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Female Announcer: Hello! It's now time for Dragon Girl, Episode Name: New Life

-Theme plays-

-After Theme, it shows an island in the distance-

Taylor: -has trouble flying- We've...been flying..for...4 hours! Almost...5...

Caleb: Stop complaining, Human Dragon!

Taylor: -.-" Don't call me that...

Caleb: -turns away from Taylor- And I thought you would blow fire at me!

Taylor: HEY! -blows only a flame-

Caleb: I guess 1 is good...

-they are now about a mile from the island-

Caleb: Get ready to land!

Taylor: -.-" How?!

Caleb: What do you think?!

-Caleb glides down, and so does Taylor-

Caleb: -lands safely on a field-

Taylor: -crashes into a tree- OWWWW!!!

Caleb: Should have-

-a large black dragon walks up-

Taylor: O_O -backs up a bit-

Caleb: It's fine, Hu,an Dragon, it's just my dad....

Taylor: Stop calling me that! -and turns to Caleb's dad- He is?!

Caleb: -has a super deep voice- Yes I am! -bends head down- And, call me, Master

Taylor: Master?

Master: YES!!!

Taylor: O_O Ok...

Master: -turns to Caleb- Introduce her to everyone you can fine...besides...the humans in the prison..

Taylor: -thinks- Humans in the prison?!

Caleb: -is already walking off- Come on!

Taylor: Fine... -runs after him-

-4 minute commercial break-

-After break, it shows Caleb and Taylor infront of a palace-

Caleb: Well, let me show you my family!

Taylor: -turns to Caleb- Your dad's the king?!

Caleb: -opens door- Come on!

Taylor: Ok... -walks in-

Caleb: -walks in after her, and the door closes by automatically-

-a gold female dragon walks up-

???: Ah...Your little girlfriend, Bozu?

Caleb: She is not my girlfriend, and stop calling me that, especially with someone over!

???: -turns to Taylor, and grins- I'm Caleb's mother, just call me Mistress

Taylor: Ok, Mistress

Mistress: -turns to Caleb- You invite people to a feast, Bozu, and I'll talk with Taylor...

Caleb: Fine...-walks out-

Mistress: -turns back to Taylor- Ok, Dear, follow me... -walks upstairs-

Taylor: -follows- .... -thinks- Man this place is HUGE....

-they get into a room, like a living room, but more bedroom like-

Mistress: In here... -walks in, and Taylor follows-

Taylor: -sits down, and so does Mistress-

Mistress: Taylor-Dear, I need to tell you important stuff...

Taylor: -nods- Ok...I'm listening...

Mistress: Rule 1: No turning human, or you get jailed, right there

Mistress: Rule 2: The first male you meet here, you MUST marry

Mistress: Rule 3: You must battle a human more than once

Mistress: Rule 4: No going into the human prison

Mistress: Rule 5: ...-sighs- No helping humans....or..killed...

Taylor: -thinks- I understand rule 1 and 4, but the..others?

Mistress: -gets up- Ok..I'll tell you other stuff, after the feast

Taylor: Feast?

Mistress: Didn't Bozu tell you? You're part of the prophecy!

Taylor: -thinks- But...That..special?!

-End of Episode 2-

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