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Die Hand Von Mystic Krieg

the Emblem of "Die Hand Von Mystic Krieg"

Die Hand von Mystic Krieg(The Hand of Mystic War) are a branch of The Horde of Hell made up from not only the remains of the Millenium, but in fact also remains of the Thule Society and Vril Society of WWII Germany. It is placed in charge by Avondale Napyeer also known to Millenium simply as Herr Doktor or Doc, amongs the 4 false gods of the Horde, the 2 who supported it was actually not Tzneetch or Slaannesh, but surpsingly Khorne and Nurgle due to its ideologies of Death and War.


Post WWII Germany members of the Thule and Vril Society with the cowardly scuicide of Adolf Hitler and their failure of summoning the Ogdru Jahad in Scottland thwarted by the B.P.R.D. , both societies agreed to put aside their diffrences claiming "The 3rd Reich shall rise again" when Hitler failed to sustain it. They decended deep underground and began to spread their influence. In the 70's their work bore fruit in the form of multiple terrorist groups such as Shocker, 4th Reich, and so on creating monsters and weapons with black magic and perversions of science.


As the Horde rose to power Necronicus was choosing which among the damned should he ressurect to the Mortal Realms, Khorne and Nurgle made a suggestion, refrencing Nazi Germany and its obession with death and war, and refrenced its deranged cults, as so they were melded together along with the dead amonst the Millenium Organization, and thus the creation one of the Horde's braches, the hand that streached out in an eerie Sieg Heil salute while spewing venomus occult words; Die Hand Von Mystic Krieg.


The Captain 

Zorin Blitz (Kaijin form; Sythe Mantis)

Jan Valentine (Kaijin form; Kabuto Flail)

Luke Valentine (Kaijin form; Scorpio Laser)

Tublacan Alhumbra (Kaijin form; Mousqito Syringe)

Rip Van Winkel (Kaijin form; Sparrow Musket)

Claude Faustus

Karl Ruprecht Kroenen

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