Coraline (anime style) is a movie set to air on the Right Stuf Network. It is an anime rendition of said movie originally distributed by Laika.

Coraline (anime style)
Anime Coraline
Coraline as she appears in the anime rendition.

Directed by

Produced by

Written by


Tiffany Vollmer, Luci Christian, Sonny Strait, Christopher Sabat, Sean Schimmel

Music by

Editing by


Distributed by

The Right Stuf International

Release date(s)


Please note that the plot will be the same as the original

In a prologue-esque scene, a strange set of metallic hands are seen catching a doll of an African-American girl, changing it into a doll with blue hair, a raincoat, and freckles. They then toss the doll through a window, where it floats off into darkness.

Coraline Jones (Tiffany Vollmer) is an active, imaginative girl who moves into the Pink Palace Apartments with her parents Mel and Charlie Jones (Luci Christian, Sonny Strait) who are working on a book about Gardening despite the fact that Mel is disinterested in dirt and mud, while Charlie has an unenthusiastic outlook on life outside of his writing. Coraline finds herself often neglected by her parents due to their busy schedule and finds entertainment in various other activities. She meets a boy named Wyborne "Wybie" Lovat (Sean Schimmel) who immediately irritates her for his bizarre behavior and talkative nature. She also meets her upstairs neighbor, Mr. Bobinsky (Kyle Herbert), a Russian whose obsession with cheese and using jumping mice in a circus act begins to creep her out. One rainy day while "exploring" her apartment at her father's request, Coraline happens upon a small door in the living room wall. After irritating her mother with requests to unlock the door, which is somewhat hidden under the wallpaper, she is disappointed to find that it has been bricked over. In Mel's hurry to return to her work, she neglects to relock the door. Shortly after Wybie presents Coraline with a doll which is oddly made in her image, Wybie later explains that his grandmother will not allow him to go to the Pink Palace Apartments due to the fact that her twin sister disappeared there many years ago as a young child. That night, Coraline is awakened by a strange noise and follows a tiny mouse to the door, discovering that the bricks are removed and a soft blue tunnel leads to another doorway. She encounters an exact replica of her own home when she emerges, though this world she finds is different. Her mother is beautiful, confident and a fantastic cook. Her father is energetic, unpredictable and with a pair of assisting hands works the piano in a singing dedication to her arrival. The major difference is that both the "Other" Mother and Father have buttons for eyes, as do the other creatures that inhabit the land. After a meal that is like a dream and going to bed in a wonderfully decorated room, Coraline awakens in her old bed and becomes disappointed that it was just a dream after all, confirmed when she goes to the door and it is again bricked over.

Coraline goes to meet the downstairs neighbors Ms. Spink (Kara Edwards) and Ms. Forcible (Linda Young) two former actresses who have fallen into senility and have become overweight since their prime. They introduce her to tea leaf reading, and state (quite disagreeably) that there is either a clawed hand, or a giraffe in her future. Leaving cheese out for the mice this time, Coraline again follows them to the doorway and again is allowed to cross into the "Other" world. This time, her Other Father shows her a wonderful and magical garden, and her Other Mother introduces her to the Other Wybie who (to Coraline's pleasure) is unable to speak. Both Coraline and the Other Wybie go to the upstairs residence of the Other Bobinski, where his jumping mouse circus entertains and amazes the two. After the show, Coraline returns to the house, and is put to bed. When she wakes up, she is sad to find she's back int he real world. Seeing the cheese crumbs by the bedroom door, she goes downstairs to the little door, only to find that it's locked.

Later on that day, Mel drops off Charlie to turn in the garden catalogue, while she and Coraline go shopping. Mel becomes irritated when Coraline begins comparing their reality to the dream "Other" world, and things come to an angry standstill when her mother denies Coraline a pair of lovely gloves to help keep her individual from the dress coded school she is going to be attending.

On the trip home, Coraline's Mom explains that she locked the door when she found some 'rat crap,' thinking that the open door was allowing rats into the house. Back home, with nothing to eat in the fridge, Mel decides to go grocery shopping. Coraline refuses to go, and after Mel leaves, Coraline finds the key to the door. Unlocking it, she finds a small feast as well as a new outfit for her on the kitchen table, along with an invitation that Ms. Spink and Ms. Forcible have a performance to show her after her meal.

Coraline leaves the front porch, and encounters the cat (Christopher R. Sabat), who it turns out can talk in this world. He cautions her to be careful, but she shrugs off his concerns. Entering Spink and Forcible's residence, she meets Wybie and the two are audience to a wonderful (yet somewhat disturbing) theater show.

