Cillian Darcy is a 2013 Anime Adventure Film and the Remake of the Anime Series and the Prequel of Cillian Darcy 2: World Duel Grand Prix and  Cillian Darcy the Boy as the Drop of Water.

Adventure for Legendary NumbersEdit

Cillian Darcy is a Boy who is Very Teased by His Parents since he was5 and then He Became a 17 Years Old and He is the Friend of the Chairman of the Discipline Commettie Name Kanata Futaki who he Hides Before She See His Pocket, His Best Friend Haruka Saigusa who is a Twin Sister of Kanata. at P.E Class Cillian Faints after the 1.K Challenge and Fell into a Coma and Connected to Astral World and then a Citizen Named Ena Kept His Family if He get Them Back, He Must Collect all 7 Legendary Numbers if He Agrees. so then he Woke up so then He left the School for His Quest, so then At the Temple of Number 44, Cillian Reunite with Mach and Challenges Him to a Duel. At School Kanata found out that Her English Teacher Ichro Kodama is planning for the Adventure Game and then Cillian Got number 44 65 and 54. So then His Next Stop is the Dragon Mountain and Saw Haruka and Kanata who Helps them and then Cillian Agrees to Let them. Mizar Appeared and Duel Cillian with His Number. and Cillian uses his OTK to Defeat Him and Obtain Number 47, 3 more Numbers Left. In Sakurami Cillian Returns Home to His Apartment for the Long Time to Take a Break of School and His Adventure in the Ruins and the Girls Amazed Cillian's Apartment, Cillian Reveal that He's an Orphan because His Family Teased Him and Lives in the Mothers Village Orphanage and then Girag Had Enoughs of Number 67 and Decide to Give it to Cillian as a Present, So then Cillian Will Head to the Final Ruins Call the Underwater Ruins Where the Legends of Nasch and Merag are and Duel Past Vector and then Abyss gave Cillian Number 72 and 94 and all the Conuquer Coins are Astrites to Head to Astral World so then Ena Congrats Cillian and Tell Him that to Duel Her and then Cillian Won but She Said that His Parents are Traitors and Betrayed Him for their Fortune. so then Cillian Kanata and Haruka Returned to School, Mr Kodama Welcome them Home and Then He was Going to Let them a Year off and the He Betrayed Them and Throw them Down to the Bottom of the School forever.

Adventure GameEdit

After the Crash Cillian's Leg is hurt and then He Relise that Today is the Adventure Game The Ultimate Tournament in Campus, so Cillian can Travel Back up to the English Class to Claim the Prize. so then At the 3rd Floor, Mr Kodama announces the Final Challenge, the Host Boss Fight, So then The Turn Good/Evilnator Appeared and Try Zapping Cillian and then The Fight is Ended Cillian and Kanata are the Tournament Champion but Cillian Disappeared and Kodama is Reformed Again, After that The Tournament is Destroyed and Everyone He Knew Turned Against Him and Kodama Blame Himself and Cillian Take the Blame and Got Expelled so then Everyone Decided to Betrayed Him and Cillian Walked Out of the School. The Trilogy Continues in Cillian Darcy 2: World Duel Grand Prix . 

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