Dark Cloud (Anime series) is an anime series based on the Dark Cloud game.


Was the king of the East 400 years prior to the game. He was in a war to protect his kingdom and was on the verge of losing, until a hooded man approached him who offered him a deal; Mix witch blood into his veins to achieve devastating magical powers. But when his fiancee, Sophia, died by an assassin who was meant for Seda, his anger and bitterness gave birth to the Dark Genie. When he heard about the Atlamillia forming 400 years after his time, he used the Forbidden Spell to go to the future and get it to stop the Dark Genie himself. Our hero, Toan must stop the Dark Genie with the help of some friends.


Second SeriesEdit

Main article: Dark Chronicle (Anime Series).

A sequel to this show was made, based on the sequel to the game.

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