Disney s P Force Doujin by J8d

The Princess Force: Rachael Roberts, Naomi Miyamoto, Rene Williams, Emily Hamilton & Zoe McKinnon.

An anime series which is based on Disney Princess franchise.



  • Zoe McKinnon
  • Rebecca Johnson
  • Emily Hamilton
  • Rene Williams
  • Rachael Roberts
  • Naomi Miyamoto


  • Fairy Godmother
  • Dr. Luigi Mussolini
  • The Great Napoli Crusher (Alberto Vinchi)
  • Wesley Evans
  • Principle John Hanson
  • Wallace 'Wally' Wendell Andrews
  • Edward Andrews
  • Brian O'Brien
  • Jennifer O'Brien
  • Alice Pemberton
  • Linda Pemberton
  • Naveen
  • Tanya Brown
  • Matthew James Thatch
  • Helen Porter
  • Terrance Scott Porter
  • Thomas Lee
  • Clayton McAllister
  • Marisa & Luisa Roberts (formerly Smith)
  • Chief Nicholas McCrea
  • Ken Adams
  • Mr. Carson
  • Butler Cedric
  • Dr. Kenji Miyamoto
  • Stephen Johnson
  • Mr. (Tom) Hamilton
  • Samuel Williams
  • Eric Winston
  • Daniel Fields
  • John Harrison
  • James Roderick Pilgrim
  • Stanley Fagan
  • Admiral James Hook
  • Mr. Smee


  • Don Gideon D'Alene
  • Honest Jack
  • Guillermo Joe
  • Don Otto de Serville
  • Jack Facilier
  • Elizabeth Smith
  • Gen. Michael J. Rourke
  • Gregory McLeach
  • Douglas Warburton
  • Balthazar
  • Maxim

Balthazar's HenchmenEdit

  • Jafar
  • Ursula
  • Evil Queen
  • Madam Mim
  • Maleficent
  • Hades
  • Morgana


  1. A Solid Beginning! Snow White storms in!
  2. A Double order of Pro-Wrestling with a side order of Seafood and an extra pair of bad guys! Ariel is here to serve!
  3. The Musical Mischief Makers! Jasmine sands it up!
  4. The Hunter Strikes! Cinderella's Mystery Magic!
  5. Mysterious Treasures on the tracks! Belle rolls in!
  6. 6 Missing World Jewels! A new challenge for the P-Force!
  7. Mission to save the world and the people! Enter the Sinister Sorcerer!
  8. The Big Finale! The Princess Force's Finest Hour!


Walt Disney Pictures decides to plan a production of the Live Action film based on the series.

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