Dirge is an anime made by Williamstrother. It set in the US, where an American Splinter group composed of rouge US Soldiers attempt to overthrow the US goverment for it's "elitest" attitude twords it's people. The main character is a 25 year old Delta Force operative named Trent Smith.


Main CharactersEdit

Trent SmithEdit

Gender: Male

Height: 180 cm (5'11")

Weight: 177 lbs

Age: 25

Hair: Black

Race: African-American

The main protagonist of the anime. Trent is a rookie member of Delta Force and the son of the series' chief antagonist Albert Smith. Trent is a sarcasstic and hardworking young solider.


Albert SmithEdit

Gender: Male

Height: 187 cm (6'2")

Weight: 230 lbs

Age: 52

Hair: Bald

Facial Hair: Beard

Race: African-American

The main antagonist of the series and the leader of the Splinter Cell known only as the "Seeds of Liberty", who seeks to overthrow America's elite to restore of what he sees as the country's former glory. Unlike most anime villians, Albert is very human, emotional and rough headed. While being on good terms with his men, Albert is brawn as he is brains as he dosen't like to reason with Maniplative and Elitist individuals. While having a tendency to allow his men to torture elites and as well as having a strong contempt for the rich, Albert is very sane and holds a strong hatred for greed.







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