The New Anime Movie Series when a 15 years old boy is chosen to summon blue eyes shining dragon with his pyramid of light and have amazing
Cillian Darcy Adventures Logo and with taglines

the new Anime Boy Name Cillian Rises In His Own Adventures

adventures with his friends and brothers in only 5 arcs

Arc 1: The New AdventuresEdit

After the Battle Against Miss Tweety, Cillian Lorcan Lilly Nightmare Darkness & Chaos Returned Home to Tokyo for the First Time after 15 years to take a Break From Their Adventures Around the World.

Arc 2: School Lifes Adventures Part 1Edit

Cillian and Lorcan are now 11 and heading to duel academy for their first year lorcan is in slifer red and cillian is in ra yellow, they first meet chumley huffington syrus truesdale Chazz Princeton Jasmine and Mindy. but Crowler Don't Like Cillian Because His Deck is Weak But then He Saw Cillian's Blue eyes Shining Dragon and found out that cillian is a chosen one of the light and the cillian decide to leave Duel Academy And Go on the Trip Around the World. In the Second year Cillian Met Darkness and Dropped Out that Darkness is his Quadruplet Brother And Then The Light of Destruction is Appeared and Take Over the World, So Then Cillian and His Brothers Must Save the World.

In The Beginning Of A Newst Year  Cillian Lorcan Nightmare and Darkness Attended North High and Join The S.O.S. Brigade, But Then an Evil Monster Wants to Take Over the World so then The Boys Must Fight the Monsters and Save The World. While Cillian told Koizumi and Kyon a Story About His Long Journey And Told Them About His Duel Against His Enemy. The Brigade got Captured By the Softies, Cillian Is About to Duel Him So Then the Ancient Monster called an Earthbound Immortal Made Cillian Fights and Won And then Made the S.O.S Brigade so Angry and Kicked Him Out. After Cillian's Left the Club, He Ventures To Ireland To See His Truth and Dark Cillian appears And Duel Him And Lost. And Finally Cillian Lorcan Nightmare and Darkness are Off On Some More Adventures and Won't Be Back A While..

  • This Story Arc Is On Hiatus.
  • This Arc is the First Apperance of The Fifth Darcy Triplets Death Alex and Soul, Cillian Lorcan and Nightmare's  Brother Darkness And Also Haruhi Kyon Koizumi Mikuru and Yuki.

Arc 3: Between QuestEdit

The New Adventure Began In the Museum when Cillian Lorcan Lilly and Nightmare travelled to the Ancient Egypt where there is an Ancient Pharaoh named Atem So Then The Blue Pyramid glows that the Monsters Called Neos-Space was Connected to the Neos Pyramid. And then After the Battle Against Zorc, Cillian Lorcan and Nightmare Venture Back To Ireland and then Alexis Wanted to Duel Cillian Again so Cillian Accepted the Challenge and Lorcan and Lilly tell Cillian that His Deck is Stupid and Reveal that He Use and Xyz Deck and then Betray him and Alexis Won the Duel and Then Cost Cillian to Be in a Coma FOREVER, The Story arc End with a Cliffhanger.


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