Colonel Sun is a James Bond 3D anime film based on the Kingsley Amis novel. The model used for Bond is Daniel Craig and M's looks come from the current M: Judi Dench.


One night, James Bond was one his way to visit M who is planning a dinner party for him and other agents. Just then, terrorists kills M's bodyguards and kidnap her. When 007 defeats the terrorists occupying the house, he finds a note from a Chinese colonel named Sun Liang-Tan. The colonel is planning to crash a Middle East detente conference and use the deaths of Bond and M to frame Britain for the attack. In Athens, Greece, Bond meets Soviet agents and one of their agents, Ariadne Alexandrou and learns that there is a traitor. When Chinese terrorists strike, all the agents are slain, except Bond and Alexandrou. The commander of the Soviet team tells the two to stop the disaster.

Voice castEdit

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