Dream Revolution Saga: Challenge to the Ultimate Fight
Format Action-Adventure, Fighting, Tournament, Drama
No. of episodes 1 + Preview of Part 2
Run time 100 minutes.
Rated PG-13

Dream Revolution: Challenge to the Ultimate Fight is a movie adaptation of the game of the same name with some differences of the source material, such as revealing more stuff, it was coined by Domino Brilliant Company plus the creator.

The movie was Released in 2013.


In 2013 AD, A Local Tournament is being held by a mysterious Sponsor, A teenage girl with her adopted brother and her best friend. The trío Joins due to the orphanage which the two raised and grew up, will close due their lack of money and paid the property. But a Miracle arises when a Tournament, is going to held and the winner will have a big prize money as a whole, Many teams consist mainly of two Participants with one more as an optional assist, also the Plot involves Udiya, a Legendary fire Princess from long long ago, Dynamo (Real Name Unknown), a Knight from the Guild of Phoenix, searches for its Descendant.


Main Trio - Team HeroesEdit

  • Alexa Maxwell: The Main Protagonist, She's a 17-year-old girl who possesses fire powers. Is lazy, hot-blooded, and enthusiastic as well, she wants to save the orphanage from the bankruptcy.
    • Voiced by Kate Higgins and Motoko Kumai.
  • Yuri Maxwell: Alexa's Adoptive younger brother, He's a 16-year-old Boy who possesses ice powers. Is studious, Cold, but nice.
    • Voiced by Orion Acaba and Miyuki Sawashiro/Ryohei Kimura.
  • Jermaine Belmont: A 22-year old Warrior. He has a "curse" that causes to him being berserk and destroying everything, he dislikes fighting but Alexa's determination changed his mind to join the team.
    • Voiced by Grant George and Hiroki Touchi.

The Rivals TeamEdit

  • Dynamo: An enigmatic 23-year old Knight from a Guild called "The Knights of Phoenix", despite belonging to a Fire based Guild, he controls Lightning, he wants to search Udiya's Reincarnation, also, to recover his past.
    • Voiced by Kyle Hebert and Ken Narita.
  • Hermione Graham: A Rich, 20-year old heir of a Fortune, her family are descendants from Pirates themselves, she hates Low ranked boys and girls, and she's a very proud girl.
    • Voiced by Michelle Ruff and Mariko Kouda.
  • Sally Bianchi: She's 16-years old. She was abandoned by her parents in the streets, she, despite her Age, fights with cutting weapons, but has magic powers.
    • Voiced by Shelby Lindley and Minori Chihara.

Other Characters:Edit

  • Aileen Littner: She's a Young girl who suffers from Asthma, despite this she's a very good friend for the orphanage. She's 14 years old.
    • Voiced by Kira Buckland and Sora Amamiya.
  • Leroy Maxwell: He's the Adoptive Father of Alexa and Yuri and owner of the Orphanage. He's 45 years old.
    • Voiced by Michael McConoohie and Tohru Ohkawa.
  • Clara: Clara is a mysterious black-haired woman that organizes the tournament. She knows lots of secrets.
    • Voiced by Colleen Villard and Rina Satou.
  • Agatha Laura Heinel: A young purple haired woman who is close friend of the finalists. Kind and mysterious.
    • Voiced by Abby Trott and Yuu Shimamura.
  • Pandora: She is a evil-light element little girl that was a "tortured soul". The Final Boss.
    • Voiced by Sarah Williams and Aya Endou.
  • Blade: Appears in the last Episode, Blade is a victim of many Experiments, He's 19 years old despite his looks, he doesn't remember his past as well.
    • Voiced by Todd Haberkorn and Kenichi Suzumura.
  • Alison Evans: Appears in the last Episode, she's a mysterious, 15 years old girl who has demonic powers.
    • Voiced by Melissa Fahn and Mayumi Shintani.
  • William Krauser: He's an Agent who works undercover as a Scientist to take back "Pandora".
    • Voiced by Keith Silverstein and Youji Ueda.
  • Rei: She's an old Sacred fox who disguises as a 15-year old Female.
    • Voiced by Sandy Fox and Aoi Yuuki.
  • Harry Krauser: He's an Agent and College Student, also the Younger brother of William.
    • Voiced by Travis Willingham and Kenji Hamada.
  • Milena: A Policewoman who also is the guardian of the Krauser Bros.
    • Voiced by Alexis Tipton and Saori Yumiba.
  • Narrator voiced by Cindy Robinson and Romi Park.

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