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FA: Time for Dragon Girl, Episode 4 named More Than Friends!

-Theme plays-

-After Theme, it shows Taylor sitting on a cliff, over the ocean-

Taylor: -sighs-

-Caleb runs up, panting-

Caleb: Tay-Tay-Taylor..You ma-may be ha-half hu-human, but-

Taylor: -interrupts- Forget it..

-Master stomps up-

Master: Caleb! Step aside!

Caleb: -hesitates- ...No...

Master: Did you just disobey your father and king of your knigdom?!

Caleb: N-N-Yes...

Master: You shall not see Taylor 'til the war! -blocks Taylor from Caleb's view-

Caleb: Yes, Father...-walks off, staring at ground-

Taylor: ..Why did you do that to him?

Master: -turns head toward Taylor, without moving any other part of his body- For Training!

Taylor: ..Tra-Tra-TRAINING?!

-6 Minute Commercial Break-

Taylor: -has trouble flying- Flap, Flap!

Master: -side-flies, and knocks Taylor into water-

Taylor: Wah! -makes a huge splash, and rises to the water surface 10 seconds later-

Master: Idiot! You can't fly! Go to land, and seek Mistress!

Taylor: Fine...-swims to land-

-Mistress is waiting for Taylor-

Mistress: Here you are...

Taylor: Yeah...

Mistress: How was training?

Taylor: Not so good...

Mistress: What happened?

Taylor: Master knocked me into the water...

Mistress: He can be rude....

Taylor: Tell me about it... -.-"

Mistress: Now, hurry to bed...

Taylor: Yes, Mistress! -runs to room-

-as Taylor passes a tall plant, a human child about 5 years old looks at Taylor walk by from behind the plant-

-End of Episode 4-

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