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Dream Revolution Saga: Challenge to the Ultimate Fight
Format Action-Adventure, Fighting, Tournament, Drama
Created by Sonikku Aensland
Writer(s) Sonikku Aensland
Director(s) Sonikku Aensland
No. of episodes 13 + OVA Preview of Part 2
Run time 20-24 Minutes (15 mins. in Preview of 2.)
Rated TV-PG. (TV-14 in DR2 PV)
First aired Original: July 4, 2013

New: December 17, 2013

Last aired Original: August 18, 2013

New: Early 2014

Dream Revolution: Challenge to the Ultimate Fight (styilized as Dream☯Revolution: Challenge to the Ultimate Fight) is an original Action-Adventure Anime that will be aired in Late 2013 to Early 2014. Based on the Characters and story from the Original Fic of the same title made in July to August 2013.


In 2013 AD, A Local Tournament is helded by a mysterious Sponsor, A teenage girl with her adopted brother and her best friend. The trío Joins due to the orphanage that when rised and grew up, will close due their lack of money and paid the property. But a Miracle is arised when a Tournament, is going to held and the winner will have a big prize money as a whole, Many teams consist mainly of two Participants with one more as an optional assist, also the Plot involves Udiya, a Legendary fire Princess from long long ago, Dynamo (Real Name Unknown), a Knight from the Guild of Phoenix, searches for its descendeant.


Main Trio - Team HeroesEdit

  • Alexa Maxwell: The Main Protagonist, She's a 16-year-old Girl who possesses fire powers. Is lazy, hot-blooded, and enthusiastic as well, she wants to save the orphanage from the bankrupt.
  • Yuri Maxwell: Alexa's Adoptive younger brother, He's a 15-year-old Boy who possesses ice powers. Is studious, Cold, but nice.
  • Jermaine Belmont: A 22-year old Warrior. He has a curse that causes to him being berserk and killing his comrades in battle, he dislikes fighting but Alexa's determination changed his mind to join the team.

The Rivals TeamEdit

  • Dynamo: An enigmatic 21-year old Knight from a Guild called "The Knights of Phoenix", despite belonging to a Fire based Guild, he controls Lightning, he wants to search Udiya's Reincarnation, also, to recover his past..
  • Hermione Graham: A Rich, 18-year old heir of a Fortune, her family are descendants from Pirates themselves, she hates Low ranked, and she's a very proud girl.
  • Sally Bianchi: She's 15-years old. She was abandoned by her parents in the streets, she, despite her Age, fights with cutting weapons.

Other Characters/Participants:Edit

  • Aileen Littner: She's a Young girl who suffers from Asthma, despite this she's a very good friend for the orphanage. She's 14 years old.
  • Leroy Maxwell: He's the Adoptive Father of Alexa and Yuri. He's 45 years old.
  • Vanessa Luxaloss: She's a former Princess from Aslada, the Kingdom of the Elemental Warriors, she's 20 years old, and has three companions, Said to be descendant of Éolien, the wind Goddess.
  • Emily Fontaine: Vanessa's Friend and Rival, she's a member of the Nation United Guardians. She's 21 years old.
  • Valeria Lindbergh: A 18-year old girl that was experimented through her life with machinery to be a Killing Machine, fighting means everything for her, she wants to fight a worthy opponent so that could satisfy her anxiety.
  • Claude Lindbergh: A 20 year old boy who was also experimented, he's the Older Brother of Valeria, he's more calmed and less violent than his sister.
  • Claire Edwards: She's a former human and now a Immortal Witch, she apparently hosts the tournament due to her Greatest return. The International Police searches for her Dead or Alive with a big bounty for bringing her head.
  • Keith Laurent: He was the former Butler of the Martin Empire then now is apparently a Runaway just like Claire, his age and origins are Unknown.
  • Pandora: She's the Younger sister of Nemesis and one of Lyset Servants. She wants to kill the person that Killed her sister Nemesis.
  • Tenebris: The God of Darkness who disguises as a Man in order to take down Pandora.
  • Udiya: She was the Princess of the Legendary Aceth Empire during the 1700's, now Dynamo searches her descendant.

Anime Exclusive/One-shot CharactersEdit

  • Blade: Will appear in the last Episode, Blade fall victim of so many Experiments, He's 17 years old despite his looks, he doesn't remember his past as well. Voiced by ???
  • Alison Evans: Will appear in the last Episode, she's a mysterious, 13-years old girl who has demonic powers. Voiced by ???
  • William Krauser: He's an Agent who works undercover as a Scientist. (Anime Exclusive).
  • Kai: She's an old Sacred fox who disguises as a 15-year old Female. (Anime Exclusive).
  • Harry Krauser: He's a Student, also the Younger brother of William. (Anime Exclusive).
  • Milena: A Policewoman who also is the guardian of the Krauser Bros. (Anime Exclusive).
  • Celina Laurent, Haizea Velano, Collin Harttz, Nagi Hisame, Elisa Delgado, Jenny Thorndyke, Sylvia Thorndyke, Jaden Luxaloss and others will appear as cameos.

Episode ListEdit

  1. Judgement and Armageddon
  2. Mysterious Destiny
  3. Five Elements Seal
  4. The Mad Witch and Butler
  5. Alexa vs. Dynamo, The Rivals!
  6. Awakening of the Roar
  7. Cruel and Unusual Destiny
  8. As I Said: There's no road to Stop, Just Go.
  9. Faith and Destruction
  10. I do as I Want to do!
  11. Mirror Match!
  12. The Final Blow
  13. Judgement and Armageddon, End.
  • The Counter-Attack. (Preview of Part 2)

See alsoEdit

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