Dragonship is a show based off the character of Dragon Knight by MrFluffman. It ran for 5 Seasons before concluding.


In all of mankind's history, only one weapon has defined it: the Dragonship! Armed with a powerful superweapon that could destroy the galaxy, it was hidden away, only to be activated by the Dragon Knight, the only one who could pilot it. However, one day, things go horribly wrong! The mysterious galatic conquerer, King Varatin has tracked the Dragonship to Earth, and arrives to take it back. However, a new Dragon Knight is ready, one Raiden Hayabusa.

Season 1: First WaveEdit

Episode Number Title Summary
1 Behold! King Varatin's Attack! Varatin arrives on Earth, and destorys several people before learning the Dragonship is to the south. Meanwhile, Raiden, the Dragon Knight, trains.
2 Behold! The Dragon Knight's Arrival! Varatin sends a warrior, Rackam, to recover the Dragonship. Raiden interferes, and a vicous battle begins. However, Rackam proves too strong, and manages to gain the cooirdinates to the Dragonship. Raiden contacts his friend, Chakas.
3 Behold! Rackam Searches! Rackam begins to head towards the Dragonship while Raiden and Chakas prepare to battle him again. When they find him, however, they are easily overwhelemed.
4 Behold! Chakas' Special Attack! Chakas and Raiden battle Rackam, who proves himself to be incredibly powerful. Chakas prepares a special attack while Raiden battles him. Finally, he uses it, but Raiden is injured, and Rackam is killed.

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