FA: Color Spirits, Episode 1, The Color Sisters

-Opening plays- thumb|300px|right|OP: No Thank You

-After Opening, it shows Pink walking home from work, in the rain-

Pink: -sighs- Hope everyone's settled in the house when I unlock this door..-unlocks, and slowly opens the door- -in the house, Red is destroying everything, Purple is playing video games, Green is dropping dishes on the floor, and Orange and Yellow are fighting over a slice of pizza-

Pink: Yep..normal...

Yellow: Pink! -lets go of pizza-

Orange: You're home early!

Purple: Hi, oneechan! -still playing-

Green: Sorry about the dishes, again!

Red: -throws a chair at the wall-

Orange: -whispers in Pink's ear- Should be send her to a dog shelter?

Pink: I think therapy is good..

-there's a knock at the door-

Pink: Yes? -opens the door, and a mailman is standing there-

Mailman: Just 1 letter, Color-san!

Pink: Thank you! -the mailman walks away, and Pink closes the door-

Pink: -reads the address it was sent from- 567 Spirit Circle..and I think an English name...

-4 Minute Commercial Break-

Pink: This is it? -.-"

Orange: Seriously...

-they're in front of an abandoned warehouse-

Blue: -runs up- You left me with Red!

Pink: Sorry..-they walk in-

Yellow: Disgusting!

-a mouse runs up Orange's skirt-

Orange: Ah! It bit me! -falls down-

Mouse: 'Ello! I am Peter Johnson!

Pink: You're the one that sent me the letter?!

Peter: Yep! -bites Pink's leg-

Pink: Ow!


Peter: -jumps on Red's arm, and bites it-

Red: What the? -falls back-

Peter: -bites Green's foot, Purple's hand, Blue's back, and Yellow's throat-

-the girls turn into spirits-

Purple: I'm floating!

Peter: Pink! Lift me up in the air!

Pink: -raises Peter in the air, with mind-

Peter: Ok! Now, go away to where you came from?

Girls: -.-"

-Ending plays- thumb|300px|right|ED: No Logic

-End of Episode 1-

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