"Even though we were on opposite sides of the conflict, you still saved my life. You should've never had done that. Thanks." - Brondukov thanking Heishi.
Dmitry Brondukov

Date of Birth

December 13th, 1954






250 lbs


Light Brown





Colonel Dmitry Brondukov (Дмитрий Брондуков) is the central character of the Red Sun series. He first appeared as the main antagonist of the middle part of the first anime, but later became one of the series's lead protagonists along with his son-figure and pupil Heishi Nishikori.  He was also the main protagonist of the prequels and the final anime.


Dmitry is a very tall musclear man with a light crew cut, a beard and blue eyes. He wears a sleeveless Telnyashka with a brown trench coat, camo pants and combat boots.


Though vervent and dedicated to his military duties, Brondukov is a brave and honorable soldier willing to die for the sake of his men.


Heishi NishikoriEdit

The first time he met Heishi was in a street fight with a bunch of thugs. Dmitry  was very impressed with the boy's fighting style and agressiveness that he began teaching him in the  of tactics of the Spetsnaz. Durring his time in Japan, Heishi began to remind him of his son Yuri, while Heishi began to look at Brondukov as a father. Despite the close relationship between the two, both of them understood they will fight on opposite sides of the battlefield and would have to kill each other.

Andrei KondratievEdit

Dmitry's best friend as well as his second in command in the Crimson Bears. The two share a similar code of ethics and have known eachother for a long time.

Anton MyagkovEdit

Brondukov (aside from Kondratiev) is the only Soviet officer that dosen't fear Anton and the only that was able to control him. The colonel on the other hand feels contempt for his superior for not fearing him as well as being too "soft". Despite the negative relationship between the two officers, Brondukov begrudgingly considered him to be one of the best operatives in the Crimson Bears, despite his brutal and unethical methods.

Zinovy BrondukovEdit

Dmitry's father who was sent to a gulag and managed to escape with the guards believing him to be dead. Dmitry looked up and admired his father for his heroism and his wisdom.

Yori Nishikori Edit

When they first met, Yori was curious of what a Russian is doing in Japan. After he explained, Brondukov became a close friend to the Nishikori family. Before the war, they started to develop romantic feelings for each other and Yori wanted him to stay in Japan and merry her, but Brondukov didn't know what to tell her due to the shame she would feel if he were tell the truth about his reason for coming to Japan. He then got slapped for being afraid to say anything.


  • He is the poster character of the first anime.
  • Dmitry  bears a slight resemblance to Victor Reznov from the Call of Duty series, but the beard was replaced by a stubble. He is also the same height as Nikita Dragovich, the main villian of Call of Duty: Black Ops. He however draws similarities to Big Boss from the Metal Gear series, both being legendary soldiers who questioned their loyalty their country who served as the mentor to the hero (as being an anti-villainous antagonist) and served the protagonists in the prequel stories.
  •  He is also the main protagonist of the prequels Red Sun: Blood Dawn, Crimson Winter, Conquest, Motherland as well as the final anime Nightfall.
  • His built is similar to actor Dolph Lundgren.
  • Desptie being the secondary antagonist of the first anime, Brondukov has been the main protagonist in most of the animes (the prequels and Nightfall) than any other character.

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