Dairenoh:The Grand Union King is a fan show that has 2 adaptions of Gosei Sentai Dairanger which was never released as a sepreat generation in Saban's American adaption. One adaption is an anime and the 2nd is live action. Though in live action adaption, they heroes do not transform into superheroes and it is more focused on the mecha, also instead of morphers, they heroes have each a guantlet each with the color of the Chi Beast that chosen them as well with a jewel and plated with gold.

The Story(Live Action)Edit

5 high school students on New Years Day are walking to one of their friend's house until they were ambushed by evil soldiers of a ancient tribe in southern China known as The Gorma Tribe. But before they could strike 5 colored balls of light(Red, green, blue, yellow, and pink) descended from the heavens ad shielded the teenagers forcing the soldiers to retreat. The orbs disappeared while the red orb spoke "We,The Mythical Chi Beasts are watching you all,have no fear" and a week later Fred, one of the teenagers asked his global studies teacher about The Mythical Chi Beasts. The teacher looks it up in a book of Chinese mythology and said according to legend they are the defenders of the earth from The Place of Heavens who saved the earth from a demon tribe thousands of years ago. Soon later on Fred tells his friends about his discovery, later they follow the voices of the beasts and are lead to a chinese temple in the middle of the forest, the orbs appear and turned into huge, metal, mechanical, beasts. A red dragon, a green,black,and bronze lion,a blue pegasus,a yellow kirin, and a pink phoenix. The teenagers knew they could be trusted, the Kirin said "After thousands of years the Groma Tribe has broken free,now they must be put to an end, you have been chosen as the Five Chi Star Keepers" then the lion spoke "Kneel and raise your hand" they did The Red Dragon chosen Josh, The Green Lion had chosen Greg, The Blue Pegasus had chosen Mike, The Yellow Kirin had chosen John, and The Pink Phoenix had chosen Tiffany and gave them the Chi Gauntlets, now when The Gorma Tribe sent their giant demons, the Five Star Chi Keepers would summon the Mythical Chi Beasts that combine to form Dairenoh The Great Union King. Unknowingly to them 2 other Chi Beasts had chosen 2 more keepers these 2 Chi Beasts are The New Star The Won Tiger and Daimugen The Living Palace.


Josh-Keeper of The Red Dragon

Greg-Keeper of The Green Lion

Mike-Keeper of The Blue Pegasus

John-Keeper of The Yellow Kirin

Tiffany-Keeper of The Pink Phoenix

Stan-Keeper of The Won Tiger

Phil-Keeper of Daimugen The Living Palace

Chi BeastsEdit

RyuuSeiOh The Red Dragon-King of the Chi Beasts can transform to Warrior Mode

Yellow Kirin

Green Lion

Blue Pegasus

Pink Phoenix

Won Tiger The Young Chi Beast-A young new Chi Beast he can transform into Warrior Mode

Daimugen The Living Palace-The eldest Chi Beast he also has a Warrior Mode


The Gorma Tribe

Emperor Gorma

Gorma Demons

Greater ThreatEdit

Nakai The Damned Keeper

Daijinryuu The Damned Chi Beast

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