Epsiode Name: Transformation

Female Announcer: Now, for...the new series..Dragon Girl.

-Theme plays- (Note: 0:00 to 1:52 and them music video is NOT the opening.)

thumb|300px|right|Theme: Just Be Friends

-After Theme, the screen shows an empty grass field, with just one girl-

Taylor (the girl): -is just laying on the grass- I'm about to become an adult...Then I can start my life!

-a cloaked person is spying on Taylor from the rock-

Taylor: -jumps up- I shall start it now!

???: -mumbles, with a creepy voice- I'll help you...

-Later, Taylor is in her apartment, packing up-

Taylor: Almost done!

-a boy walks in-

???: I am sorry! But I'm just checking out this place! I would like this place!

Taylor: Ok!

???: -walks through the apartment, and comes back to the bedroom- Very good!

Taylor: Thanks! -grins shyly-

???: Would to...sail a boat with me?

Taylor: -nods- Of course!

???: You can leave your stuff here! We can come back! -thinks- And then it'll go as I plan...

-they get to the docks, and they walk to a pretty big sail boat-

???: Ok! We are here!

Taylor: Oh yeah..What's your name?

???: I am..CALEB!

Taylor: -sees dark clouds at sea- Are you sure we should go with the clouds?

Caleb: Of course!

Taylor: -thinks- There is something weird about him...

Caleb: -climbs on the boat- Come on!

Taylor: Ok... -jumps on boat, and they get sailing-

-wind blows hard- Caleb: -yells over the wind- THIS IS GREAT WIND!


-it starts raining-

-4 Minute Commercial Break-

Taylor: -covers head with arms- I told you!

Caleb: Gah! -the wind flips the boat over, and the boat floats to a stranded island-

Taylor: -climbs onto the "top"- Idiot!

Caleb: -jumps up to the "top- I did what I had to do! -he wants to say, but only thinks it-

-the boat crashes onto a beach-

Taylor: Thanks to you, we're stranded!

Caleb: -jumps off, ignoring her- Follow me... -walks to an "inactive" volcano-

Taylor: Only if it helps! -jumps off the boat, and follows Caleb-

-they get into the volcano, which is sparkly inside with a little pool in the middle-

Caleb: I figured you wanted a bath...

Taylor: Now that I'm covered with sea salt, yeah! Now, out! -Caleb walks out-


Caleb: -thinks- Hope it works...


Taylor: -climbs in the pool, and body sparkles- ...? -dragon wings grow on back- Gah!

-grows a dragon tail- WAH!

Caleb: -still outside- -sighs- It worked...

Taylor: What's happening...? -grow talons- Yow! -teeth gets sharper- What the-?!

Caleb: -walks in- You are now officially in the Dragon Clan!

Taylor: Wha-?! -fully turns into a dragon- Why did you do this?!

Caleb: I have nothing to do with the prophecy...

Taylor: -voice is deeper- Prophecy...?

Caleb: -nods- Very few humans get to be part of the Dragon Clan...and..well...You're one of them!

Taylor: ... Are you not originally a human?

Caleb: I was born a dragon! And I turn dragon when associated with those jerks!

Taylor: Don't call my species a jerk!

Caleb: -shakes head- You are actually a dragon..You were born as a human though...

Taylor: O_O Confused....

Caleb: You have dragon blood in you...yet human were mistakenly born as a human....

Taylor: Still confused...

Caleb: Let's talk later..We got to get to your real home! -turns into a black dragon-

Taylor: Lucky..You're a black dragon..and I'm re- Wait..real home?!

Caleb: -Already flew out- Come on!

Taylor: Ok! -flies after him-

-End of Episode 1-

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