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FA: Time for Episode 5 of Dragon Girl! Named, The Little Human Girl

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Taylor laying on the floor, in her room-

Taylor: I really want to turn human...

-a little human child peeks through the door-

Taylor: Who..are..-eyes widen-

??? -speaks in a depressing-childish voice- Don't hurt me!

Taylor: -walks up to the door- I'm not going to hurt you..why would I eat one of my original kind..?

???: -steps in- You are actually a human? -examines Taylor-

Taylor: Eh...long's your name?

???: Uh....uh....Je-Je-Jessica....

Taylor: Jessica? Oh, that's a cute name! -grins- You're an American too?

Jessica: Yeah....

Taylor: Well, I moved from America, to Japan, to...this dump...-Jessica giggles, and Taylor grins-

- Minute Commercial Break-

Jessica: So..Why you a dragon?

Taylor: Like I said earlier....Long story.. -.-"

Jessica: Oh.. -grins happily-

Taylor: did you get here anyway?

Jessica: Long story too! -laughs-

Taylor: Shh! Shh! People might hear us...

Jessica: -still speaks loud- You sure?

-Master knocks down the door-

Taylor: Come on! -Jessica jumps on Taylor's back, holds her neck, and Taylor flies out the window-

Master: COME BACK HERE!!! -flies after her, rapidly blowing fire- NO HELPING HUMANS!

Taylor: Hold on tight! -flies toward the clouds, super fast-

Jessica: Woah!

Master: Come..BACK!!! -blows a huge fireball at Taylor, and Taylor falls down, with Jessica still holding on-

-they are about a mile from the island-

Taylor: Jump, Jessica!

Jessica: If you say so, be careful! -dives into the water, and swims to shore safely-

-Taylor crashes into the water, with a gigantic splash-

Master: Let's hope you die...

-End of Episode 5-

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