After the performance, the Other Mother and Other Father greet Coraline, who is still enthralled by the performance. Wybie dejectedly watches as Coraline is led into the house. The Other Mother then explains to Coraline that she could stay forever, but must allow buttons to be sewn into her eyes. Disturbed by this request, Coraline departs for bed, hoping to fall asleep and return to her reality for good. However, she awakens to find that she is still in this other world. She goes downstairs, the house being noticeably gloomier and scary to her. She encounters her other father who tells her that he cannot talk to her while the other mother isn't there. The helping hands in the piano continually interrupt his conversation, forcing him to remain silent. Running out of the house, Coraline tries to run away from the Other World, only to find that there is nothing beyond the house and nearby wooded area.

Returning to the house, Coraline is confronted by the Other Mother, and demands to return to the real world. Growing angry at Coraline's defiance, the Other Mother transforms into a spindly, gaunt version of her more beautiful self, throws Coraline into a magic mirror until she can "Learn to be a loving daughter" where she encounters the ghosts of three of her past victims. The children call the other mother a "Beldam" and explain that she traps children in her world and force them to sew buttons in their eyes, but when she tires of them she puts them into the mirror. They explain that she must find their eyes in order to free their souls. Other Wybie takes Coraline out of the mirror, and she discovers the Beldam's punishment, skewing his face into a twisted smile with a pair of hooks. He takes her to the door, then sacrifices his safety to make sure she returns home.

Coraline returns home and discovers her parents are missing. After confronting Wybie about the happenings, he thinks she had gone crazy and flees. With the cat's help, Coraline discovers that by seeing her parents' reflection in a mirror that the Beldam had come and taken them away as well. She returns to the Other world, and using the cat's advice challenges the Beldam to a game; which the Beldam has a passion for and cannot refuse. She challenges to find the eyes of the children and her parents otherwise she will remain in that reality forever and allow buttons to be sewed into her eyes. Using a trinket given to her by Spink and Forcible in the real world, she is able to find one in each of the "wonders" that the Beldam presented her, off the knob of a sheering mantis in the garden, which the still-kindly other father sacrifices himself to give her. One in Spink's ring, and one in one of the circus mouse's balancing balls. Retrieving them in the nick of time, Coraline has yet to find her parents. Discovering them in a snowglobe. The Beldam, whose appearance has changed drastically more spider-like moves to unlock the door, in a trick by Coraline to check behind it for her parents and in a last ditch effort, she throws the cat at the Beldam's face. Grabbing the globe and escaping a web she had created as the remainder of the illusory world shatters into nothingness. She manages to climb up and out of the world and through the tunnel. Returning to find that her parents have no knowledge of ever being kidnapped.

That night in bed, the children's spirits tell Coraline that as long as she has the key to the Beldam's world she is in danger. Coraline resolves to throw the key into a deep abandoned well nearby, but the Beldam has one trick up her sleeve, releasing her clawed hand (which was revealed at the start of the film) it attacks her before she can drop the key into the well. Wybie arrives and with his help, they are able to put the hand down, dropping it and the key into the well. Wybie apologizes for thinking that Coraline was crazy, revealing a photograph of his grandmother and great aunt, who is holding a doll that looks just like her. The following afternoon, there is a garden party thrown by the Joneses, with all of the neighbors involved in planting beautiful flowers (or beets in Mr. Bobinsky's case). Coraline notices Wybie coming through the gates to the garden with his elderly grandmother, and rushes to greet them, and tell her about her sister's story.

Fictuous Voice ListEdit

Please note that these are only ideas by the author(s)

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Coraline Jones Yuki Matsuoka Tiffany Vollmer
Mrs. Jones, Other Mother Naoko Watanabe Luci Christian
Mr. Jones, Other Father Ken'ichi Ogata Sonny Strait
Wybie Lovat Shinichiro Miki Sean Schemmel
Mr. Bobinksy Daisuke Gōri Kyle Hebert
Miss Spink Hiroko Emori Kara Edwards
Miss Forcible, Mrs. Lovat (Wybie's grandmother) Masako Nozawa Linda Young
The Cat Hideo Ishikawa Christopher R. Sabat
Tall Ghost Girl Kumiko Watanabe Stephanie Sheh
Sweet Ghost Girl Miki Itō Laura Bailey
Ghost Boy Masako Nozawa Josh Martin
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