Civilization  is an anime set in the far future of 2216 where Earth is now a volcanic wasteland and space colonies are the only habitable places for humanity. The series is set on a planet called Zeus, where is ruled by an absolute monarchy that follows a very elitist and social darniest like lifestyle. The protagonist is a rebllious former soldier turned convict and anarchist named Cale Rioarcus.


Main CharactersEdit

Cale RioarcusEdit

The main protagonist of the series, Cale Bryan Rioarcus is a former soldier of the Earth Remnant Army and an anarchist with a profound sense of animosity twords civilization and manners (namely Zeus's elliest government). Seeking justice and vengeance against the Zuecian empire, Quinton will stop at nothing to kill anything that's stands in the way of that.


A creature that resembles Pikachu from Pokemon, Guano from kappa Mikey and Mokona Modoki from xxxHolic that Cale meets.

Alan DavisEdit

A 12 year old boy who brefriends Cale.

Jessica CrossEdit

A beautiful mercenary who was at first hired to kill Riorcus, but was later betrayed by her arrogant employers.

Tatsuya  AkanishiEdit

A samurai like character who started as a respected rival to Rioarcus, but later became friends due to their shared distace of the Zeucian Empire's system of government.

Noemi KazuyukiEdit

A 16 year old rebellious young school girl who immigrated into Zeus. She often looks at Rioarcus as a father figure, while she regards Jessica as somewhat of an idol.

Jason ParkerEdit

A white-blonded laid-back and cocky smuggler and bandit who was a cellmate of Rioarcus, who quickly became his friend after they parted ways only to meet again.

Tyson RoarkeEdit

A fellow inmate who made friends with Rioarcus prior to his incarnation.

Clinton "Clint" MatthewsEdit

A former  police officer from planet Olima with cybernetic implants inorder to stay alive.


A 19 year old girl who  was revealed to be one of the survivor and member of the long dead Nigromantii species, human like beings that can move through the shadows.

Anton EmbirikosEdit

A ruthless and cold blooded mercenary from the warlike like planet of Areas. Unlike most of the main characters, he does not join Cable's party, instead remains neutral.

(More to come)


Christopher Judge - Quinton Rioarcus

N/A - Aki Tadanobu

David Hurwitz -  Jason Parker

Ian Anthony Dale - Tatsuya  Akanishi

Jason Momoa - Tyson Roarke

GK Bowes - Noemi Kazuyuki

Colleen Clinkenbeard - Jessica Cross

Craig Fairbrass - Clinton "Clint" Matthews

Michael Ironside - Anton Embirikos

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