kennedy: Alison's half brother and rival.
  • Yuri Maxwell: A boy with Ice powers.
  • Sally Lante Della Rovere (Bianchi): An ally of the protagonists.
  • Hermione Graham: A Friendly Rival of the heroes and Dynamo's love interest.
  • Cassandra van Helsing/Tenebrae: Middle-aged adult woman who uses a white tuxedo and expert in arms, is a Duodecim member and old friend of Dynamo and his group.
  • Adrian Twining and Paine: Two Members of Duodecim, the genius of the group and the other is expressed with her own powers.
  • Cid Platane: Butler of Angel and Temple Guardian from where comes the Kennedy Family. He becomes a super hero Cobalt Blaze.
  • Paris Clover: Son of Arthur Clover, and fellow friend of Dynamo, Hermione and Tenebrae, is an Android.
  • Berenice Carroll: A friend of Cid, Tenebrae and is an Idol incognito who's actually a police who's seeking for Alison.
  • Divine/Eddie: A traitor to the cult and younger half brother of Alison and Angel, which seeks to defeat Angelica to converting Alison into her puppet.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Jermaine Belmont: Alexa's best friend, former knight and a pacifist.
  • Aileen Littner: Close friend of the Maxwell and a girl with asthma
  • Leroy Maxwell: Yuri and Alexa's adoptive father.
  • Arthur Clover: A teacher of the Military Academy and Paris' adoptive dad.
  • Zima Reinhardt: A human Werewolf and is Professor at the Military Academy.
  • Clown: Duodecim member.
  • Other members of the cult: Yen, Hide, Lance, Genesia, Sapientia, Barnabas and Terrato/Murdock.
  • Angelica Clyne: Alison's Ancestor/Past life.
  • "Viscount" Dandelion Fayer: The secret Diary's owner and Alexa Maxwell's Ancestor.
  • Illyria Valken: Member of a Guild.
  • Reznor Fan Andel / Van Andel: Member of a Guild.
  • Galeno Santander: Member of a Guild.
  • Schillia Bravo Altisa: Member of a Guild.
  • Quisque (Keez-kei): A Friendly talkative dragon.
  • June Villalion: A Faceless witch.
  • Eina: A Friendly Helper Fairy.
  • "Omega": Alison's Clone and the Last of the Z clone series.
  • "Beta": Dynamo's Clone and the second of the Z Clone series.
  • "Alpha":  Alexa's Clone and the first of the Z Clone series.
  • Jake O'Bryne: New Commander of the GNU.
  • Joey Brass: Promoted to Colonel General of the GNU.
  • Brandon W. Westwood: Promoted to Colonel in the GNU.
  • Alice Browne: Head of Laboratory and Analysis in the GNU.
  • Daniel Goldbergh: Member of GNU Laboratory.
  • Dr. Eugene "Gene" Evans: A Mad Scientist who is also Alison's father and former ally of the GNU.
  • Dr. Hilary Evans: Eugene's Wife and Alison's mother who is also a mad Scientist.

Encore+ CharactersEdit

  • Elaine LeBlanc
  • Ari Noir
  • Ebony
  • Ivory
  • Cecil B. Krauser
  • Princess Udiya Vulcanus
  • Orpheus "Nox" Luna

Spin-off CharactersEdit

  • Thanatos
  • Lucina Browning
  • Donovan Neal
  • Danae Dutkiewicz
  • Jean Landers
  • Alison Evans-Hayes
  • Princess Antoinette of Vistania
  • Prince Benjamin of Vistania
  • Duke of Vistania
  • Supreme Queen of Vistania

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