Dragon girl is an anime about a lone human who has just turned adult. She meets a boy named Caleb and goes sailing.

It air every Saturday at noon EST starting on Nov. 13, 2010.

(More info for what happens in is Plot).

Name Dragon Girl
Genre(s) Magical Girl, Comedy, Romance
Channel Magic Girl
Creator (s) Crazyrox
First Aired November 13, 2010


Taylor is a lone girl, who lives in an apartment. She finally turns into an adult and plans to move.

While packing, a boy named Caleb came to look at the apartment. He then invites her to go sailing.

It gets really windy and it starts raining. The boat flips over and they crash into a stranded island. (Note: This is what Caleb hoped for and it did happen in the last 2 sentences). Taylor then goes into a little pool in

an inactive volcano, and she grows dragon wings, a dragon tail, talons, and grows sharper teeth,

then she turns full dragon. Caleb walks in and explains that she has both dragon and human blood in her, and explains he was born a dragon. Caleb's father shows how to do Dragon things. Even though she just

learned she is part dragon, she has to go at war with the humans.

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