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Female Announcer: Time for Dragon Girl, Episode Name is...Lonely

-Theme plays-

-After Theme, it shows Taylor in a black dress-

Taylor: -mumbles- This is unfitting for a dragon..-takes it off-

Mistress: -knocks on door, and opens it- Sorry, but time to come on!

Taylor: -nods- Ok!

-the 2 walk outside, and there's about 200 dragons, young and old-

Taylor: O_O So much...

Master: Sit down, young one!

Taylor: -thinks- Pushy... >.> -sits down-

-Caleb is gone-

Taylor: Where's Caleb?


Taylor: -mumbles- So strict...-thinks- Wait..HUMANS?!

-Caleb is back, with atleast 500 humans-

Taylor: -thinks- OH MY GOD!

Caleb: Back!

Taylor: Which way? You carry them on your back or you're here? >.>

Caleb: -fake-grins- Nice...

-6 minute commercial break-

-After break, everyone is eating, besides Taylor-

Master: You not eating?!

Taylor: Do you expect me to eat a human?!

Master: Do you expect me to eat YOU?!

Mistress: Honey, honey, calm down, she'll get used to it...

Taylor: -looks away, and mumbles- I won't...

-4 dragon children run up-

???1: A human-dragon?!

???2: I can't believe a stupid human has dragon blood!

???3: Why would they send a human here anyway?!

Taylor: -.-" Kids...


Taylor: -gets up- I'm out... -walks off-

Caleb: Wait! Taylor!

Master: Let her be! She's doing what she must!

-Caleb is already chasing Taylor-

Master: Caleb!

-End of Episode 3-

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