Cillian Darcy Episode 1000's Picture
Happy Ending Life is the 100th and Final Episode of Rise of Nemesis Arc and the 1000th and the Series Finale of Cillian Darcy Series. Boz Darcy (Who Isn't Dead) Invite Cillian to His Office just to Say Goodbye before Going off with Yae to their new Home. But then Lorcan Wants to Say goodbye. So Cillian Challenges Him into a Duel before Going off.


It's been a Week After Nemesis is Defeated, Cillian is now An Adult and About to Leave Home. While in the Command Centeral, The Government Announces that Nemesis World is Destroyed after Her Defeated, Cillian Became amazing Duelist with the Power of Hope and Pendulum. They Have Discover a new Power for them to Take over. While at the Lobby of Boz's Company, Cillian Meet up With Yae who Asks Him to Marry Her and He Accept. While at Boz's Office, He saw Him and Yae Kissing and He Decides to Let him Go, While at the Party of Cillian and Yae's Leaving.

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