Danganronpa 3: Despair Abroad (known in Japan as Super Dangan Ronpa 3: Abroad Despair Academy, ダンガンロンパ3は海外アカデミー絶望, Dangan Ronpa 3: Wa Kaigai Akademī Zetsubō), often shortened to "Dangan Ronpa 3" or "DR3", is the sequel to Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, and was released on <date> for PlayStation Vita, iOS and Android. The game was released in NA and EU on <later date>.

The game was also adapted into an anime and light novel of the same name.


The story is shown from the point of view of the protagonist, Conrad Shepher, who starts a new year at the elitist European private school Hope's Peak Academy, bearing resemblance to its Japanese counterpart, which is renowned for educating students that are top of their expertise. These students are given the title of "Ultimate". However, every year the school hosts a raffle where every average student nation-wide is entered and a random student is picked and enters the school as "Ultimate Socialist" - Conrad Shepherd is one of whom. The story revolves around 15 students who are trapped in the school under the control of sadistic bear named Monokuma. To escape, the students must "graduate" the school. To do this, one must murder a classmate. After a body has been discovered, the rest of the students must work together to discover the culprit. If the culprit can fool the rest of their classmates, then they alone can graduate the school but the rest of the students will be punished. However, if the classmates uncover the true culprit, then they alone will be punished with a gruesome execution while everyone else remains unharmed.

While Monokuma releases motives to encourage students to commit a murder, the students also try to uncover the secrets of the school, including why they were trapped there in the first place.



Conrad ShepherdEdit

Conrad Shepherd is the protagonist of Dangan Ronpa 3. He is just an ordinary school boy from England who was chosen for the talent, of which he thinks it is a weird title, namely Ultimate Socialist. Later is was revealed that this title was given to him to hide his talent as Ultimate Hope.

Serena BelleroseEdit

Serena Bellerose is an over-dramatic English girl who exceeds at the talents of acting. For this she received the title Ultimate Dramatic Actor. She played in many theater plays and even starred as a recurring character in a television show.

Emy SpelgrafEdit

Emy Spelgraf is an emo girl from The Netherlands. She is a sceptical and sarcastic girl, who always gives strong arguments. She was a prominent member of the Wicca back in her land, and also on her school. Because of this she was invited as the Ultimate Wicca.

Axel GoedehuisenEdit

Axel Goedehuisen is a secluded and closet pervert who comes from The Netherlands. He has been developing games from early age and spends no time one hygene and too much time in playing and making games. He is given the title of Ultimate Game Developer because of that.

Éric FortierEdit

Éric Fortier is an easily angered person who comes from France. He is a brutal and violent person who people try to avoid. He introduced himself as the Ultimate Bully. However this was only a cover to hide his true, and of which he thinks, emberassing, title as Ultimate Cosplayer.

Pierce LavigneEdit

Pierce Lavigne is an openly gay from France who practices "magic". Till the day of today his magic tricks still have to be discovered. He is a real flirt, and often does this with the male students against their disliking. He dislikes dark magic, and says he only uses white magic. He is given the title Ultimate Magician although some see him more as an illusionist.

Maria HerreroEdit

Maria Herrero is a tomboy girl from Spain. She loves practicing sports, but tops in football. She is a real tomboy and likes to hang with the boys, but does have a soft girly side, which she tries to hide from others. She is the Ultimate Football Star because of her topping the said sport.

Chico MatosEdit

Chico Matos is the energetic and wild guy from Portugal. He is a tall black man with dreads known for his surfing talent. At first sight he always seems intimidating but actually is a friendly guy who likes to be friends with everyone he meets. He is the Ultimate Surfer.

Anita KjelbergEdit

Anita Kjelberg was the most popular girl back in school in Sweden. She was known for her good taste in clothes and her talent to make them. However she is also know for being a huge bitch and very self-centered. She is given the title Ultimate Fashion Designer because of her talent to design clothes for teens.

Helga MarchenEdit

Helga Marchen is a polite and structured girl from Germany. She always has been someone who tries to get close to people and help them. She has OCD and is a bit neurotic, as she constantly has to check if she didn't forget something or forget to do something. She is the Ultimate Guide because she did said thing in and outside school.

Jacob LarsenEdit

Jacob Larsen is, if you look at hims for the first time, a typical nerd originating from Germany. He doesn't have many friends, not only because of their low IQ but also because he himself is very arrogant and thinks he is better than others. He is the Ultimate Chemist although people often call him Ultimate Scientist which annoys him very much.

Silas von WainrightEdit

Silas von Wainright is an artistic boy from Denmark who spends most of his time either eating or drawing. He doesn't only eat sweets but really likes healthy food as well. He sometimes even paint, if he does, using food. He is very weird and doesn't really realize the situation he is in. He is the Ultimate Visual Artist.

Maria DiSciascioEdit

Maria DiSciascio is an innocent little girl who was raised as a nun from the monastery in Italy. She is very religious and sees herself as the only pure one and wants to help the others to go to Heaven. She is as innocent and caring as it gets, although secretly has been manipulating the sinners among her to kill each other. She was given the title Ultimate Catholic although she discovered she was the Ultimate Despair after killing the former title holder.

Violet DalcaEdit

Violet Dalca is a girl who always lived on herself in the land Romania. She always had to care for herself and lived as hunter on the streets. She eventually got into a school where she immediately was praised for her talent in archery. She doesn't trust people easily, but when she does she is a very funny and nice person. She was given the title Ultimate Archer.

Aaron KolliasEdit

Aaron Kollias is a guy from Greece who is too kind of a person. He would never blame someone else for something although it is his worst enemy. He always has been the spirit of the school and makes everyone feel a part of it. He has a bad memory which causes him not to remember everything about what happened. He is the Ultimate Prepatory because of his optimism.

Frederica BernkastelEdit

Frederica Bernkastel, introduced as Rika Bernkastel, is a cute little girl who looks very young compared to the others, but is the same age. Duo to amnesia she doesn't remember her true name nor what her title is. It turns out she was the Ultimate Despair and not only that but also the witch of despair, miracles and the endless witch. She is an incarnation of Rika Furude and Bernkastel from Higurashi and Umineko respectively.

Other CharactersEdit


Monokuma (モノクマ Monokuma) is a strange teddy bear who proclaims himself to be the principal of Hope's Peak Academy and initiates a life of mutual killing among the students, being the manipulator for everyone to experience the dog-eat-dog world and despair within their hearts

William SkullspeareEdit

William Skullspeare, often shortened to Skullspeare, is the name given to the plastic skull that Serena always carries with her. A rather heavy object used to dramatize her movements and speeches. She also makes him talk in Shakespearian language.