Micah Corviser
Micah's exact faceclaim

Real Name

Micah Corviser

Current Alias

The Reaper


Demon Clan








193; has appearance of a teenager



Magic Form


Magic Class


Micah is one of the main characters of my friend's RP named Dark Ages.


Micah is shown to be a passionate man. He take actions based on whatever catch his interests. He has shown some aspects of greedy and selfish desires however will still his hand if he is given a good reason to stop. Despite his selfish and greedy personality, he also has a caring side and is willing to care for someone he loves or has a deep relationship with. He also respects individuals higher than him sometimes unless he's not feeling so passionate. Micah also has utter fearlessness, daring to take on anyone he feels like. When he is injured he tries not to show weakness, trying to stay strong in front of individuals. He is also shown to be very bawdy and loves to frequently joke.

Appearance Edit


Micah's costume, all but his hoodie.

Micah is of a kind of tall stature, noted to be handsome. He is told he looks like a teenager, even though he is truly 193 years old. He has blonde hair and it is as short as you see in the picture. His pupils are yellow as well, as his sclera is black to contrast. As his height is somewhat tall, he also has a well defined musculature. He doesn't have much armor on him, as he has high durability due to his physiology. His costume consists of what you see below. It has everything but the hoodie that is always down, so his blonde hair can show. It also looks more tight fight on him, and has pockets at his waist. His shoes are also a bit more modern than what yo see in the picture. He also does not have a symbol on his chest. On the side of his neck, he has a dark circular mark to signify his demon race. When activated, the black demonic mark spreads to any part of his body he wants to enhance with immense power.

Abilities Edit

Longevity: Due to his species being a demon, Micah has a long life span that is up to 500 years. Despite his old age of being 193, he still has the apperance of a teenager as everyone mistakes him to be one.

Keen Intellect: Due to living on this world for 193 years, he has extensive knowledge of this world and the inhabitants. He also has great battle knowledge.

Weapon Speciallist: Micah can operate a short sword to its fullest extent.

Martial Arts Practitioner: Micah displays a knowledge of various fighting techniques. As he was nomadic, he traveled to numerous dojos and learned their martial arts by enduring their strikes and blows. He also uses magic to enhance his skills to great effects. He is also able to mix and merge together the individual skills of the various martial arts he knows and perform the skills simultaneously.

Increased Agility: His agility extends to the point where he can appear next to someone and punch them in a flash. Even in a handicapped situation, he can manage to be a bit faster than his opponents.

Immense Magic Power: Micah has an enormous amount of magic power that uses to help him in battles whenever he needs. He was also shown once to shoot massive energy attacks at multiple opponents simultaneously when he was extremely angry.

Powers Edit

Ability Replication: Micah's magic ability is special as it sprouted since he was a kid. He has the ability to replicate up to Wizard and Mancer level techniques if they have been used against him or has watched them use it. Though Micah can copy nigh high-level techniques easily, it has been noted that he lacks some of the power behind the attacks (relative to the actual user). His ability to copy techniques extends to him being able to replicate physical techniques after reading a person's movements and then learning the technique upon impact. Even though Micah's abilities are great they are not necessarily unmatched. Even though he can copy high level techniques, he could not perform them to the same skill or intensity as he needs to train the power even more. He also can alter the ability since he knows how they work to be able to copy them, to make it stronger than the user actually made it. The types of Magic he can copy are:

  • Blood Magic: Due to his relation with demons, he's able to copy these type of techniques.
  • Dark Magic: Also he can do this type of level technique as he uses Dark Magic in his demon mode. He temporarily goes into his demonic mode to be able to use these techniques but if the technique takes too long to charge and use it, he would get controlled by the amount of Dark Magic that his body is being exposed to.
  • Elemental Magic: This is one of the easy types of magic for him to replicate since its mostly considered as regular magic.
  • Regular Magic: This is the easiest type of magic to replicate. Since there can be limitless possibilities, he can copy lots of techniques, although some like transformation magic are bit harder.

Demonic Powers: When utilizing his full power, Micah manifests a Black Mark seen on many other humanoid looking demons. He only utilizes these powers in small bursts when absolutely necessary or when he loses control. If he continues to be in this state for too long, he loses more control of himself and it will be harder get back in control. His main use of this is Dark Magic which he has barely used since he's gotten half his power stripped away from him. The demonic power within Micah has been said to be a monster of destruction.

  • Increased Strength: The black mark increases Micah's strength many fold, capable of overpowering even the strongest Mages and even Sorcerers.
  • Increased Speed: Micah's speed also increases dramatically, capable of appearing in front of enemies at incredible speeds.
  • Enhanced Durability: Micah's body gains a tremendous boost of endurance to prevent attacks from being anywhere near as damaging.
  • Self Healing

Enchantment: Hellblaze: This is a demonic enchantment held by Micah. Hellblaze is dark and mysterious power connected to the Demon Clan. The enchantment allows Micah to generate and control black flames that cannot be extinguished. In addition to its immensely devastating power, the flames also nullify the regenerative abilities of an immortal. In battle Hellblaze can be imbued upon weapons to drastically increase their destructive potential, hurled as fireballs at an opponent or used in hand-to-hand combat. He only uses this attack when in tight situations due to the extreme danger.

Equipment Edit


Cursed Sword Vain

Corrupt Sword Vain: This is a short sword belonging to Micah. Vain takes the form of the short sword you see on the right. The blade is a bit longer but otherwise has the same appearance. This sword was forged by Micah's family using a special medium since he exhibited no magical abilities at a young age. He never used it or wanted to use it as he never wanted to learn to fight. After he was kicked out for finding out he was a demon, he took the sword with him and made no choice but to learn how to fight. Until after 178 years, he had lost the weapon due to fighting that sorcerer that took away half of his power and sent the sword flying, nowhere to be seen again. Micah is now currently without his sword, but due to his immense strength, he doesn't need it for now. As all special weapons, this brings out the full capacity of Micah's magic power.

Counter Force: This is Micah's Short Sword's special ability called Counter Force. This sword gives Micah the advantage to reflect attacks aimed at him, including physical and elemental, as long as it touches the blade. This ability let's Micah send the attack back at the enemy, but with much greater power; therefore, the stronger the opponent's powers are, the stronger Vain's ability becomes. A weakness is that he would not be able to reflect attacks if the opponent does not allow them to read the nature and timing of their attacks. Another is that only "power" attacks can be reflected; the ability is useless against indirect attacks, or an ordinary punch, for example.

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