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Dream♣Revolution Saga: Grand Ultima Bataille. (Internationally known as: Dream♣Revolution: Great Last Battle), is the last of the Dream Revolution Saga series, is among the darkest, and the only one who has a MA+15 rating in contrast of the others that had a PG-13 rating.


2020 A.D. After the surprise battle against the Mirror Omega Timeline, now that the weather calmed down and things return to normal for everyone but Alexa Maxwell, our protagonist now has to face his final battle with his own emotions and even their own allies, but that's by the instability of the Sword of Fire after that last battle two years ago now, and her attitude suddenly changed. Could it be to do the will of the Sword of Fire brings her bad vibes? Or be a gold test of the Cardinals? or... Alexa Herself wants to take that challenge? Also a young man who has mysterious connection with his two assistants, Alexa want to try something bigger, The Crusaders and Deadly Axis attack without stopping at all.


Team MachinaEdit

  • Alexis "Alexa" Maxwell
  • Ignis Brand Vatra
  • Pyrrha
  • Adelhard Albain
  • Pairon Kai
  • Mel Wingates

The Four "Gods/Cards/Aces"Edit

  • Alexander Phoenix/Dynamo (Spade)
  • Hermione Graham (Heart).
  • Paris Clover (Club)
  • Cassandra van Helsing (Diamond)
  • Vaitiare

Ultima Deus ScientiaEdit

  • Dr. Nathaniel Alden Blade
  • Dra. Cyrille Adams
  • Sally Lante Della Rovere
  • Avani


  • Alison Evans
  • Angel Kennedy
  • Ed Kennedy/Divine
  • Adrian Twining y Paine Twining
  • Nodin


  • Erion Albain
  • Roberta Schwarzen
  • Blake Tiberius
  • Agni Jill Flair
  • Genesio Magno
  • Eric Rodgers

LeBlanc Enterprises & Noir CorporationEdit

  • Elaine LeBlanc
  • Ari Noir
  • Berenice Carroll

Maxwell OrphanageEdit

  • Yuri Maxwell
  • Leroy Maxwell
  • Jermaine Belmont
  • Aileen Littner

Ragnarök/Plan ZeroEdit

  • Rodolia Justice
  • Ginga Sharam
  • Orpheus Nox Luna

Deadly AxisEdit

  • Odin
  • Eris
  • Tyr
  • Indra
  • Chronos


  • Rosamund
  • Lan Phoenix
  • Kali Chrome
  • Aine Braeden
  • Ragnarok
  • Udiya Vulcanus

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